Freebie Friday with Glue Dots

Hey there Stamp & Scrapbook Expo friends and fans, Becki here. I’m thrilled to be the new Freebie Friday hostess here on the Weekly Scrapper blog. Today I have a prize pack from Glue Dots®. Who couldn’t use more adhesive? I know I can always use more adhesive in my craft room.

Glue Dots®, the original double-sided adhesive dots, are the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues, hot glue guns and tapes. Glue Dots are available in a wide range of temporary, permanent, and super-strength adhesive formulas that are specifically designed to make it easier to find the right glue for your project. Available in rolls, perforated sheets, and Dot ‘n Go dispensers, Glue Dots® are the perfect adhesive solution to make your life easier.

Glue Dots® is generously giving one of our lucky readers this prize pack of their brand new adhesives. I know I can’t wait to try some of these adhesives!! Again, my head is spinning with ideas of fun projects I could create with these adhesives. Glue Dots® sent me some photos of projects that have been created with these adhesives. This prize pack is over $50.00! Thank you Glue Dots® for sharing such an amazing prize pack!This adorable gift card wallet is created with Uses Glue Lines™ SO cute! This monogrammed treat bag uses new Permanent GlueTape™ and Removable Glue Squares®I know we have a LOT of cardmakers out there that will swoon over this Celebrate Today Poppy card it’s created with new Premium Permanent GlueTape™.

This project has left my crafty heart swooning! I’m itching to create one of these Shadow Box Décor with the Permanent & Removable Glue Squares®. Isn’t this a great idea for a kids bedroom or playroom?!?!

Make sure you connect with Glue Dots® on social media. They have TONS of inspiration on their social media channels.

Now, let’s talk about last weeks giveaway. I’m sure you’re dying to know who the winner of the Crafter Depot vinyl prize pack is. With out further adieu… Congratulations Paula!!! You’re the winner of this lovely Crafter Depot. prize pack. We can’t wait to see what you create with all this amazing vinyl.

Congratulations, Paula! Please email so Crafter Depot can send the vinyl your way.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for another Freebie Friday. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want a chance to win the Glue Dots® prize pack. I’ll be back next Friday to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs.


565 thoughts on “Freebie Friday with Glue Dots

  1. Pam D says:

    I love Glue Dots!!
    Especially when you just need a particular, small something glued, they’re awesome! (and I’m running low!)
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great pkg!

  2. Kathie Newell says:

    You can never have enough adhesives! And Glue Dots look like so much fun!! Please pick me!!! Thanks for the chance to enter!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Tracy Steinbach says:

    Your right who can’t use more adhesive!!! I sure can I think glue dots are one of the things I can’t live without when I am stamping or scrapbooking. I also use it for little repairs!!! LOL

  4. Vivian C. says:

    Glue Dots are awesome! I’m excited by the chance to try their new projects. Such a generous prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Jodee D says:

    I love all the different sizes and uses I have for Glue Dots. I would love to have these in my scrap stash.

  6. Kim Drako says:

    Can’t wait to try their new products. I love the tabletop dispenser. That one is my favorite. And I just realized how easy it would be to use the glue lines for shaker boxes. Thanks for the great ideas. Hopefully I will win and have more stuff to play with.

  7. Carla Hundley says:

    Glue Dots are easy
    to use and work for
    lots of different
    projects. Thanks
    for the giveaway.
    Carla from Uth

  8. Becca Yahrling says:

    Awesome prize … because we can’t get our crafts done without the adhesive.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Sukie says:

    I am a huge fan of Glue Dots, their products are amazing! I have yet to try the those Glue Tapes and would love to have the opportunity! Thanks so much for the chance to win such an amazing prize!

  10. Toni Jenkins Payne says:

    Glue dots gives projects a clean look with it’s transparency! Would love to start using them on my crafts!

  11. Jackie Waddell says:

    I love glue dots but I have not yet seen a “Dot and Go” dispenser here in Australia. Would love to win this prize. 😀

  12. Shirley says:

    I love Glue Dots for card making, scrapbooking, art pieces and of course school projects. I am totally stealing the shadowbox idea – sooo darn cute. Thank you Stamp & Scrapbook Expo and Glue Dots for this incredible opportunity.

  13. Diane Telford says:

    You can never have enough adhesive…I shared mine with a new friend who had never used Dots and she loves them too…Thank you for the chance to win…

  14. Karen S-H says:

    Can’t have enough Glue Dots! So versatile andmy projects are so much better, I hope I win this prize!

