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Want 2 Scrap Giveaway for National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Month @scrapbookexpo #SSBE2018 #ssbeblog #giveaway

Hello welcome to day 12 of National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo month. I’m Becki here, to share the Want 2 Scrap giveaway. Want 2 Scrap is an exhibitor at our shows.

If you’re not familiar with Want 2 Scrap, here’s what the owner Michele wants to know: Hi I am Michele Parrish, owner of Want2scrap. I was led to my first Scrapbook Show in 1997 after a cancer diagnosis. Stage 3 breast cancer. We had a precious little boy who was only 5 years old. I realized that all my photo albums didn’t mean much without journaling. I wanted to be able to express through my journaling on each scrapbook page just how much my family was loved by me. I put together 7 scrapbooks rather quickly. I got better, I am cancer free and life is good. That little boy is 25 yrs old now. I realized how important this hobby is through the cancer scare and Want2scrap was born.

We manufacture 95% of our product right here in the USA, we are best known for  our high quality affordable bling along with Chipboard albums, Chipboard embellishments, 12 x 12 overlays, laser die cuts and title strips. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Youtube and Want2scrap.com.

Want 2 Scrap has the most unique chipboard embellishments, albums, and gorgeous glittery wash tape. This beautiful album has beautiful details. 

Here’s a little bit more inspiration with Want 2 Scrap chipboard and bling:

Want 2 Scrap is giving one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate. 

If you’d like to be entered for your chance to win this gift certificate comment on this post before Sunday, February 18th 2018 at 11:59 EST. We’ll be back on Monday, February 19th 2018 to announce the winner.

Make sure you’re following Want 2 Scrap on all their social media channels for tons of inspiration.

Now it’s time to announce the winner for the Your Scrapbook Stash giveaway. Congratulations goes to….

Desert Fire please email becki@scrapbookexpo.com with “Your Scrapbook Stash Winner” in the subject line.

Thank you for stopping by today for the Want 2 Scrap giveaway. We’ll be back tomorrow with another fun prize up for grabs. Good luck everyone!


839 thoughts on “Want 2 Scrap Giveaway

  1. Allison Lafferty says:

    I love everything that you have to offer and i can’t wait to try more! Would love to win! I have my fingers crossed!

  2. Heather Loughlin says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey. I am going through a difficult experience with an illness (recovering from ruptured brain aneurysm & corrective procedures) & I’m trying to use crafting as a way to relieve stress & lower my blood pressure, but honestly, I usually just don’t feel well enough to do much of anything. 😔 That won’t stop me from trying, though! 🙂 Best wishes for health & happiness to all.

  3. Mattie says:

    Beautiful work! I’ll definitely be stopping by the social media channels to get inspired 🙂 I already am haha.

  4. Patty Brown says:

    WOOHOO…I love Want2Scrap!! These samples are just beautiful, who doesn’t LOVE a special chipboard album as beautiful as this one!! I never thought to decorate a wine bottle like this one but what a great new project to try!! Thanks for the Inspiration and the chance to WIN some great products!!

  5. Donna Whitten says:

    I love Want 2 Scrap products! I always visit the Want 2 Scrap booth at the Expo in Duluth! Would love to win this fabulous prize, got my fingers crossed!

  6. Natalie Godfrey says:

    Awesome giveaway and congrats on being cancer free. I am 7 yrs cancer free and found card making as my outlet.

  7. Crystal S says:

    Ooh these look like really unique chipboard pieces. I love those – I can build a whole card around one great centerpiece 🙂

  8. Sandi B says:

    This is awesome. I need to get some more Want2scrap embellishments and what better way than this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Deb Stueber says:

    I simply can never have enough Want2Scrap items! They always have such wonderful things for my cardmaking projects!

  10. Liz Brown says:

    What an amazing prize to win. Congrats on being Cancer free. I love all your awesome embellishments. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Kary Stahl says:

    Thank you for bringing us a majority of your products from the USA…. Look forward to shopping with you during Expo!! 🙂

  12. Barbmac says:

    Love these! Especially the gorgeously decorated bottle! Spectacularly stunning! TFS!
    Congratulations to Desert Fire on the win! I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed in hopes of winning this giveaway! I love awant 2 Scrap bling and chipboards! TFS!

  13. Ida Thibodeau says:

    I like the album, but the wine bottle is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m impressed that most of their products are made here in the USA.

  14. Judi H says:

    I am so glad you are cancer free and thank you for starting your company!!!
    I have purchased some pearls and embellishments for my cards and gifts from you in the past and have been very happy with everything that I have purchased. Time to replenish. This prize would definitely help with that and enable me to try some of your other products. Hope I win!!!!

