What’s Hot On The Show Floor: Art Anthology

Happy Tuesday, my creative friends, and welcome back to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo blog! I am so excited that our 2018 show season has officially begun. Our first show was in Pleasanton, CA last weekend and I’m happy to report that despite the cold and rain a fun time was had by all. Four months without hanging out with you all is way too long! One of the products that you will be seeing on the show floor is Art Anthology’s New Texture Sets. There are three different sets available: Oxidized Silver, a gorgeous Patina, and a Rust Texture Set I hope you are inspired by the following projects designed by Art Anthology’s amazing Dream Team. Click here and I will be happy to take you over to Art Anthology’s Blog so can check out the snap guide for each of the projects.

Rusty Leaves Layout by Valerie

Valerie used Art Anthology’s Rust Texture Set to give the leaves a beautiful rust color and texture. I wish you could feel it, it literally looks and feels like a piece of rusty metal that has been out in the elements for years. Aren’t they the perfect embellishment for this beautiful fall layout?

As you can see, the detail and texture are unbelievable, you would never know by looking at this photo that this is chipboard.

Grungy Patina Altered Paintbrush by Brandy

Can you see this work of art hanging in your craft room? I know I can. Be sure to check out the snap guide to see how easily this project comes together.

Altered Mini Clipboard Calendar by Brandy

How cute is this altered clipboard designed by the talented Brandy?  Not only is it a little piece of art, it’s also a calendar!  Brandy used Art Anthology Colorations sprays to color the background and the new Oxidized Silver Texture Set for the hardware and a few more accents.

Creativity Center Project

In the Creativity Center we will be marrying Art Anthology’s Rust Texture Set and Want 2 Scraps chipboard embellishments and creating some magic. Make sure to stop by and try it for yourself!  At the risk of being an enabler, once you see the end result first hand you will need all three sets. When you see the huge selection of chipboard albums and embellishments available at the Want 2 Scrap booth you will need lots of that, too, so be prepared to go home with lots of treasure.

Art Anthology Tag SSBE 2018 Creativity Center

You are going to fall in love with how easy it is to add a metallic effect to just about anything. Since I am teaching a project in the Creativity Center using the new Texture Sets I had to do some playing. (After all, what kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t get my fingers inky, right?)  After making the samples for my booth I was immediately hooked and I was walking around my house looking for things to alter.

Have fun creating your own unique works of art!  I hope to see you at one of our shows this season; I’ll meet you at the Creativity Center and we can create something beautiful.

13 thoughts on “What’s Hot On The Show Floor: Art Anthology

  1. Beth Williams says:

    I’m going to be bad. I have to get the rust and patina texture sets-they’re fantastic!

    • lorraine says:

      That’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Think of all the beautiful things you will create. Have fun!

  2. Karen L K says:

    Aww that looks super cool! I have been wanting to get some of their products but couldn’t decide what to get. This may be it!

  3. Ila Reynolds says:

    What the easiest way to get a seat to create. Last year it was always full? Coming to the new Irving location in a few weeks

  4. Patty says:

    I’m so glad to let everybody know how GREAT!!these products are!I do mixed media and I will never have to guess again if what I buy will work with what I need! I am so thrilled with everything I have bought from them!

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