The Simplicity of Everyday Planning

The Wandering Planners

Do you have a planner style?  Do you have go-to planner items that you use on every page?  Planning can be so simple by using just a few of your favorite items.

There is no right or wrong way to plan, there is just YOUR way.  Whatever works for you is the right plan!  How do you keep yourself organized?  Do you color code? Do you have multiple planners?

Sometimes all you need is a great pen and your thoughts, a couple of lists, and some notes to get you on the right path to organization.

I love adding color to pages as well.  Stickers or ephemera add the perfect punch of flair to any page.

Color makes my planner happy.  Whenever I add a little color it makes all my days look uplifting.  Pack a little zipper pouch with a sheet of stickers, a good pen, some washi tape, and a few pieces of ephemera and you can plan anywhere!

Happy planning!

Wandering Planners

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