  15. Christina Stark says:

    Great products with numerous possibilities. Bonus to have top of the line products made in the USA😊

  16. Mary Applegate says:

    OH MY!! The overlays!!! Some of those are absolutely spot on with things I haven’t scrapbooked yet. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

  17. Hermelinda says:

    Loving the products. But that sample bottle amazing. A gift certificate would be great to try some of the designs. Thanks.

  18. Mary Holshouser says:

    It will be hard to pick out only $100 worth of goodies,
    but I can do it. Love the sound of the products
    available at Want 2 Scrap.
    thanks for the chance to win a wonderful present.

  19. Jamie Unsworth says:

    I love your products!! Your memory making products help me create memory keepsakes for my family! The overlays are my absolute favorite!!! 💗🤩💗🤩

  20. Crystal Olson says:

    Want 2 Scrap is my favorite place to get die cut overlays for my scrapbook pages. I wouldn’t have trouble spending $100 on all the wonderful diecuts and bling!

  21. Nadine Mead says:

    Love Want 2 Scrap. I recommend it highly. Have ordered a number of items and they always get it out promptly and correctly. Never had to return anything or ask for anything left out. They are great.

  22. Lori Oneill says:

    I just adore their 12×12 overlays & embezzlements. I always shop their both at the Mesa expo! Would love to win this certificate!

  23. Angie G. says:

    I just love Want2Scrap, I looknforward to visiting them at the Expo every year. Shopping online is great but being at their booth is much better.

  24. Jan G. says:

    What a great prize….the ability to pick out the best product for me! Can’t wait for Scrapbook Expo to get here….already saving my pennies to go shopping.

  25. Tina K says:

    I am a cancer survivor too! And my journey into scrapbooking and cardmaking began as I celebrated post-cancer life. Always find stuff at your Scrapbook Expo booth in Chicago. See your team there this August!

  26. Becca Yahrling says:

    Wow, fabulous giveaway! want 2 Scrap has everything
    we need to complete beautiful albums (or cards!).

  27. Lynnette Hill says:

    Beautiful album and great inspiration! Want 2 Scrap is always a booth I visit at the Expo. Would love to be able to buy lots of extra stuff. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Annette Williams says:

    What a blessing your story is for many. May God continue to bless you. Your products are beautiful.

  29. Mary Nelson says:

    I’m so glad you are a survivor. My family also knows the importance of making memories and keeping track of them. My sister has been “living” with Metastatic breast cancer for over four years now. She is staying strong for her kids and family and hoping for a cure one day for all who suffer from cancer.

  30. Teri M. says:

    What a great story. Glad you are cancer free and are now sharing your products and ideas with us. This is a great prize.

  31. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    I love this booth!!
    I always find bargains in this booth!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!!
    See you in July at the Duluth GA Expo!!

  32. Karen Kleinert says:

    Bling has made the scrapbooking market look good as it does our cards and layouts. Before they were flat and boring. Thankful that this site is around could not live without my bling!

  33. Kathy Marshall says:

    Your story is inspiring. I mostly scrapbook for my grandchildren now. I want them to know how much they are loved even after Grandpa and I are gone. I think scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve a family’s history! And doing it with bling is the best!

  34. Eleanor Fleck says:

    Will definitely check out this booth at the next expo. Everything looks beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize.

  35. Phyllis says:

    it’s interesting to hear how everyone starts off in scrapbooking. always enjoy shopping in your booth during the shows!

  36. Melissa Weber says:

    I love Want 2 Scrap and enjoy checking out their booth at the expo. Can’t wait to see what they bring this year!

  37. cherylyn delacy says:

    Wow your products look amazing so many possibility on how use them. Your story is inspiring. My self I going though some tough medical challenges it gave little sunshine on clouding feeling.

  38. Dana Bennett says:

    Your products look amazing!
    I love your bling!!
    Thx for sharing!
    Dana from Quebec

  39. Fabbie Castaneda-Razo says:

    Thank you for keeping the fabulous bling SO affordable. I ALWAYS get my fix at every show. Love it!!

  40. Bryana Ortiz says:

    Thx for sharing!
    Your projects are just
    amazing!! Thx for the
    opportunity for a chance
    to win!!

  41. Debby C. says:

    I didn’t know most of your products are made in the USA…that is excellent!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift certificate.

  42. Sharyn Childs says:

    Want2Scrap is one of the first booths I go to when the Expo comes to Duluth. I love everything I see. And it’s the one place I know where I can find that special something for my sister’s birthday. I hope I’m a winner but if not, I’ll be shopping Want2Scrap at the Expo.

  43. Super Stick Chick says:

    Want 2 Scrap is such a fabulous company. And what a heart-warming story. Thanks for the chance at the great prize.

