Creative Stamping in Your Planner

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Hello everyone, Michelle here today to share with you how I use our Wandering Planners stamps in my planner.  I don’t stamp every day in my planner but if I have a week that is more travel versus to-dos, I LOVE adding that extra creativeness to my planner.

When stamping in my planner there are a few supplies I like to have.  Stamps {of course}, stamping block, inks, and a writers board.  A writers board is a piece of plastic you insert behind any page you are writing on so you get a nice, crisp look.  This awesome tool comes in handy for stamping in your planner or traveler’s notebook.  It gives a clean impression when stamping.  The inks I like to use are chalk ink and pigment ink.  I use Stazon ink a lot in my planner only because if I happen to stamp onto my washi tape or photo it will not rub off. I love that about it.

When it comes to stamping in your planner, you just have to play around with the inks.  Some inks play better than others depending on the paper that your planner uses.  I always try to use a page in the back of my planner as a guide.  I stamp a few different inks and write what they are next to them.  You can see which ones shadow more than the others.

You can see here on my “Go Wild” page that I layered my stamps and I LOVE doing that.  I stamped the hat image onto some purple paper and cut it out then placed it on my photo.  I think Tina looks cute in a cowboy hat!  I also added a few different shades of purple to the Austin stamp to get the right color.  You can always stamp onto a transparency then lay that onto your planner or layout to make sure that’s how you want it stamped.  It is a trick I have been doing for years because once it’s stamped, it’s stamped.

I do clean my stamps after every use but some inks like to dye the stamp.  That’s ok, your stamps are not ruined, they still work just fine.

Hope you enjoyed a little creative stamping in your planner!  Our new Wandering Planner destination stamps are perfect for all your summer travel.  Be sure to pick up a few sets and a travelers notebook sold here in our shop.  Happy stamping, friends!

I look forward to meeting all of you this year at our Wandering Planners Meet-ups.  Click here to find a Meet-up to join – we’d love to have you!

You can see more of my planner and stamping on Instagram, I am polkadotwhimsy.


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