Freebie Friday with Eyelet Outlet

Hello friends, Friday is here and I am not Becki! Today, it’s me, Diana filling in while Becki is away. Happy Freebie Friday!

Have you ever thought to yourself . . . I wonder if there is an embellishment for that? Pick a topic and I’ll bet that Eyelet Outlet has an embellishment to match! Today we have a giveaway from Eyelet Outlet!

Eyelet Outlet is one of those go-to companies when you get in a creative rut. Their products always spark new ideas! Here’s what you need to know from the owner, Suzanne Marchesano: “Eyelet Outlet is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 2001. We are a retired military family and in our spare time, we enjoy the outdoors and spending time with our five children. We design our own line of brads, ribbon, washi tape, enamel dots, bling, and eyelets, and we have one of the largest varieties of eyelets, brads and washi tape on the web. We now have new clear stamps to match our brads!”

If you’ve attended any of our Stamp & Scrapbook Expo events, you’ve probably seen Eyelet Outlet there. I can’t imagine how many styles of brads, washi, bling, eyelets, and ribbon they have in their booth. And, everything is adorable!

Fun with ATC’s!

I don’t know about you, but I make more greeting cards than anything else. And let’s face it, they are by far the most practical paper-crafting project, aren’t they? But sometimes I need to shake things up, and another format I really love is the Artist Trading Card. Like these:

The “official” size for ATC’s is 2.5 x 3.5″ which is exactly the size of a standard playing card… which is what I use as a base to build my designs adding the little brad scenes and punny sayings! I love these things!

The newest line of fun products is clear stamps. Here are the Punny Sayings one used for those ATC’s above and the card below.

Eyelet Outlet Punny Sayings Stamps

Here are another couple cards using their Punny Sayings stamps & brads together to make a fun greeting!

Eyelet Outlet Punny Clothes

Guess what?  Everyone is a winner with Eyelet Outlet!  Shop their online store and use this promo code eyeletoutlet15 between now and July 20 for 15% off your order!  Plus one lucky winner will receive a $50 shopping spree on their website! Now, that’s a lot of embellishments!

While we are waiting to see who the lucky winner is, you can hop on over to Eyelet Outlet’s social media channels. You’ll find TONS of inspiration there.

Last week Webster’s Pages sponsored our Freebie Friday giveaway. The winner of that prize is…..

Webster's Pages Freebie Friday Winner

Congratulations! Please email with “Webster’s Pages Winner” in the subject line.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for Freebie Friday.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win.

I’ll be back next Friday to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Have a great weekend my friends. Happy crafting!

271 thoughts on “Freebie Friday with Eyelet Outlet

  1. Marie B says:

    Eyelet Outlet are so fresh and fun–just what I need for three days of cropping in Santa Clara!

  2. Dawn Simpson says:

    Eyelet Outlet has such adorable brads. They are too cute. And the punny clear stamps to go along with them just takes it up a notch. It would be a joy to win this prize.

  3. Becca Yahrling says:

    Oh what fun to be able to shop at Eyelet Outlet! I love going to their booth at Scrapbook Expo.

  4. Carol Frear says:

    I love Eyelet Outlet! I found them via a wonderful creator Kim. She uses them quite a bit and her creations are just amazing! Because of her, I have ordered several times and have been so happy with the purchase. I would love to win the $50.00 shopping spree. Thanks for the chance to win. (If this posts twice, I apologize…the first one did not show up.)

  5. Carol F says:

    They are wonderful! I found them via a wonderful creator Kim. She uses them quite a bit and her creations are just amazing. Because of her, I have ordered several times and have been so happy with the purchase. I would love to win the $50.00 shopping spree. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Marie Fix says:

    I love seeing all the innovative brads you have and then your designers use them in such clever ways!

  7. Tracy Steinbach says:

    What cute stamps and brads!!! I will be checking out the store soon!!! Thanks for the chance for a great giveaway

  8. Karen Lingel says:

    Eyelet Outlet’s stuff is always amazing. Love browsing their booth at Expo. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  9. Elaine says:

    Eyelet Outlet is one of my favorite stops at the scrapbook expo’s. There is so much to see and purchase.

  10. Brenda Lee Wyman says:

    What cute ideas and eyelets on those cards. I didn’t know they made stamps, I will have to check them out. Maybe they will have them at the Expo.

  11. Phyllis says:

    Always look for Eyelet Outlet at the shows. At their booth, everyone there are super friendly and very helpful in finding that special brad!! Looking forward to seeing them again at a show!

  12. Kim Drako says:

    I love this company. I always purchase from them each year at the expo. A $50 shopping spree would be like Christmas in July!!

