Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Emma Wood


Emma Wood has an amazingly beautiful, clean, and lovely style and I am so excited to shine to spotlight on her today!

Name: Emma Wood
Location: Victoria, Australia
FacebookEmma KW
Pinterest: @emma_kw

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: Hi, I’m Emma! I’m mum to an almost 11 year old boy, Zack (he specifically asked me to say he’s almost 11, not 10, it’s so much more exciting…). We live in country Victoria and share a home with my parents – I am so blessed to have them around to help me out with Zack. I can’t remember what started the scrapbooking bug exactly. My son was a few years old (maybe 3-4) and I found myself with this need to put photos on paper and write a few words about them. I remember buying my first scrapbooking magazine and loving all the gorgeous pages inside it, so I went straight down to the local crafty-type store and brought an assortment of things. Looking back at those first few layouts (they were 100% scraplifts of layouts in the magazine because I had no idea what I was doing, haha) I may cringe a little, but they got me hooked.

Favorite thing to create: Layouts are always my favourite although mini albums are turning into a real passion of mine! I scrap 6×8 layouts and have since almost the beginning. The 12×12 size was always a little intimidating to me (so much space!!) and I didn’t want to cut all the papers to 8.5×11 (so much wasted paper! Lol.) but I didn’t mind cutting it all in half and trying 6×8. It was a perfect match for me and I’ve stuck with it ever since!

What do you love about this hobby? I truly love this craft. And not necessarily for the stories I record, although it’s an important part of why we do this for sure, but when it comes down to it, I just love the crafting process. I get so much joy from cutting up pretty paper, pushing it around the page and eventually sticking it down. Scrapbooking is my only real “creative” outlet and I don’t mind admitting I’m proud of what I do. It’s how I express myself in a lot of ways and I thoroughly enjoy the process (even when I’m stressed about meeting a deadline, I still love doing it!). The bonus of course is that I’m recording stories that might otherwise have been forgotten – and that’s something all my family is grateful for. Although one day I’m sure someone is going to look at my dozens of little albums and wonder what on earth they’ll do with them all… ha!

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. I’m obsessed with coffee cups/mugs. I’m forever buying a new one and switching them around.
2. I am addicted to coffee. Which is handy considering #1.
3. I love rearranging rooms – my craft room especially but the lounge room, bedrooms… Every 3 or 4 months I get this urge to change things up. Not necessarily season related either, it’s random and drives everyone bonkers.
4. I’m a morning person. #2 helps with this 😉
5. I listen to 80’s music all the time (in the car, at work, while scrapping), I even have it playing while I sleep (I just can’t fall asleep without music going in the background!).

HEY DUDE by Emma Wood

I just love circles! I’m not exactly sure why I love them but they are one of my favourite shapes (second only to stars) to use in scrapbooking and I’ve created quite a few pages in my time featuring them. Another couple things you’ll often find on my pages are layers and machine stitching. A layout is not complete until I’ve stitched on it in some way! I wish I had the skill and patience for hand stitching but sadly it’s a skill I’ve never developed so the sewing machine will have to do!

OUR 2017 QLD HOLIDAY by Emma Wood

I find mini albums are so much fun to put together. I always end up turning my craft room into a disaster zone during the process but I love putting all those bits and pieces into it. This album is about our trip to QLD last year. I used a big O-ring for this album which turned out to be the best way I could easily include all the tags/maps/extra pieces from our holiday. I also included QR-codes on the photos that link back to videos I took – such a fun way to make the album more interactive!

AWESOME by Emma Wood

I am addicted to sequin/confetti pockets in my mini-albums but I’ll look for any opportunity to sneak them onto a layout too! Super easy to make too – I just use the cellophane packaging that our scrappy goodies come in and stitch it to cardstock, (leaving a little gap so I can) add my sparkle goodies inside (stitch the gap closed) and it’s done! I created my own confetti using my trusty old fashioned hand punches!


Who doesn’t love a rainbow?! Creating rainbows with different patterned papers is so fun. It’s also a easy way to use up those scrap patterned papers we seem to keep! Because of all the colours on my page I stuck with a couple black & white photos to avoid any colour clashes with my photo/background.

NOSE IN A BOOK by Emma Wood

Not every layout has to feature a photo! I originally had a photo for this layout (stacks of books) but I loved all the die-cuts so much that I got rid of the photo and simply let the journaling tell my story instead!

I love the beautiful range of colors and design elements across Emma’s layouts she shared!! Thanks for joining me today, see you again next week!

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  1. Joan R. Barnes says:

    Your layouts are wonderful, but I totally fell in love with the layout about books, that is so me. Thank you for such a great layout.

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