  15. Vanessa says:

    I love my glue dots, they will hold anything to a scrapbook page, I even use them to hold a sign up on a wall in my garage

  16. Cindy says:

    Glue dots are awesome! I just recommended my daughter use them to hold things on her fridge since it’s not magnetic and she was complaining what a mess tape made!

  17. Denisse Diaz says:

    Saw a resist tecnique video yesterday using the removable glue dots and now I want to buy tons of it ASAP. Hope I can win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Mary Holshouser says:

    Glue dots are one of those “must have” items for any
    card making project. I’d be lost without them.
    thanks for the chance to win a supply

  19. Nanci says:

    Who wouldn’t love to win this? I use Glue Dots for so many projects. I just wish they made Glue Dots to hold the rest of my life together when it seems to be coming apart at the seams! 🙂

  20. Andrea Spiegelman says:

    Thank you for making such an incredible product. What would us crafter’s do without it?

  21. Melanie says:

    I love glue dots! I use them for many crafts, including creating baskets for gifts. They securely hold all the goodies together so I can then wrap the basket!

  22. Andrea Dulaney says:

    Welcome Becki! What an amazing prize pack! I love the glue dots in the blue dispensers. It is easy to store especially when going to crops. Love the glue dots!

  23. Doranne Brennan says:

    I continue to find new applications for Glue Dots in my paper crafting. Great product – I never seem to have enough on hand!

  24. Lisa Norstrom says:

    Glue dots are AWESOME – especially for adhering embellishments, buttons, flowers…too much to list!!! Love them!!!

  25. Mindy Park e says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter. I can’t wait to go to Scrapbook Expo to see all of th e new products!

  26. jean magarrell says:

    Great product for scrap-booking and card making!!! I especially like the dots as they are easy to use for different size flowers and even for buttons. I can never have enough so I hope I win.

  27. Janet Ingraham says:

    How awesome to have the chance to win the pack of new glue dots. I would love to see what they’ve come up with.

  28. Brittany says:

    I would absolutely love these! I use glue dots for everything scrapbooking and my daughter’s school projects. I’m so excited for the Mesa expo in Sept. I’m bringing my mom with me this year 🙂

  29. Trish (Chilli Trish on FB) says:

    Love Love Love Glue Dots ! Don’t think a crafting day goes by that u don’t need adhesives to make your work look neat n tidy! So excited by this prize ! Thank you : )

  30. Kathleen says:

    Wow! I had no idea there was such a variety of Glue Dots!!! Thanks for such a Fabulous Freebie Friday prize opportunity!

  31. Mary Waldo says:

    I use glue dots all the time. I’d love to try some I haven’t used yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Sondra Myers says:

    So many projects with so many supplies that need glue dots!!! Woot woot! would love to win this to help with my altered projects and books.

  33. Dorina D says:

    Love Glue Dots and use them at home for everything and everything. Even use them at work to hold things together, post signs and temporarily hold things together. Glue Dots are the Best, EVER!!!

  34. Lorie R says:

    I’d use these for the card class I lead for a group of women (and sometimes the occasional man) ?. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  35. Ida Thibodeau says:

    I’d love to win the adhesive collection. I make cards for the 12 ladies in my group, family, friends, and residents at the local nursing home. Adhesive is one of the items I use most.

  36. Kim Hund says:

    WOW!!! What an awesome collection! I love Glue Dots!!! I have only recently discovered the “micro” dots. So great for adhering little bows. Great products! Would so love to win this package.

  37. Judy Hodges says:

    I’d love to win this collection of glue dots adhesive. I’m always struggling with adhesives and would love to have the opportunity to try something new.

  38. Kim Kreiser says:

    Love glue dots – don’t know what I would do without them for scrapping, card making, and other projects.

  39. Bonnie Shaul says:

    I love the variety of products & you involve your customers with new ideas 4 your products.

  40. Annetta Ries says:

    I dot my dots everywhere with awesome glue dots!! I Really…REALLY love ❤️ my Glue Dot products. PICK ME PLEASE ?

  41. Kim Klinkovsky says:

    Wow! What an amazing prize package! I love glue dots and use them on almost every project. They are quality amazing products and can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks Expo for teaming up with Glue dots.

  42. Marsha Sommers says:

    This set of fabulous glue dots would sure aide in my scrap booking projects! I share a craft space with my sister. We could certainly put them to great use! I support glue dots now by using them – so this would truely be a treat for us!