  13. Vivian C. says:

    Eyelet Outlet is always a fun booth to shop at when I go to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. Their selection of brads is amazing! What a generous prize, thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Dee Ann Matthews says:

    Very clever fun stamps that can be used for many kinds of cards! I really like puns!

  15. Wendy Lambert says:

    I have not heard of them before. Had fun checking out their website and they ship to Canada!

  16. Lori kelly says:

    This business is never boring, it’s a pleasure to shop here at the expo. They have so much to share I just love it.

  17. Donna Whitten says:

    Love Eyelet Outlet! I always visit them when I go to the Duluth Expo! Their products are just too cute!

  18. Barbmac says:

    Love the Punny Sayings! Life without puns would be boring in my opinion! I am off to explore their shop and lighten my wallet a bit! LOL
    Thanks to you and Eyelet Outlet and Brads for the chance to win some awesome goodies!

  19. Gayle M. says:

    Holy Cow…this is an amazing giveaway! Would LOVE to win….looking forward to seeing you guys in Duluth, GA on the 20th and 21st. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  20. Gayle M. says:

    Holy Cow!! This is an amazing giveaway, I would LOVE to win it!! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Duluth, GA this coming weekend. Thank you for this opportunity!

  21. Rene Wahl says:

    I love Eyelet Outlet, have ordered from them many times for the extra finishing touch and have never been disappointed.

  22. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love Eyelet Outlet. Have lots of their eyelets and
    brads in my stash. Would love to add more.
    thanks for the chance.

  23. Angel C says:

    I’ve always loved all the fun stuff Eyelet Outlet has!!! They have some of the brightest and cutest embellishments out there! Would love to win some!

  24. Eleanor Fleck says:

    Love to visit the Eyelet Outlet at expo. I always find things I don’t see anywhere else.

  25. shartl says:

    These are the cutest eyelets, and really different from anything I’ve seen before. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Priscilla Gotham says:

    I always visit the Eyelet Outlet booth at the Expo, and I always walk away with an awesome bag of creative goodies!

  27. Nicole Nardi says:

    Can’t wait to visit the Eyelet Outlet booth at the expo. They have so many great & funny eyelets. And now stamps too. Awesome!

  28. Barb Deichl says:

    I love Eyelet Outlet. It is my first stop every show and I order in between shows too! Thanks for a generous prize!

  29. Kristin Rizzo says:

    Love all the inspiration at the Eyelet Outlet booth! Thanks for the chance to win! ♡♡♡

  30. Nanci D says:

    I love the fun and creative brads! I can’t wait for the expo to get some new ones for my upcoming projects!

  31. Marsha Sommers says:

    I need to make ACT’s for an upcoming retreat. I’d love to be able to use these brand new ideas on them.

  32. Carol L Macey says:

    I was just showing my husband some of your wonderful brads. Can’t wait to see them at Expo.

  33. Karyn Lowe says:

    I have a brad’s addiction problem! ? I never miss a chance to shop the eyelet outlet.

  34. Jacquelyn Scheel says:

    Where do we go to sign up for the Freebie Friday giveaway? I did not see the link for that. Only the link to purchase a product. Thanks!

  35. Konni Andis says:

    I love eyelet outlet! I’m so excited about the 15% off since I can’t attend expo this year! Thanks!

  36. Sandi Dailey says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!! I haven’t done ATC cards in years, but still have an album I made using my ATC cards. I think it’s time to bring this fun back!! Go Eyelet Outlet!!!

  37. Clara Stairs says:

    I always stop at Eyelet Outlet’s booth when I go to Ontario’s Scrapbook Expo! I love their product!

  38. Leanna Hansen says:

    Your brads always add dimension and the WOW! factor to any page or card they are added to. You always have just the right finishing touch!

  39. Vivian Diaz says:

    I make a point every year to stop at the Eyelet Outlet booth during the Expo. They have such cute brads and fantastic prices!

  40. Sharon O says:

    I just love this local [to me!] company and their wonderful products! Just the perfect touches to all projects.

  41. Shelly Gaston says:

    OMG, I would so love to win! I can’t wait for the Santa Clara expo, Eyelet Outlet is definitely a booth I always stop by and spend lots of money.

  42. Alicia Pena-Swart says:

    I love brads. Some kind of metal always goes on each of my creations. Love their products!

