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National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Month Giveaway with Pinecone Press #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #pineconepress #giveaway

Hi everyone, Becki here, with another giveaway for National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo month. Today we have a Pinecone Press giveaway.

If you’re not familiar with Pinecone Press, here’s what you need to know: Pinecone Press has been in business since 2000. Pinecone started off creating idea books for the Scrapbook industry. Pinecone developed several ‘Blank’ items for the consumers to use with all their own papers and rubber stamps products. Pinecone then created their own line of scrapbook papers. Pinecone created class kits for the scrapbook retail stores and also created numerous private label kits and products. Pinecone Press now sells to the consumers at the Scrapbook Expo events and on their own website.

Visit us at the Scrapbook Expos and create one of our Slider Card projects at the creativity center or take one of our many classes that are offered at the Expos.

Not only does Pinecone Press have some awesome project kits, they have awesome red line tape adhesive.

Red line tape is the best adhesive. If you use red line tape, your project will stay stuck together forever. It’s great adhesive.

Pinecone Press is sending this great prize to one lucky winner. If you want to be entered for your chance to win this awesome prize comment below before February 22nd 2018 at 11:59 EST. We’ll be back to announce the winner on February 23rd 2018.

If you love creating mini albums, these mini curved back spine blank albums make creating mini albums a breeze and so fun. You can make mini albums 100% personalized with these blank albums.

Make sure you’re following Pinecone Press on all of their social media channels for lots of inspiration.

Here’s a closer look at some projects the Pinecone Press has to offer: 

Now, it’s time to find out who the lucky winner of the Chalk Couture giveaway is…

Congratulations, Maxine!!! Please email with “Chalk Couture Winner” in the subject line.

Thank you for stopping by for this Pinecone Press giveaway. The National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo month fun continues tomorrow with another awesome giveaway.

690 thoughts on “Pinecone Press Giveaway

  1. Tracy Steinbach says:

    I have a few of the idea books from pinecone press never realized how much they have branched out I will have go take a look. Also thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  2. auntie em says:

    Those mini albums are stunning! I went over to the YouTube Channel and WOW! Love the layers and details put into the mini albums posted. I can’t wait to get a nice warm mug of hot chocolate, get snuggled up in a cozy spot and enjoy them on my tablet. So much inspiration.
    Thank you!!! 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Deidra says:

    I love the mini albums that Pinecone Press has. They are beautiful. I have several. When people visit they enjoy looking at them.

  4. Eleanor Fleck says:

    Visited Pinecone Press at the Edison expo. Loved everything they had. This would be awesome to win.

  5. Crystal Olson says:

    I’ve always wanted to try and make a chunky album. What a great way to get started! And I agree….red line tape is the best!

  6. Sharon Shulsky says:

    Love Pinecone Press. I have several completed projects that I made for gifts. Definitely a great giveaway!

  7. Cathy Bauer says:

    Pine one Press has the most beautiful product and a cushion floor at the Expo. I stop by several times during the show and can’t resist buying their kits.

  8. Patti Coryell says:

    I love 💕 love ❤️ your stuff. I always make a point to get too your booth at expo. Would love to win

  9. Heather King says:

    This is great. I am familiar with Pinecone press and love their products!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Kim Klinkovsky says:

    Oh! What amazing products! I would love to win to make special gifts for family and friends. And good to know what kinds of adhesive to use to keep these treasures together forever.

  11. Heidi May says:

    Oh my, I just found this company and totally am already addicted to their items. This would be a great gift to win. Best of luck to all the participants.

  12. Brenda Savage says:

    I just learned about Pinecone Press at an Idaho event! They are awesome! !! I should have bought more blank books!!

  13. Nicola Moore says:

    Love the recipe book – I got the girl and boy album last year at expo – they made beautiful gifts

  14. Sandy Farley says:

    I love their albums and products. This year in Sac I was the class helper in a few of their classes and learned so much!!!!

  15. Becca Yahrling says:

    This prize looks AWEmazing. Thanks for the chance to win.
    I’d love to try some of Pinecone Press products.

  16. Donna Whitten says:

    I love Pinecone Press products, and classes! I would love to win this fabulous giveaway, got my fingers crossed!

