Tip of the Day: Cricut™ Mat Tips


Have you ever wondered which Cricut™ mat is best for working with specific materials? Wonder no more! Shannon Kendall, Project Designer for Cricut™, shares the different types of mats available and lets us know which ones work best for the material being cut. Shannon also shares tips for storing your mats, plus the best way to release your materials from the mat. Must-know information!

Thanks, Shannon, for sharing these very useful tips!  For lots more techniques and tricks, along with plenty of project inspiration, make sure to visit the Cricut blog.

3 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: Cricut™ Mat Tips

  1. Elizabeth Vitek says:

    I find that the green mat Cricut sells today are not as sticky nor do they last as long as the (darker) green mats from a few years ago. I only use my mats for standard cardstock and scrapbooking papers, and I cover them with the clear plastic when I’m not using them. Am I doing something wrong? And — holy cow! — those new mats STINK!!

  2. Sharon Gullikson says:

    I have used my friend’s Cricut, and the mat lost its tackiness right away. But I washed it with liquid dish soap and it came right back. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Nancy Smith says:

    You can also mask the edges of your mat with painter’s tape and use a spray
    Repositional adhesive to make it sticky again. Wait until your machine warranty is up, as this will not be covered if there are problems. Just make sure no adhesive is on the sides by the guide wheels.

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