  43. April Berry says:

    I have shopped at the expo for brads every year . I have 3or4 booths I always spend time at and this is defiantly one of my favorites It would be great to win and shop your website

  44. Kymberly Buchanan says:

    I love Eyelet Outlet’s brads! What a shopping spree this would be! I can’t wait to shop their booth in Duluth next week! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  45. Jennifer Koon says:

    Love shopping and getting my supply of Brad’s at the eyelet outlet. So much to choose from and hard decisions to make. Cane w was it to see what they have at the expo!!!! I know it will be fantastic! Thanks for the chance to enter a awesome prize! See ya real soon!

  46. Patti Conroy says:

    Just love eylete outlet – I bug so many of their cute brads and ribbons to match. These ideas are really cute . Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for the chance to win. See you soon at the Schaumburg Expo.

  47. Brenda Eury says:

    I would just love to win! Santa Clara will be my first expo on over 10 years. I am so excited. I will travel over 6 hrs to get there with my friend, but my bags are already to go……?

  48. Heidi Mattessich says:

    I love the products from Eyelet Outlet!! Awesome brads and stamps. This would be an amazing prize to win ?

  49. Tina Morris says:

    Been shopping with eyelet outlet for a long time now and they are a great company. Thanks for the opportunity and have a good day

  50. Amanda L says:

    I ❤️ Eyelet Outlet!! I love their coat hanger brads and the tool brads. And their washi tape is amazing. They always have such cute ideas for cards using their products.

  51. Robin Mims says:

    love that this is a family business – we need to support these companies & they show us their thanks with goodies like these – witty, creative, & fun – love the ATC size

  52. AvaO says:

    Eyelet Outlet is always a stop for me at the Expo. They have some really cute embellishments for my card making.

  53. Carol K says:

    I absolutely LOVE Eyelet Outlet! What a great prize!!! Thanks much for the chance to win it:-)

  54. Beckie Whitby says:

    Eyelets add dimension so easily- perfect for cards! I appreciate the weekly chance to win, thanks!

  55. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    Wow!! This is an awesome prize!!
    Eyelet Outlet is always on my shopping list!!
    Can’t wait to see you in Duluth, Ga!!

  56. Kimberly Scarnato says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time at Eyelet Outlet booth trying to stay within my budget. This would definitely help!

  57. Bonnie shaul says:

    Great Products, I have bought brads from them & do use them. this will add some more fun to my cards & scrapbooks.

  58. Jodie Ruiz says:

    Eyelet Outlet is always one of my must shop at booths at Scrapbook Expo! These stamps are adorable. You guys are great!

  59. Cindy Wilson says:

    I spent a minor fortune at that booth last April…and it was worth every dang penny! lol I wish I could have spent more…because I could have! There’s so much cute cute stuff on that website!

  60. Ida Thibodeau says:

    Wow! What a great collection. The possibilities are endless. Especially like the “Let’s Hang Out” card.

  61. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    What an awesome collection of things….we go together like making cards and scrapbook pages. I hope I win…I want to go together with these cute things.

  62. Eva King says:

    I’m so overwhelmed when I shop there. There are so many cool items, it’s hard to select just a few! Live to win!

  63. Peggy Salyer says:

    Your products are so much fun to use. You have such a variety so there is always something I NEED.

  64. Mel H says:

    I love the Eyelet Outlet-they have such an amazing selection of eyelets and brads. I always love to see what they have new!

  65. Arlene says:

    I took a friend to the booth last November and then could not get her out! I knew it would be a winner. I always head there.

  66. Sharyn C says:

    Eyelet Outlet is one of my favorite booths to visit at the Expo. They have such a variety of eyelets, washi tape and I always can find something that inspires me for a card. Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner.

  67. Niki DiSilvio says:

    I’ve never shopped at Eyelet Outlet before…thanks for introducing me!

    BTW, I’m so excited because this is the first year I’ll be attending the expo. Woot woot!

  68. Andrea B says:

    I always love looking at all the unique brads and washi tape designs at the Eyelet Outlet booth during the Expo. Thanks for the chance to win this fun prize!

  69. Mary S says:

    Eyelets are such a fun way to add dimension to your projects, I love visiting Eyelet Outlet at the Expo. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Kathryn Lundrigan says:

    I have been to 2 expos since moving to CA and Eyelet Outlet was one of my absolute favorite things about them!

  71. Ellen says:

    This is my go to place to get the right embellishments for my cards. Matching ribbons and brads, and oh the washi tape….. the greatest ever.

  72. Lisa Tartaglione says:

    I love Eyelet Outlet. I use brads on almost all of my pages and they have a great variety. Already have my list made for this booth!

  73. Mary Brennan says:

    I am getting so impatient waiting for the Expo and visiting the Eyelet Outlet.. Started my list… cannot wait

  74. Suzanne Cornwall says:

    Eyelet outlet is always one of my first stops at Expo. In June, I thought there couldn’t be any eyelets that I needed, but I was mistaken?

