My June Bullet Journal Setup

Hi there!  Vicky here and I wanted to share with you another way that I enjoy planning.  Whenever I want to be super duper creative I pull out my dotted notebook and create my own monthly setup.

First of all, I like to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest to get ideas just to get my mind flowing.  It helps to view some pictures that I might like to use in my journal.  The only materials I use are a pencil to write out everything I want to doodle.  I always keep my eraser handy for any mistakes.  I then choose between only two or three colors to color in my doodles for the month.

I recently picked up these three Kelly Creates pens from my local Michael’s store.  I love them because they have different writing points – some are very thin and others are thicker.  I use the different pens to draw over my pencil lines that I originally used to draw my doodles.  I then go back with my eraser to get rid of the pencil lines.  I am now ready to color in my doodles.

For the month of June, I  decided to go with a cherry theme because it’s my favorite fruit and is adorable.  This is how I decorated the first page of my journal.  I also added the calendar for the month.

The next spread is for the whole month’s calendar where I continued the cherry theme and the red and mint green Copicmarker drawings.  I left enough space to add in appointments or jot down notes for the month that are important.  I always put an inspiring quote for the month to remind myself to stay positive.

My next layout is strictly for the certain week’s agenda and notes that I want to remind myself of.  As you can see, I continued the cherry theme and the two colors only and included another inspiring quote of “MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

Now is the fun part to me because you can choose to draw anything for the month to get you inspired.  On the left side of my journal I decided to create a mood tracker.  I drew 30 different cherry bundles with the numbers of the month.  At the bottom right is the key to the colors of my moods. so each night I color in my overall feelings for that particular day.  It’s fun to look back and see my different moods and try to figure how I could improve them.  🙂

On the right page of my journal I labeled it “SELF CARE,” choosing four different categories to inspire myself to have an awesome month.  I then write ideas in each category to make it happen.  At the bottom of my page I drew some more red and mint cherry bundles.

Overall, your bullet journal can be whatever you want!  It is your journal to show your artistic self off and also keep yourself focused for the month.  I love to create in my journal and I hope this inspires you to want to as well!

Love you and hope you have a stellar June!



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