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Do we have any planner girls out there? We are so excited to announce The Wandering Planners, a new addition to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo family. The Wandering Planners is another exciting event geared toward our planner community. Everyone is welcome to join us for this fun filled event.

Introducing The Wandering Planners by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo @scrapbookexpo #wanderingplanners #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #planner #plannermeetup

This year we will host a planner meet-up at 8 Stamp & Scrapbook Expo show locations. Take note of the locations below and add them to your planner!  Do you see one or two you can go to?

Introducing The Wandering Planners by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo @scrapbookexpo #wanderingplanners #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #planner #plannermeetup

What is a Planner Meet-Up? It is a fun afternoon spent working on your planner, making a fun planner related make and take, participating in a creative planner swap, taking pictures of your planner in our planner #selfie boxes, shopping for planner goodies, making friends, winning prizes and having fun with all of your planner friends new and old!  Does that sound like a perfect afternoon for you? We would love for you and your friends to join us!

Introducing The Wandering Planners by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo @scrapbookexpo #wanderingplanners #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #planner #plannermeetup

We have lots of fun things planned (no pun intended) at each location including receiving our “Planner Parcel” when you check in. The planner parcel will have all sorts of goodies we have put together for you. We have a very impressive list of national sponsors Technique Tuesday, Paper House, Queen & Company, Glue Dots, Bloom Daily Planners, Libbie and Co., and Prima.  We are receiving goodies from Sweet Stamp Shop, Finders Keepers, Paper Panduh, My Pink Paperie, Pen Gems, Webster Pages, and more!

Introducing The Wandering Planners by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo @scrapbookexpo #wanderingplanners #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #planner #plannermeetup

Bring your favorite planner and join us for an afternoon of planning and shopping all in one!  The best part is with your admission to The Wandering Planner Meet-up is a free Stamp & Scrapbook admission to the show floor!  How awesome is that?

Introducing The Wandering Planners by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo @scrapbookexpo #wanderingplanners #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #planner #plannermeetup

Whether your planner style is fun or functional the most important thing is it is YOUR style! Whichever planner makes you happy and keeps you organized, that is the right planner for you. Or maybe you work out of a traveler’s notebook?  Yep, this is the place for you!  Traveler’s notebooks make memory keeping so easy.

Introducing The Wandering Planners by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo @scrapbookexpo #wanderingplanners #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #planner #plannermeetup

Come see what it’s all about. We have 8 amazing meet-ups planned for you this year with more on the way. At $25 a ticket you can’t go wrong! Follow along with us on Instagram to see all the exciting happenings!  We hope to see you at one of our meet-ups!

You can purchase tickets and find more information at wanderingplanners.com.

Which planner meet-up will you be attending? Let us know in the comments below. We can’t wait to see you there.

~ The Wandering Planners

22 thoughts on “Wandering Planners

  1. AvaO says:

    I am planning (pun intended – ha ha!) on the Chantilly, VA event! Can’t wait to see how everyone is planning life and tell stories.

  2. Christina Marie says:

    Cute! I’ve not been a planner person since I was in school, but lately I’m so busy, I think it might be time to get back to writing things down in a planner again!

    • tina keyner says:

      I think that is a great idea! It helps to keep you organized with your events.. but I like the memory keeping /planner part of it all. 🙂

  3. Julie Horinek says:

    it would be great if something was planned for the middle of Kansas….there are scrapbookers and stampers here !!!!!!!!!!! store in my area is Hobby Lobby which doesnt even count as a scrapbook store in my opinion.

    • tina keyner says:

      Middle of Kansas huh? Hmmm. we will work on it. Right now come to the Scrapbook Expo for the time being!

  4. Sandy S says:

    Oh, yes, please! I truly need help – I love my planner, but I seem to just use it in spurts. I even customized it in paper that I like, added cute elements, pictures, etc. thinking that would be the inspiration – but not so much. Help me, please!❤️

    • tina keyner says:

      HI Sandy! Where are you located? Sometimes it helps to reach out and “plan” with others. The great thing about working in your planner is you basically can do it anywhere. You can travel with a small bag and work in your planner when the inspiration hits you! I always carry a few items with me and when I am stuck somewhere or when I feel the inspiration come on I am ready with what I need. Hope to see you at one of our Planner Meet Ups soon!

  5. Sherri Demmer says:

    I hope to see y’all in a Grapevine!! I’m new to planners but they look so cool!!

  6. AnninPA says:

    On the Wandering Planners website, you list Edison NJ as a show site. Not listed above. Please say you will be there!

    • tina keyner says:

      We will be there… we are getting the ticketing set up for Edison, NJ. DOn’t worry my dear we will be there with bells on! Tickets will go live soon I promise!

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