  44. Christine says:

    Your story is so inspiring! I love that your products are mainly made in the United States! My mom and I found out about your company when we attended our first scrapbook expo two years ago! We loved all of the bling and we can’t wait to restock the bling!!

  45. Rhonda bedsaul says:

    So happy to hear about you being a survivor of cancer! Happy to shop at your booth in the future always happy to have shopped in the past. Can’t wait till expo comes again I’ve been every year that it’s been in Kansas City

  46. Rhonda bedsaul says:

    Happy to shop at your booth in the future always happy to have shopped in the past. Can’t wait till expo comes again I’ve been every year that it’s been in Kansas City

  47. LaVonne Salisbury says:

    Love your products! Thank you for giving us a chance to win, I look forward to shopping at your booth.
    Happy Valentines day to everyone tomorrow….Love is in the air :0)

  48. Nadya Hance says:

    Congrats on beating the big C. I was unaware of your company. Bling is SOOO necessary to make projects pop and you product is so cool…love them. Can’t wait to see the booth.

  49. Jill Cornelius says:

    I LOVE Want 2 Scrap! I visit their booth at every Expo I go to! And I buy the exact same things! But that’s how it is when you shop at one of your favorite booths, you go directly to what you love!

  50. Dana fink says:

    Went to my first show in October I am new to scrapping I know I’m going to Pleasanton and maybe to San Jose you guys were

  51. Justine Paulin says:

    What an inspirational story! I am so glad to hear such wonderful survivor stories. Thanks for sharing!

  52. Carrie salerno says:

    Last years Denver expo was my first time shopping want 2 scrap, but great products and use them as much as I can. Can’t wait to stock up on more!

  53. Eileen Loftus says:

    Awesome prize. I love your products and always make a point to get there as soon as I can at the Milwaukee and Schaumburg shows.

  54. Dawn says:

    I too discovered the importance of scrapbooking after a family tragedy. My son was killed in a car accident. He left behind two children. At first scrapbooking was therapy for me. It is still therapy, but I’m also trying to make sure all of my grandchildren have these precious memories to keep .

  55. Robyn says:

    Thank you for this chance to win a certificate from your store! To journal ones life is a biography of my life!

  56. Paula says:

    Love spending time at their booth at the expo. So much bling and color to choose from I just have to have it all!!

  57. Rita DeCook says:

    would love to win so I can give it a try and compare with some others I use. Bless you on your beating cancer. (My mom wasn’t as lucky)

  58. Rhonda Fonicello says:

    You might not want to give this prize to me, because I spend serious being on your being every year in Chantilly! Love your stuff!

  59. Jeanie Schwab says:

    I love this booth, this company. One of my very favorite must stops at Scrapbook Expo! Can’t wait!

  60. Karen Cook says:

    Thank you for this wonderful gift you are giving away. I love bling on the cards I make and so do the seniors that receive that at the nursing home. I would love to win.

  61. Shelly says:

    OMG, I so LOVE Want 2 Scrap! Definitely one of my first stops at all Expos. A girl can never have too much bling!

  62. Jackie says:

    Wow…awesome giveaway!! I spend so much time at their booth!!!! Thank you for the chance to spend even more time there!! LOL

  63. Jessica Pickett says:

    I definitely love my bling!! I make albums so any bling to decorate would be welcome!! Thank you for the chance to win and I will see you at the Expo!!

  64. Samantha R says:

    What an inspirational story! Love the bling and embellishments… cannot wait to check out your both at the Expo!

  65. Mary Sautner says:

    I am looking forward to the Expo in Puyallup!!!
    Do not get enough time to scrap. I am going to both crops and the make n take night!
    Thank you for being a sponsor for such a fun weekend!!

  66. Dawne Watts says:

    This is one of my favorite booths at the Expo. Not only do they have fantastic looking items, the pricing is in my range (unlike some other vendors) so I can help support them and my habit at the same time! Thank you.

  67. Danielle says:

    I’ve never heard of Want2Scrap but happy I found you! Your products look wonderful. I’d love to win some.

  68. auntie em says:

    What a great prize! I love that mini album. How sweet and romantic. The Christmas tag would be just as lovely hanging on a tree branch as decorating a special gift.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  69. Paula Desmarais says:

    I would truly LOVE to win. Thanks for the opportunity 😀
    I’ll be signing up to want2scrap ASAP
    BTW I totally love stamp and scrapbook expo, last year was my first time there, I LOVED it.

  70. Kathi Czeck says:

    Love your bling!!❤️ Love your chipboard!! I look forward to these shows to try all the new stuff.

  71. Yvonne says:

    What a heartwarming, uplifting story. I’m so glad your treatment was successful! I scrapbook to maintain those family memories as well.

