Technique Spotlight with Paige Evans: Stitched Backgrounds


It all started with a paper in my Fancy Free collection for Pink Paislee that had stitches all over it. I then hand stitched it on the 11-hour flight from Germany to Los Angeles for CHA this past January! Now I love creating hand stitched backgrounds and then framing them for a bit of home décor!

Stitching by Paige Evans

STITCHED PAPER #2 by Paige Evans

Here is that paper that I stitched on an airplane – super long flights are perfect for doing activities that take awhile!

Stitched Birds by Paige Evans


The next stitching page I made was this stitched birds background – it began as a cut file I designed for Studio Calico but instead of cutting it, I drew it on white cardstock and then backstitched the birds, changing the color of thread for every one. I debated whether or not I should turn it into a layout with a photo and embellishments, but in the end I decided to frame it, along with three other stitched projects (see below!) for pops of fun color on our stark white walls.

front full 1


Next I found a fun design on the Silhouette store and had fun stitching! After the kids go to bed or while they’re at school I like to plop myself at my computer and stitch away while watching favorite shows. It’s addicting!



For the next stitched project I found a print by the amazing Ashley Goldberg and used it as a stitching pattern. I love the movement of this pattern!

Stitched Flowers 2 by Paige Evans


The final stitched background I made (for now!) is another Silhouette design that was originally a circle of flowers, so I ungrouped them all and copied and pasted more flowers to fill the entire 12 x 12″ square. This one took the longest to stitch but it was worth it!

I hope you’ve been inspired to try some fun stitching projects!

7 thoughts on “Technique Spotlight with Paige Evans: Stitched Backgrounds

    • Paige Evans says:

      Practice practice 🙂 And I wear gloves so my sweaty hands don’t wrinkle the paper! I also stitch through pretty thick cardstock so it’s quite sturdy!

  1. Cheri says:

    I love these, but how are you doing the stitches? Embroidery floss & needle? How are you keeping the paper from being crumpled while you do the stitches? Do you start at the center and work your way out, or does it matter?

    • Paige Evans says:

      I draw the design with my Silhouette Cameo first and then pierce the holes. I use DMC floss and a regular ol’ needle to backstitch through. It doesn’t really matter where I start, the cardstock and paper I use is pretty durable (American Crafts). I also wear gloves so the needle doesn’t hurt my fingers and my sweaty hands don’t wrinkle and damage the paper 🙂

  2. Bonnie Shaul says:

    Since I’m a seamstress this would be easy & being able to create your own pattern card stock or papers.

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