  17. Tracey Good says:

    Can’t wait for Edison! Loved Pinecone Press last year. The slider cards were a huge hit with the family. Looking forward to learning mini albums

  18. Laurie Black says:

    I had not heard of this company before, thanks for the introduction. The project kits look like fun!

  19. Beth Williams says:

    Fabulous prize! I’ve bought 2 kits from Pinecone Press and was very pleased with both of them. I’d love to win this one.

  20. Eva Miller says:

    I have bought several of your books and taken many of your classes at Scrapbook Expo. They are so fun to make. Your directions are always specific and easy to do follow. Thank you for such wonderful products.

  21. Mary Holshouser says:

    I’ve used the red line adhesive for many years.
    It holds firmly and isn’t hard to use.
    thanks for offering a great gift.

  22. Barbmac says:

    So happy to meet Pinecone Press! Definitely going to be buying many of their goodies! Would love to win this one! TFS! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  23. Ida Thibodeau says:

    Impressed with Pinecone Press’ red tape. States it can be washed and dried. That fairy dust kit would be perfect for making a project for my great granddaughter.

  24. Kim Veevers says:

    What a great early birthday present this prize would make. A basket of goodies to get the creative thoughts going in my scrapbook room. The album is sweet.

  25. Virginia Marquez says:

    Great kits. I love visiting the booth at the Expo. I find myself going back more than once to pick up that kit that I really, really wanted. : )

  26. Karen L K says:

    Pinecone Press has fabulous kits with very detailed instructions! I love their kit albums, I have several. They also use super nice product lines for them also.

  27. Wanda says:

    Love the Pine Cone Press items. Their red line tape is fabulous and comes in a decent sized rolls so you can do a lot of projects without running out❣️

  28. Allison Lafferty says:

    They have lovely products I would love to be the lucky winner of this prize to add even more goodies to my collection!

  29. Susan Mediterraneo says:

    I took a class with Pinecone Press and created a beautiful album using the wonderful red line tape. The products are of great quality and unique in design and color scheme. Loved working with these products!

  30. Sheryl C says:

    Pine Cone Press has an excellent line of products. I love using their red line tape because it does hold up very well on my projects. Love the album kits that they have.

  31. Cheryl Ledbetter says:

    Happy to find products that work so beautifully with G45 paper. Planning to see you in Grapevine, TX!

  32. Angie G. says:

    I enjoy making the albums from Pinecone Press, they are so elegant. This would be a wonderful prize to win.

  33. Shannon Fisher says:

    Pine Cone Press is always one of my favorite vendor booths for shopping during the Kansas City convention!

  34. Karen Kleinert says:

    Love Pine Cone products. They always have great books and kits. Love to get my hands on some great new stuff.

  35. Gail says:

    Awesome prize! And I definitely would like to try the red line tape. I’ve read great reviews on it.
    Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway

  36. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    I love shopping with Pinecone Press!!
    I can’t wait for the Expo in Duluth, GA, the Pinecone Press booth is a definite stop on my list!!
    This is an awesome prize basket!!
    Thank you for this opportunity

  37. Justine Paulin says:

    When I first started scrapbooking, my local store held Pinecone Press workshops. We would get their little booklet and then make one of the projects in the back. Our homework was to make something else from the ideas in the book. I made some interesting things in that workshop, out of my comfort zone stuff. Thanks Pinecone Press!

  38. SHIRLEY MUMMAH says:

    Hi, I’m 45 minutes from any store. So I don’t get to see all the new items when they come out. What a perfect way to try them. Win them. Thanks for the offer. Hope you all have a scrapping great weekend.

  39. Jenny McGee says:

    Beautiful mini albums. I would love to win this great prize pack. thanks so much for a chance to win.

  40. Gerry Wolfe says:

    I use the red line tape all the time it’s very strong. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway package.

  41. Anne Cassady says:

    Great basket! I love the red line tape and try to always have assorted widths on hand. Crafting is the best therapy!

  42. Lorraine Gall says:

    I always spend time in their booth at the Expo. They have such cute kits and ideas. A great gift for some lucky crafter!!

  43. Barbara Springer says:

    I have never tried the red tape, but certainly look forward to doing so very soon. I love all the giveaway products – hope I win!

  44. Tammy Amos says:

    I love pinecone express and graphic 45 I can’t wait to see them at the expo, I would love to win this gift package.