  43. paula says:

    glue dots are used a lot in my craft room. They stick to everything – even metal! love them. great giveaway thank you

  44. Gina M says:

    I always have an assortment of glue dots with me. It is the perfect adhesive for so many scrapbooking needs. Please pick me as I have so many pictures to scrapbook for my granddaughter.

  45. Crystal says:

    Can never have too much adhesive! I always have to have glue dots on hand. Especially the ultra-thin and the mini.

  46. shartl says:

    Oh my goodness….I NEED some Glue dots!! Between my crafting and my two daughter’s school projects, we go through adhesive like crazy. I would love to have variety on hand for every use. Thanks for the chance to win

  47. Carmen says:

    I’m in glue dot heaven. I remember the first Expo, we got a box of Glue Dots. Everyone was estatic to get such a new product! Look how far they have come. Amazing products. Would love to win some to replenish my stock. I love learning new ways to use glue dots.

  48. JC Packard says:

    With all the stuff/stash I have in my scrapping room, I never have enough glue or glue dots. Hope I am the big winner of this Freebie Friday offering.

  49. Dottie says:

    Love love glue dots ? I use glue dots on all my card making❤️?Thanks for the chance to win?

  50. Holly Kronk says:

    I have just discovered glue lines by the Glue Dots
    Company! So versatile and in so many sizes – they really are remarkable! Thanks for this opportunity!

  51. Fran Weinberg says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love Glue Dots and can never have enough. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  52. Denise Weber says:

    There is no end to the uses of glue dots! I have used them for so many crafting and non crafting work. Am always running out of them. would love to win some!

  53. Laurie Miller says:

    Love glue dots and can ever have enough! Just started to follow this page so I will need them with all the awesome ideas!

  54. karen says:

    I don’t think I have tried this brand. They sound so magical and easy to use. I would love to give them a try. Regardless if I win or not I am picking some up on the morning. Thanks for the reminder if being a potentially anaubg product!

  55. Janet Stine says:

    Wow! I didn’t even realize there were so many amazing glue dots products! Would love to win these!

  56. Gwen Burns says:

    This is awesome! I love glue dots. The best thing that ever came along in Scrapbooking & Card Making. Thanks Glue Dots!!!

  57. Donna Smith says:

    Love glue dot products…use them everyday! Would love to win some!!!! Thanks for the opportunity…

  58. LYNNE says:

    Glue dit’s in a dispenser? ! Sweet! I just finished wrestling a roll to try to get it back in the old box! Can’t wait to try the dispenser.

  59. Pam says:

    My hand is raised very high. I could use the dots when I volunteer at craft day at the elementary school. Thank you for the opportunity.

  60. Robyn Olszowy says:

    Glue Dots are the best. I never seem to have enough of them.
    Thanks for the chance to win some.

  61. Cyndi s says:

    Love Glue Dots…always top of my go to list when I want things to really stick! Would love to have some new products to play with…

  62. Meredith Shepherd says:

    Just used up my LAST Glue Dot crafting cards for a swap. SAVE ME! #OuttaDotsinOviedo

  63. Marissa patricks says:

    I have only ever used the rolls of glue dots. Would be excited to win this in order to try out the dot N go dispenser.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome glue dot prize package!

  64. ANN ROBBINS says:

    Who doesn’t LOVE Glue Dots????????????????? Would love to restock my supply from last year at this wonderful giveaway!!!!!

  65. Tami Grant says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I use so many glue dots for cards and scrapbooking, I could definitely put this to good use! Appreciate the opportunity for this giveaway.

  66. stampnk says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve never used Glue Dots so this would be a great way to sample them! Thanks for the chance!

  67. MaryEllen says:

    I sure could use these! So looking forward to making cards for the card swap in Marlborough!

  68. karenajo says:

    Adhesives are always welcome – seems like I go through my stash very quickly. Thanks for a chance to win such a great prize – Glue dots are super !

  69. Candace says:

    O my!!! Super excited!!! Glue dots!!!!! Glue dots on the Go fits great in my travel in the car scrapebooking kit!!!
    They are great to hang decorations too!!!! ? Thumbs Up and fingers crossed ? !!

  70. Deb Dakken says:

    Glue dots with a retail value of $50-worth SO much more knowing that you are creating with quality that won’t come undone and disappoint at a later date. Yes, yes I would love to win it!!!

