How I Prepare to Work In my Traveler’s Notebook

How I Prepare to Work in My Traveler's Notebook by @TinaKeyner for @scrapbookexpo and @wanderingplanners #travelersnotebook #SSBE2018 #ssbeblog #tinaktravels #planner #planneraddict #plannergirl

Everything goes a lot quicker when I have everything I need to work on my traveler’s notebook organized and ready to go. First I get out each of the traveler’s notebooks I will be working in, I then choose a cover for each one (my go to cover is a sticker I usually have purchased from the location where I was traveling to). Then I pull and place all the location stamp sets that coordinate with that book out (we have location stamps over in our Wandering Planner Shop) and place it with the book.I try to pull any stickers I have as well as washi that coordinates with it. I also have a thing for getting that locations Starbucks gift card as well. If you hunt around Starbucks will have a gift card that is exclusive to the city or state. If you see in the below picture, I have Seattle’s placed on the pacific Northwest book.
I have all of my memorabilia placed in a box. I have the stickers I have collected, postcards, enamel pins, receipts, and any other type of map or paper good that I found on my travels. Keeping everything organized in one place makes it easier to locate when I am ready to work on that particular book. What is not shown is the individual bags that the receipts are in for each location. I put them in their own separate bag when I get home from traveling and they are labeled with a piece of washi tape on the front with the date and location.

Each one of my books has a title page. I like to make it clean with not too much on it. Sometimes just the name of the city and maybe the skyline (If I am lucky enough to have that stamp!).

After that I make sure I have all my pictures printed out. I use the Canon Selphy printer.  I LOVE the quality of the pictures. I size everything using the PICFRAME app and print what I can on 4×6 size photo paper.

Everything else comes easy!  I have all my pictures done, the memorabilia is ready to go, and the creative juices are flowing!

Stickers are another go to favorite of mine for titles. They are bright, clean and simple.

I bought a pack of these library cards and I love to use them for journaling throughout my book!

You can see the Starbucks Seattle card below.  I usually record how much I spent at Starbucks under there.  If you flip it up either you will see a picture of the store I visited down there or a dollar amount.

My favorite all-time product to use in my book is STAMPS!!!!  You can use them over and over again.  You can stamp them with any color ink, you can cut them out, or you can even color them in. So easy and versatile to use!

I don’t mind mixing paper patters throughout my book. I like them to compliment each other but never match. When I am stamping the white pages are good.  But I love the pop of color the pattern paper gives.

I cut my pattern paper down because I like the white border it leaves by not cover the whole page.

And there you have it!  I completed two books on this day because I was prepared. Everything was at an arms length and ready to go when I needed it. This works for me, I hope you all can develop something that works in your favor.


11 thoughts on “How I Prepare to Work In my Traveler’s Notebook

  1. Deb Stueber says:

    Crickets??? !!! Really? Smart of you to just have “watched”. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim Goodwin says:

    Wow great way to show your travels. I wish I did this last year when I traveled from Illinois to California and back to Illinois.

  3. Carolyn E says:

    Love this! Thinking of doing my first “travel” TN for our upcoming trip! Great tips! Question though…do you fill up the notebook with one trip or do you combine trips?

    • Tina says:

      Hi! I usually do one trip per book. Sometimes my book is not filled and I have blank pages in the back. I’m ok with that. Sometimes I go back and list the restaurants with the adddresses, or the places we went with the addresses… then the pages are like a glossary and look intentional. You can do it by day… and then use multiple books.. either way it will be sooo cute!!!

  4. Diana says:

    You are so creative! I don’t know how you find the time 🙂 I guess organization is the key!

  5. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness that will be sooo cute! I am working on my Walt Disney TN right now! Lucky you Disney and a cruise!

  6. Karyn Lowe says:

    This is a great strategy even for scrapbooking a trip. Can I ask the company(ies) that makes the clear stamps for the cities. I have a hard time finding them. Thanks for the great tips!

  7. Karen K says:

    This is an awesome idea to document trips! What is the brand of and where did you buy your Seattle stamp set?

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