  75. Kathie Pryor says:

    I love Eyelet Outlet! My cards and layouts are so much cuter with their brads, eyelets, washi, bling, etc. And their Instagram pics are so inspirational for cute card ideas.

  76. Robin Bennett says:

    Eyelet Outlet is about the first booth that I visit at the Expo. The have the best Christmas items!!!

  77. Janet says:

    Omg I didn’t know that you guys were also doing giveaways that is too exciting ^.^ I hope to go this year to the expo it would be fun ^.^

  78. Cathy Rendek says:

    I can’t wait for expo again this year, last year was my first time at expo and now I’ll never miss it again!!! I enjoyed your booth at expo and wanted it all. Your eyelets are AMAZING!!!

  79. Jennifer says:

    I’ve already started my shopping list for The Eyelet Outlet! Can’t wait to see you at the Expo!

  80. Donna Wilcox says:

    Seriously, where have you guys been all my life!! I will be visiting your booth at the expo!! I can not wait!!

  81. Denise says:

    Love the Eyelet Outlet……love their selection and never go home empty handed!!! Thanks for the opportunity

  82. Sharon Hemmingsen says:

    Expo is so much fun. You meet and make new friends, while having fun with the old friends you went with. Then after the show you share what fun things you purchased

  83. Rosemary Corda says:

    What fabulous inspiration in the samples above. Looking forward to the Mesa Expo with my daughter and sister in law.

  84. Renae Rushing says:

    I love eyelets! Can’t wait to see what you have at the EXPO I can’t live without ❤

  85. Patti Leighton says:

    Always stop in the booth to see what’s new! Hoping I get to go to the Sacramento expo this year. Although funds are really tight. Always have awesome stuff.

  86. Kathy says:

    My first expo and my first introduction to your items ! I am excited!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get some for my cards for church!!

  87. Denise Lopez Gill says:

    You have such an amzing collection of eyelets and now the new clear stamps are so adorable. I cant wait toctry them out.

  88. Margo Walker says:

    Great time in Kansas City, love your eyelets and always enjoy shopping at your booth!

  89. Joyce Rempe says:

    I love this store I use their products in so many ways on cards and pages. It is the one store my friends and I always visit first at the expo. I am always blown away by all of the cards they showcase there.

  90. Gayle S. says:

    I’m in love with the cards above. What great ideas. Thanks for the great giveaway, I sure hope I win. 😉

  91. Eileen Hietter says:

    Eyelet outlet is def more than just eyelets! I probably spend longer there than any other booth! Love it!

  92. Gina Karess says:

    Looking forward to the expo and to getting more eyeglass, owl, and witch hat brads at Eyelet Outlet to make Harry Potter cards!

  93. Kristina Long says:

    One of my favorite booths at the expo. Can’t wait to visit it again in September!

  94. Elaine says:

    Love Eyelet Outlet products!! Excited to visit your booth at Expo-Duluth GA this weekend!!

  95. Sherry Storjohann says:

    I get your emails but like to see items first hand and now that I’ve been to KC Expo-shopped and shopped!!! ?

  96. Wendy says:

    I was so excited to have visited the eyelet booth in chantilly as it’s always interesting to see what they have in person to use on my crafts! Thanks for a great variety!

  97. Cyndi Gass says:

    I love the Eyelet Outlet. I use a lot of their products when making my cards. They always have the perfect theme in stock. I even used the moustaches to add to a Steampunk project I made. I can’t wait to see them again in Denver.

  98. Misty Williams says:

    I can’t wait to get my new stash from Eyelet Outlet at the Expo this weekend! I have almost used all the goodies I bought last year!

  99. Barbara Dreyfus says:

    A crafter can never have too many fun things in their stash. Eyelet Outlet has nothing but fun crafting things. A little something for everyone.

  100. Mar-Sue says:

    I always look forward to the Eyelet Outlet’s booth at Expo with all the varieties of eyelets and brads.

  101. Elaine Ponti says:

    I bought some bee brads from you and love the pages and cards I used them on. Can’t wait to see you at the Expo in Marlborough!

  102. Monica Cebulak says:

    I love your brads and eyelets and bought soooooo , soooooo many at your booth in Chantilly. Great selection and so many uses!

  103. Tammy Hower says:

    Eyelet Outlet is always w must stop at the Scrapbook Expo! I am always using your products.

  104. Niki DiSilvio says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen these! Oh my gosh…those tiny little beers. So stinking cute.

  105. Liz Kostro says:

    Love the zoo animals! lol…I actually love all the brads – so many brads, so many projects, so little time…..

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