  71. Mindi Penrod says:

    Love your products. I use them on everything from scrapbooking to other crafty projects.

  72. jilln says:

    Adhesives are one thing you can never have too much of. somebody is going to be a happy crafter winning this!

  73. Chelle says:

    You can never have enough Glue Dots & I personally know they’d go to great use with my scrapbook & cards. I appreciate this chance to win!!

  74. Marcia says:

    I would love to win this amazing prize. Glue Dots are an awesome product with so many uses I couldn’t do without them.

  75. April says:

    Thanks for the great opportunity on getting glue dots. They are so easy to use, perfect for small areas needing adhesive and they never lose their stickiness.

  76. Lisa says:

    I love Glue Dots so much… I almost feel like I should own stock in it! I would L-O-V-E to win the prize pack. Your creations are wonderful, too!

  77. Kim Ducat says:

    I would love to win some glue dots. have lots of project that I could use them on. thank you for a chance to win

  78. Marielle says:

    Love glue dots. Can never have enough. Would love to win. Thank you for the chance to win. Can’t wait for Expo….

  79. Crystal says:

    Glue dots are my favorite and would luv them in dispensers. I have found unusual uses such as temporary holds a seam up when unraveled. Button on a Christmas ornament. Even used dots to glue on buttons on a Mason jar. They are my go to like Duck tape is for my husband. I would luv the prize.

  80. Kathy says:

    I can’t imagine a life without Glue Dots. Always recommended Glue Dots for that hard to attach embellishment.

  81. Linda says:

    I was too busy this week-end to check my e-mail until now… and guess what I have run out of–yes, glue dots. Therefore, it is necessary that I, the procrastinator, receive this package. What better way to attach, and layer then with glue dots!

  82. Debbie says:

    I’ve been experimenting with different embellishments. These glue dots would work great. Would love the opportunity to use them.

  83. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    I LOVE glue dots !! They just seem to be perfect for so many projects. I would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  84. Patricia Allison says:

    Welcome, Becki! Thanks for your nice introduction and for highlighting Glue Dots with the beautiful projects! Best wishes to all the entries!

  85. Amanda says:

    I would love to win this!! im heading to the expo with my mom and some friends and this prize would be a huge help for when we do all those make and takes and workshops!!!

  86. Bonnie Thrasher says:

    I love glue dots, but I see items not used before and would love the chance to try them out. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely gift package.

  87. Deena Canup says:

    Thank you for this awesome,prize pack. I remember when I first learned about Glue Dots probably in the early to mid 2000s. I thought the idea of a little circle of adhesive was ingenious. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  88. Danielle says:

    Glue dots are amazing! I use them on everything from scrapbooking to school projects to birthday party decor!

  89. Judy Estrada says:

    What an awesome & most useful prize it is. I use glue dots a lot making my cards. My husband helped me make some during Christmas time to donate to the nursing home. He spotted the glue dots & was quite surprized when I demonstrated them to him. Great items Thank you for a chance to win!

  90. Mary says:

    I enjoy using Glue dots brand adhesive for so many different projects. I have even used them to wrap a birthday present. Awesome product line!

  91. Kelly Ott says:

    Love my glue dots!!❤️ I stock up twice a year at Pleasanton and Sacramento. Forgot to grab them at Pleasanton this year, kinda bummed.

  92. Evelyn says:

    Glue dots are awesome! I make cards and use several dot sizes and the glue lines! They are my go to product for sticking embellishments! I would love to win! Thanks for a great product Glue Dots!

  93. Laura Shipley La Borde says:

    How wonderful!!!! You can never have too nany glue dots. I would so love to win.

    Thank you,

    Laura Shipley La Borde

  94. Vicki says:

    I love Glue Dots!!! But I didn’t realize they had so many new products! Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  95. Liz Brown says:

    Glue Dots, what a lifesaver for scrapbooking. They come in so handily in so many places for scrapbooking. Flierrs, bling, ribbon, etc., etc.

  96. LEeAnne Jackson says:

    Yes, please! I would love to use new products . I love to use glue dots on my cards and scrapbook pages!

  97. Tammy Valley says:

    I love Glue Dots! They are so versatile. One can never have too many! Great projects too!

  98. Michele says:

    Glue dots were the first thing I learned to use when I started scrapbooking, and they are still my go to supply.

  99. Lori A. Geise says:

    I love ❤️Glue Dots. They don’t get all goopy, which frustrates me beyond belief.