  45. Cathy Pardiny says:

    Wow! I really like the thought of having pre-made album blanks! Would make it so much easier & faster! Looking forward to taking a class at the expo! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  46. Pat says:

    I have attended Pinecone Press workshops at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo and LOVE their products – would be thrilled to win this prize! Have purchased and use Red-line tape – great for all your papercrafting projects.

  47. Jennifer Buskey says:

    Pinecone Press has great products. I’ve always received great compliments when I give their items as gifts!

  48. Alisha Berkey says:

    I love love ❤️ pine cone press! There kits are amazing and super fun!! I really hope I win this giveaway!!!

  49. Lois Wright says:

    I have never tried Pine Cone Express products, but it would be awesome to try some and broaden my shopping opportunities !

  50. Lisa Allen says:

    I love Pinecone Press products!! I have attended their classes the last 2 years at Orlando Expo and I can’t wait to do it again this year!!

  51. Karen Hale says:

    Love Pinecone Press. Have made several of their albums and their card kits, all with fabulous results.

  52. Pamela says:

    Pinecone Press has the most awesome scrapbook kits – definitely my go-to product. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Sandy Hudson says:

    I love the Pine Cone Press products. A couple of years ago at Scrap book expo in Schaumburg it was one of the first booths I stopped at and shopped at! I got several great book kits as they make beautiful gifts. I use they book binders all the time as well as their kits. This would be a fantastic prize to win.

  54. Mary Chamberlain says:

    I L-O-V-E Pinecone Press. I have the Nature Sketchbook and it’s gorgeous. My friends want it! Their albums are so easy and so very high quality. Keep up the good work, PP!

  55. Laurie says:

    Everything looks so fun. I love your red line tape (though I’ve always called it baloney tape). Will you be at the Expo in KC this year? I was disappointed you weren’t last year.

  56. Amy Wazwaz says:

    Kits can inspire you to create so much more than just the kit. What a great prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. Sandra Stark says:

    I love Pinecone Press! I still have a lot of products from them, as I used to get their monthly kits. Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Janine McCown says:

    I have been enjoying their products for years and love to share them with others. Thank you for the amazing giveaway:)

  59. Deanie Basso says:

    Wow. – love the red line tape. I have to try it. Blank albums are very cool idea to use. Definitely would . Thanks for chance to win amazing products!

  60. Lynn Mann says:

    Pinecone Press has always been one of my favorites!!! I would love to win this set of products. So many fun albums and cards to be made!!!

  61. Wendy Smith says:

    Love Pinecone press, always glad to see them at the expo. Thanks for the
    chance to win this gorgeous prize.

  62. Cathi W-J says:

    I love Pinecone Press products, as they always produce a nice outcome. I would love to win the package and thank you for the opportunity!

  63. Jessica Pickett says:

    I look forward to meeting Pinecone Press at the 2018 Srapbook Expo in Plesanton, Ca. I will be taking one of your album classes. I have been making albums now for about 7 months and I am hooked for life! Good luck to all, that prize looks like its got a lot of fun stuff in it!

  64. Colleen says:

    Love this package!!! Pinecone Press never disappoints!!! Thank you for making this give away possible! So excited for a chance to win!! Good luck to all!!

  65. Sandra says:

    Oh how I would love to win this Pinecone Press prize!! Regretfully I have not bought your products for years. I miss the quality and gorgeous art work. I hope I win!

  66. Linda Conway says:

    Wow! Love everything I have seen. Will be adding Pinecone Press to my YouTube account, Instagram & Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win the Giveaway.

  67. Elizabeth Woodfield says:

    I LOVE Pinecone Press products. I took two classes at last year’s Expo and am so delighted with the outcomes.

  68. Karen T says:

    I always look for your booth and classes at the Expo’s. Great kits that are creative and fun to put together!

  69. Theresa R. says:

    Oh I love, love, love Pinecone Press! I have completed several albums and always pop in at Expo to buy a new album kit!

  70. Tina Preiser says:

    I love Pinecone Press. I buy their kits and have taken one of their classes at Expo last year. Plan on taking another this year too. Great value!!!!

  71. Debbie says:

    I am so excited! I signed up for at least 2 classes at the expo in Grapevine! Can’t wait! Love these products!