  72. Diana Schafer says:

    how fun it would be to win a gift certificate…for scrap/stamp supplies especially. Thanks for the opportunity.

  73. Marva Montierth says:

    Aside from the fact that Want2Scrap’s products are awesome, the fact that they’re mostly made in the USA makes them even better.

  74. J Carlson says:

    Be still my scrapping heart! I always find unique embellishments at your Expo booth.
    I am happy for you that you are Cancer-free and have been blessed to see your young son grow into a young man.

  75. Dina says:

    Congratulations on your continued success! A lot of crafters are happy you’ve shared your love of making things pretty! Thank you and best of luck for 2018!

  76. Kathy Snellbaker says:

    I love bling! You are so right. Scrapbooking is so important. A little piece of history to share with family.

  77. Sharon Steele says:

    I would love to make a shaped book with loads of pretty paper and bling. Looking forward to seeing what you bring to Scrapbook Expo🌸

  78. Jennifer says:

    I can’t imagine my cards without Want2Scrap bling on them! This is always our first stop at Scrapbook Expo and would be an awesome way to replenish my stash pile.

  79. Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! I don’t know about this great shop! Love their products!!! Awesome projects!!!
    Congrats to Desert Fire!!!

  80. Connie Pena says:

    I love this booth and always stock up til the next time they are in town. I love their bling. So I would love the chance to win even more bling.

  81. AvaO says:

    I totally agree with what Michele said about journaling your story, not just putting pictures in an album. Her pieces are very inspiring. Would love to win this one to continue my scrapbooking journey.

  82. Jean marmo says:

    Such gorgeous chipboard and projects. You can Never have have too much bling. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  83. Lisa Wall says:

    I am just getting into card marking and started using more bling and now I love it. Thank you for this chance

  84. Karen Zirpoli says:

    I am very new to this and I have to say your offerings look wonderful. Can’t wait to check out your booth.

  85. Cary Lombardo says:

    Another new store I can’t wait to check out especially since I’m currently very into making mini albums with chipboard. And what girl doesn’t love a little extra bling in their life. Thanks for a great prize.

  86. Leanne McNicholas says:

    I can’t belI’ve I have to wait until October to see your booth. Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to others.

  87. Jenn White says:

    My most favorite albums I have decorated & embellished over the last 15 years have been using Want2Scrap shaped chip board albums, die cuts, bling, pearls & charms. I spend hours in the booth at the KC shows dreaming up ideas & absorbing all the inspiration. I know exactly what I will purchase if I win!♡ HUGS & HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  88. Ruthann Gray says:

    If I am chosen I am going to find some other people and pay it forward with this gift certificate. It’s such a large amount we can share!

  89. Marta says:

    I love you guys! I have a ton of your stuff as it is, but a lot of it has been used allready so I need a ton more. Hope I’ll see you in NJ at the Edison Expo this year!

  90. Sharon Hemmingsen says:

    One cannot own enough bling. It can take your card from wow to WOW!!!!!! I am addicted to bling.

  91. Tracy Steinbach says:

    Great cards and projects! What a fantasic prize thank you so much for giving everyone a chance to win!

  92. Liz Kostro says:

    love, love, love your bling!!! Can never have enough bling to add some sparkle to scrap pages and cards. Thank you for the opportunity to win this very generous prize!

  93. Jennifer Koon says:

    Awesome give away!!! No such thing as to much Bling. Bling makes every project beautiful and outstanding. Thanks for the opportunity. Amazing story of how you got started.

  94. Melissa says:

    I have gone to a number of expos and have always been impressed with your quality of product. I Luv Luv Luv Bling and when it’s added to Chipboard it’s even better. Thanks for this giveaway. Can’t wait to see all your goodies in Pleasanton😍

  95. Jennifer F says:

    I love Want2Scrap! I never have a problem spending $50-70 each time I buy from them. My daughter & I love adding bling to everything. It just makes it look better.

  96. Tracy Allen says:

    Love all the bling and chipboard. I didn’t know the incredible story behind the business. That is very touching and inspiring.

  97. Michele Wilson says:

    I always shop your booth and stock up on bling! Thank you for sharing your story andl ove for scrapbooking.

  98. Dana Bennett says:

    I love using bling!! What a
    great stash !! Sure could
    use that money to help
    me get going again! I’ve
    been out of it for 2yrs
    taking care of my mom
    (Alzheimer’s). Looking
    forward to working on
    my different projects
    again! Thx!
    Dana from Quebec

  99. Bryana Ortiz says:

    Wow! This would make the
    perfect birthday gift for my craft
    addicted mother! Thx for the
    chance to win!

  100. janet anderson says:

    oh if it is bling I love it….if it is paper I love it….if it is color I love it….oh my I could go on and on…who would not want to win this…….duh!!!!