  100. Brenda Olvera says:

    I would love to win some glue dots! Thank you for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize!

  101. Janet Goshorn says:

    What a great prize. I use glue dots every day on so many different projects. Thanks for a chance to win.

  102. Claudia Hurd says:

    Love Glue Dots and the dispenser. they have so many uses with different materials!

  103. amie walker says:

    I went to my very first expo in grapevine and used those glue dots at the creative section with the very nice instructor! They were great! So needless to say i unfortunately don’t own any ……YET?!?

  104. Cindy Sargent says:

    Just used a whole new unoped box making flowers this weekend for shadow boxes. Love them!! Thanks for the chance

  105. Jennifer Seavey says:

    Glue shots are my go to adhesive for everything scrapbooking and card making! Thanks for the variety and quality!

  106. Karen Borden says:

    I love Glue Dots especially the pink dispensers. They are very easy to use and pink is my favorite color!

  107. Laura Eva Gauthier says:

    I love Glue Dots! My daughter (my mini-me!) also loves Glue dots…maybe more than me. lol. they are so practical and handy!

  108. Liz Richards says:

    My whole family uses glue dots. The kids love them for making posters and display boards at school. I use them for scrapping all the time. Terrific package.

  109. Barbara Martin says:

    You can’t have enough glue dots, in my opinion. So many uses, and not only on cards.

  110. Sherry Holt says:

    Glue dots help make the crafty world whole! Thanks for opportunity to receive these!

  111. Thomasine says:

    I just started scrapbooking/cardmaking and have not used your brand of glue dots yet. Going to Scrapbook expo and hopefully will buy some there to try.

  112. Tricia says:

    I LOVE the poppy card, so cute! Glue, who couldn’t use more as well as love trying new ones!?

  113. Karen Frank says:

    We love glue dots ! I use them in all my crafting BUT I also am a preschool teacher and we use loads of glue dots for the children’s projects as well !!! great product

  114. Julie says:

    I use glue dots all the time , this is a great prize. Thank you for the opportunity!

  115. Kassey says:

    This is an impressive pack of adhesive! I have always loved the glue dots products and even told my non – paper crafting friends about them as well. I would love to have this pack to add to my crafting supplies!

  116. Alicia McL says:

    One of my favorite adhesives! They save me time and $$$, (not overusing glue) plus they always always stick!

  117. Linda Rizzo says:

    Glue Squares!? I’ve got to try those! Love the Shadow Box project – so imaginative. Thanks for the ideas.

  118. Claudia Parrington says:

    I love the shadow box. Never thought of doing that with letters but it came out soo cute. With the cricut, it would be quick and easy. The glue dots would be the perfect adhesive for it!

  119. Sandy Shook says:

    Heck yeah, this prize pack rocks! LOVE Glue Dots – can’t tell you how many times they have saved the day!

  120. Lisa Halcomb says:

    This prize pack is up my alley! Always can use lots of glue dots for cards, scrapbook pages and so much more.

  121. Julie says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Great product that can be used in so many ways. Love it.

  122. ava gavloski says:

    Glue Dots “stick” on my studio table and support all of my projects… Thanks for sharing the love of the industry SBexpo, your leadership is appreciated.

  123. Roberta Menconi says:

    Who can live without glue dots? I even fixed my Easter Bunny with them (his nose fell off).

  124. Barb O. says:

    Love love LOVE Glue Dots. Please include me in this giveaway for a chance to win 🙂

  125. Linda says:

    I’d love to win some glue dots. They are so great to work with. Thank you for this chance!

  126. Barb brancel says:

    Spot me some Glue Dots and i’ll be all stuck up for awhile. I definatly need some.

  127. Yadira says:

    I’d love to receive this awesome prize! I love Glue Dots and I can always have more since they get used up pretty quick around here!!

  128. Vicky says:

    OMG, I would love to win this prize. I use glue dots so much. Fingers crossed here in MA! Looking forward to the upcoming show. I’ll be there

  129. June Henson says:

    I can sure use more Glue Dots. I use them for paper crafting and gift wrapping.

  130. ReneL says:

    I would love a chance to win! Glue Dots are the best for both scrapbooking and cards. But I have also used them for non-crafting things, such as putting names on school things for my friends small children, putting information on top of the dry dog food container with instructions and many more things. Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Ann Murray says:

    Glue Dots are the best. My son even used some to fix his car (LOL). One can never have enough Glue Dots.