  72. Sharon Steele says:

    I want to play with the fairy dust album. Looking forward to seeing all the new Pinecone Press kits in Pomona

  73. Selena Megahan says:

    Never heard of Pinecone Press, but the basket looks like it has many great things in it. Always love trying new companies.

  74. Mary C says:

    LOVE Pinecone Press kits. I love that they are fun to do, have great instructions…and turn out a beautiful finished product!

  75. Beth Shoemaker says:

    Love Pinecone Express! The first booth I go to at the Duluth, GA Expo! Love their products and this is a great prize pack!

  76. Jane Ramsey says:

    I really love Pinecone Press! Your products are always super high quality and look great when done! P.S. – I hope I win!

  77. Christine Perryman says:

    I love the Pinecone Press booth at the Scrapbook Expo. They always have such beautiful albums and cards.

  78. Dianna Ritt says:

    I love your both and i take the classes you offer. Looking forward to seeing what you have this year.

  79. Rhonda says:

    Wow!!! I am learning about so many new companies. I am very interested in these products. Going to take a look!

  80. Julia Muscari says:

    So love Pinecone Press projects! Several years ago, our local store held their monthly classes – they were great!

  81. Mary Brockhoff says:

    What an exciting basket of goodies. The chef in me is eyeing The Bon Appetit! Thank You for this great giveaway!

  82. Joan Howaniec says:

    Lovely giveaway. I am in my craft room now working on an art journal. Took a break to enter the drawing. Thanks!

  83. Ansally says:

    I have always loved the Pinecone Press kits. They are so creatively done and love how everything complements
    each other.

  84. Wendy says:

    I enjoyed my visit at Pinecone Express booth and enjoyed the slider card that my friend and I had to purchase to make at home!!

  85. Janet Cook says:

    I’m new to Pine Cone Press but love the Graphic 45 stuff. Looking forward to visiting your booth in Duluth, GA in July!

  86. Lynne Ward Wallace says:

    Have been a customer of PineCone Press for a long time. Love their products. What an awesome prize!

  87. Tammy Riedel says:

    Love Pinecone Press and all the awesome products they have. Can’t wait until Scrapbook Expo comes to Denver in September!!!

  88. Paula S says:

    I love Graphics 45 products. They are always so pretty and detailed. Thanks for giving us the chance to win. ❤️

  89. Yvonne Shoap says:

    I started buying Pinecone Press kits several years ago after taking some of their classes. Can’t wait to see the new kits at expo

  90. Joan R. Barnes says:

    Pinecone Press, I didn’t know you were still around, I use to do your monthly kits, would love, love to try this again

  91. Leta Ingmire says:

    I love Pine Cone Press. I’ve take several of the classes at the Denver Expo and I have made several albums that I ordered on line. They make great gifts. Would love to win this great gift!

  92. Pricilla Snyder says:

    I LOVE Pinecone Press!! I take classes at Expo’s and always buy Kits to do at home… They have made quite a few people very happy. The best way to hold onto all the memories we have and continue to make.

  93. Cyndi Smartt says:

    Love Pine Cone Press. I have taken a few of their classes at expo and also purchased a few of their kits. Easy and clear instructions along with everything you need to complete beautiful albums. Thank you for the chance to win.

  94. Elizabeth Vitek says:

    I’ve lost count of all the beautiful Pinecone Press albums I’ve made. They are the best! I recommend them to everyone I know.

  95. Sue Sansoucy says:

    I love Pinecone Press. I have attended several of their classes and loved them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  96. Dawn C Stefanik says:

    I just love the Pinecone Press themed albums. They come with everything, are easy to make with their step by step instructions, and provide you with such a beautiful keepsake. I have done several and I am never disappointed with the final product. They are beautiful!!!! Everyone else loves them too! Anyone can do them if they just follow the directions. I get so many compliments on them!!

  97. Barb Patrick says:

    I have been purchasing Pinecone Press for many years.. I have loved putting them together and giving them to friends. And of course keeping some for myself. The last 3 years I have a group of seven friends who get together to craft twice a month and we have done a number of of Pinecone Press albums. They have loved doing them and feeling proud of their finished product. I would love to win your wonderful gift💖.

  98. Cathy Hansen says:

    What a great gift for the prize drawings! Looking forward to seeing you at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo — want to take a closer look at those curve back spine mini albums! Thanks!

