It’s Kentucky Derby Time Here At The Crop

We introduced the theme “Kentucky Derby” this year to our crops and boy, has it been fun to watch! For example, look at the beautiful detail on this hat!  Everyone loves the dress-up part of the crop.  We have seen everything from jockeys and horse costumes to fancy, traditional Derby outfits.

Nothing says party like balloons!  Some of our locations allow balloons so many bring them, and they always look so festive.  Some of our locations sadly do not allow balloons, so make sure to check if your location bans them.

Food has always been popular and the presentation of simple snacks has gotten so very creative!  The people cropping at this table created different colored chocolate roses and then placed them on themed paper plates with matching napkins; beautiful!

Now here is a first! Horse-themed cookies that are almost too cute to eat!

This table creatively placed “chocolate candies” in a bucket. Hmmm, anyone what to try one?

The decorations varied from scenes from the racetrack, betting windows, winning horses, fashion from the Derby, and more.  Each table was so carefully thought about and the details were incredible!

What has still continued to stay popular are tables with photo props.  We had many tables that served as great photo ops for you and your friends.  We love it when we see the interaction between croppers!

The best part of the night is watching you all transform your tables into these beautiful works of wonders!  Thank you all for the time and effort you put into these works of art!

See you at the crop!