  132. Lillian says:

    I love using glue dots for so many different projects. I even used them to decorate my wall.

  133. Sandi Dailey says:

    I love your beautiful samples using the Glue Dots!! I am a great fan of these adhesives and would love, love to win this package — thank you so much for offering!!

  134. Serena Hoffman says:

    Please let me win this package! I love and use glue dots all the time and it would be so nice to have a little stock pile that will last me a while! Thanks!

  135. Barb macaskill says:

    Glue Dots are stick with me AWESOME! You cannot go wrong with them! Would love to win an assortment of their products! TFS!

  136. Scrapbook Girl says:

    Who doesn’t love the entire series of Glue Dots? No matter what you are working on they have a variety to get the job done! You can never have enough Glue Dots!

  137. Jennifer says:

    There’s no such thing as too much adhesive! And I’d love to try the glue dots dispenser, I didn’t realize they came that way too.

  138. Kim says:

    I’d love me some more glue dots. They are so wonderful, but can be used for so much they disappear quick

  139. Jill Phillips says:

    I love Glue Dots!!! And I can’t wait to go to Expo in Puyallup, WA!! First time going to go but the group of great friends that I am going with have gone a couple of times and they always say they had so much fun!!!

  140. Vicky says:

    Love to use glue dots when working on my scrapbooking or card making projects!!! They work great.

  141. Anne says:

    Didn’t know Glue Dots had so many different types. Wow! Would like to try them out.

  142. betsy says:

    looovvveee glue dots for so many types of projects. would loooovvveee to win them! ❤

  143. Laurie Kirk says:

    Wow what a great selection from Glue Dots. I love to use them on my projects. They are the best thing for those hard to attach embellishments.

  144. Jenn H says:

    I love me some Glue Dots! I learned about them at my first Scrapbook Expo and they’ve become a must have!


  145. Andrea Smith says:

    Woo hoo! glue Dots are my favorite!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  146. Shirley M. says:

    Glue Dots are a staple in my craft room, I absolutely use them for almost everything!

  147. LucyLorene says:

    I use them on cards and scrapbook pages…even used them on a shirt when the collar would not lay flat. Love glue dots..

  148. Melissa Dingerson says:

    Glue dots are awesome. They give me versatile options for all my craft projects.

  149. Sheri Barnett says:

    I would love to win a prize package from Glue Dot! They are the best. I can’t wait to try to dispensers,

  150. Linda Fowler says:

    I have never tried Glue Dots and would love to win this prize so I can try them!!

  151. Sharyn Childs says:

    Who doesn’t love glue dots? They are the one thing a crafter can’t too much of. I would ? to win is giveaway.

  152. Beverly Jordan says:

    Thanks for the chance! Glue dots are great to use for flowers and other large items to make sure that they adhere and stay put!!

  153. Marie says:

    Glue dots?!! YES!!! Adhesives?! ALWAYS needed! FREEEEE?????!!! Oh, be still my heart!!!!!! LOL 🙂

  154. Gail says:

    I love, love glue dots, use them all the time. Best ever for attaching embellishments.

  155. Shirley A Hutchins says:

    I love glue dots. They are so much better for certain items such are flowers or ribbon. Other adhesives are either too week or messy.

  156. Elaine Thomson says:

    My son has graduated from college and I am about to start his scrapbook for those four years! Can’t believe how many activities we did during those four years with our family visits, National parks, collegiate sports and exploring all the cities and states he played ball in. Boy could I use those Glue Dots.

  157. Denise Wells says:

    Oh for crying out loud… you have to ask who needs more glue dots…really like I can never have too many glue dots adhesives!

  158. Cindie Fischer says:

    Glue dots hold EVERYTHING together! Have used them on many things, not just paper crafting!

  159. Theresa Cordova says:

    I can never have too many glue dots – they make every project much easier and neat.

  160. Margery C says:

    I totally love Glue dots. They make it easy to adhere items to any project. You can’t have too many glue dots!

  161. Debbie Haynes says:

    Glue Dots are a must have for all crafters!

    I use them all the time and need to replenish my supply.

  162. Kathy Taylor says:

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  170. Jennifer Mills says:

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  171. Eunice T says:

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  172. Megan S. says:

    Glue dots are the best invention ever! I used to hate how my paper would wrinkle using traditional glue. Now I don’t have to worry about that. 🙂

  173. Carrie says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you stated “who couldn’t use more adhesive”? I know I fit right in that category.

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