  99. carol meehan says:

    Would love to take a class. But in the meantime I love pine cone press kits!!!! The first kit changed the way I scrap booked – that is I found my style. This gift basket sure would look great on my scrapping desk!

  100. rachel peacock says:

    This looks awesome. Newbie here learning so much about different companies. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  101. Kari DiBiaso says:

    I’m new to Pinecone Press! Would live to win this and look forward to checking you out at the Expo in Orlando!

  102. Allison Moskowitz says:

    I love pine cone press! Their mini albums are Always a hit!! I adore them. I would love to win these! Thanks so much

  103. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    What a beautiful basket of goodies! Exactly what is fairy dust?? I’d love to be able to put these kits together. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  104. Anita Schmitendorf says:

    Winning would be a wonderful way to try Pinecone Press products! I can’t wait to try these cute kits!

  105. Pat Armbruster says:

    Wow. I have used Pinecone Press products before and love them. It would be so exciting to have some additional product to use in my scrapbooks and/or cards. Thanks.

  106. Michelle says:

    I would love to do more of these. I took a class at the last expo and although it moved really fast, it was still fun. Would be awesome to win this. Thanks!

  107. shartl says:

    I actually do remember the Pine Cone press books on crafting and would love to win this awesome prize package! Thanks for the chance to add to my stash.

  108. stampnk says:

    What a great variety of beautiful products to use on my crafting! Looks like a collection guaranteed to make anyone want to craft up a storm.

  109. MATTIE SORIA says:

    I love the kits from pinecone press! I went to two of their classes at the Ontario Expo and it was so fun and easy to follow! I hope I am the winner!

  110. Sarah J says:

    So fun! I would love to create with the Pinecone Press kit! These little albums are just what I’ve been looking for to do my daughter’s baby album…1 page for each month…Perfect!

  111. Hope Elston says:

    Just found you all from a class at Great American Scrapbbok Expo . Can’t believe I haven’t tried your kits before! I love your Nature Sketchbook kit, will be purchasing from you all again. Thanks for the great products.

  112. Terri says:

    I loved their idea books and still use them today. I would love to win and see some of new product from Pinecone Press!

  113. Trudi Gold says:

    I live in Hawaii so I can’t get to the expo’s, but love reading about them in the Weekly Scrapper! I’ve never tried these products so I’d LOVE to win!

  114. Tara Weston says:

    Looks like a great basket of fun!! Good luck everyone! As a side not, the Santa brings back so many memories! He’s the Santa of my childhood 😊

  115. Julie says:

    I can’t even stand how CUTE these Pinecone Press crafty goodies are!!! I would love to try them out! Win or lose….I’m going to shop at Pinecone Press for sure!!

  116. April Driggers says:

    I have some Pinecone Press materials and i LOVE them for my heritage layouts! I’ve taken classes featuring their products too! <3

  117. Rene Crawford says:

    I didn’t know about your company! I love the items you featured and am intrigued by the red line tape.

  118. karenladd says:

    I am very familiar with Pine Cone Press from years back and would love to give their kits a try. The slider cards look like a lot of fun!

  119. Kathy Marshall says:

    Your prize is packaged beautifully. I love everything! I have always enjoyed PineCone Press products

  120. Cary Lombardo says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. Can’t wait to check out the curved spine albums for my new mini album obsession.

  121. Brenda Carswell says:

    I love Pinecone Press! I have taken one of their mini album classes at a previous EXPO. I have also made one of their card kits. This basket of goodies looks awesome!

  122. Michele Dittmer says:

    I love making their albums & have been doing so for many years. Their classes at Expo are always fun & a learning experience.

  123. Mary S says:

    I can’t wait to check out those albums in person, they look like a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win this prize!

  124. Manetta Kanefsky says:

    wow never tried decorating my own album. When I make them as gifts for my family…decorating them would just be an added bonus they would love! thank you for the opportunity to win and give it a try.

  125. Erin Harden says:

    OH MY GOSH!!
    I lOve Pinecone Express.
    Love love love you scrapbook page kits!

  126. Christine Twardowski says:

    Pinecone Press always has the most elegant papers/albums/etc. I have recently completed the French Country Album and it is beautiful. I would truly love to win this prize!! Best of luck to all.