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Hello, my Crafty Friends!  Foundations Decor is excited to sponsor our giveaway once again in this week’s Freebie Friday!  Also, don’t forget that Freebie Friday is now every OTHER week, so keep an eye out. 🙂

About our Sponsor

At Foundations Decor, they literally give you a Foundation for your Décor. You get to create it your way. This allows every project to be unique. Their wood Crafts are easy, fun, and inexpensive. You can personalize your décor to fit your style, your motif, your own home color and décor. Let us share some of the advantages to using Foundations Décor wood products over traditional wood crafting:

  1. They use plantation grown, environmentally friendly Radiata Pine for their base wood.
    1. Radiata Pine is commonly accepted as the best craft wood.  It is a bit softer and easier to work with, less brittle, and not as heavy.
    2. Plantation grown wood is environmentally friendly.  Fast growing plantation trees can sequester and store huge amounts of carbon from the environment.
  2. The designs.
    1. Each Design is hand drawn to keep the cute “backyard” cutting look, but all cut by computer.  This means each piece is identical in size and shape.
    2. Extra layers and shapes give the décor a depth and dimension for minimal cost, but high value.  This makes the piece easy to craft without requiring a lot of skill. It’s great for all ages.
    3. Layers are strategically made to cover most spots where different papers or paints are joined.
  3. The overall finish.
    1. Pine pieces are all hand-sanded. This means you can open any of their products and begin decorating immediately, without the time and mess of sanding the edges.  Let me say that again. These products are PRE-SANDED!!
    2. MDF layers are laser or CNC cut for smooth edges.
    3. All pieces are cleaned before packaging.  No sawdust dumping out of the shrink wrap.
  4. Their inventory.
    1. No more waiting for a month or more to get your order shipped.  In stock products ship in 24-48 hours.
    2. All products are individually packaged and ready.
    3. Most products come with a full color printed card to show an example of the finished product as well as other matching products.
    4. They round out their products with some amazing crafting tools, simple 80 lb cardstock, and real wooden buttons to make the projects fun, fast, easy, and cute.

About the Prize

Now that you know a little about them, let’s get to the fun stuff: Freebie Friday! Brand new in 2019 is the Welcome Sign from Foundations Decor! You start with a Welcome sign as a foundation, and then choose from 18 different seasonal/occasional attachments to fit your personal preference. They’re giving away a full Welcome sign and 3 attachments of your choice! Along with that they’ll be giving away a set of their precision needle files, to help with this project, or any other projects you have around the house.

That’s a value of $57.95!

Spread the Love

If you’d like to know more about Foundations Décor, please visit, or reach out to them at Make sure you tell them that Stamp & Scrapbook Expo sent you!  Happy crafting!

Foundations Decor Logo

Last Freebie Friday The Stamps of Life sponsored our giveaway. The winner of a $50 gift certificate to The Stamps of Life is…..

Congratulations! Please email with “SSBE Freebie Friday Winner” in the subject line.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for Freebie Friday.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win.

Next Freebie Friday, which is now every OTHER week.  I’ll be back to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Have a great weekend!


211 thoughts on “Foundations Decor Freebie Friday

  1. Karen Critcher says:

    Foundations Decor will be a great addition to my sister-in-law’s 6′ wide porch. Together we can create something new for each month of the year. We like to do things together and I know this will be a lot of fun. Thank you for the possible prize and the wonderful new tools.

  2. Kathleen Erwin says:

    I am so excited to participate in the Friday freebies! I love expanding my crafting beyond cards and scrapbooks. I can’t wsit to see what’s next! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Kathleen Erwin says:

    I love crafting beyond cards and scrapbooks. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks for the inspiration!!


    I love this gorgeous sign!! Who doesn’t love home decor for the holidays or at any time of the year?! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. BarbMac Vt says:

    Sweet! This is a new to me company and I am REALLY loving what I am seeing! Definitely going to making a HUGE wishlist! I would love towin this so I can make it and put it on the mantle at our front door! TFS!

  6. Sheila Hotra says:

    Just went to my first Foundations shadow box class & fell in love with the product❣️ Loving this new Welcome Sign, it would be a nice addition to my home decor. Thanks for the chance🤞

  7. Theresa Corbe says:

    I just started creating with Foundations Decor. I gave them away as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. Homemade is the way to go for gifts. No more store bought gifts for me!!

  8. Debbie B says:

    Kuddos on this sign. It would be a great add to any room. Thank you for this opportunity to win one.

  9. Julie Carroll says:

    Oh my ….I have all the magnetic kits, O Blocks for the Home and all the barrel pieces do I need to start these too!! I think the answer is yes!! Love anything Foundations can’t wait for the new magnetic kit I just saw ….the set sail one with the lighthouse!!

  10. Julie Valenzuela says:

    I lOVE foundations decor!!! They have the cutest stuff and this would be a great addition to all the decor I have from them!!!

  11. Sheila Hotra says:

    Thanks for the chance🤞
    Just started crafting with Foundations Decor & would love to add this piece to my home decor 🙂

  12. Mary Holshouser says:

    this would hang in the window of my
    front door. Being able to change it
    up for seasons would be fantastic.
    thanks for sharing

  13. Sheila Hotra says:

    Thanks for the chance, would love to add this to my home décor. Newbie just started working with Foundations Décor & love it!

  14. Sharon Gullikson says:

    What a great sign idea. I like all of the designs, but the Lucky Day is maybe my favorite. THANKS for the chance.

  15. Brian Poteraj says:

    The signs are very cool. I’d like one for my front door. It would be fun to have a board that I can change with the season, or upcoming occasions. Thank you for the ability to maybe win one.

  16. Maryann Mignano says:

    I love the sign and would use it in my entryway, I love all the different embellishments you could use with it!!!

  17. Deb.E. Ring says:

    What a cool prize! I love your creativity! Whoever wins is very lucky to get a head start on collecting each of the accessories! Thank you for sharing the important information that you included.

  18. Tammye says:

    Super cute project and I would love to be the winner to learn move about the sponsor Foundations Décor. Thank you!

  19. Toni Behanna says:

    This is soooo cute. I love that you can make it your own. Fingers crossed this would be great on my unit I manage at a local hospital.

  20. Lanise Hefner says:

    Beautiful signs and I love that they are environmentally friendly. This would be a great decor piece.

  21. Michelle Chockran says:

    I saw this company on a YouTube from creativation. Went to the website and got all giddy. I loved everything I saw. As soon as payday gets here I’m placing an order.

  22. Jackie Edwards says:

    Wow what a super giveaway! The sign is super cute and would love to win! Thank you for the chance!!

  23. Gayle S. says:

    I love that sign and have wanted something like that for quite a while now. I would be honored to win!

  24. Karen Cokias says:

    What a nice sign, I love all the different options & the clean style. Thanks for the chance to win one! 🙂

  25. Gail Ann Lindquist says:

    Love this! I hope I am lucky enough to win it. I also hope you will be at the Milwaukee show so Iccan check out other designs.

  26. Donna Cuevas says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Love, love, love this sign and all of the seasonal variety! I would be proud to display it!

  27. DAisy McNeill says:

    That is the cutest ever! I love doing seasonal decorating as I have 6 grands and they love seeing my decorations and each claim which ones they want to be theirs ‘someday’…

  28. Jamie Heise says:

    These signs are so crafty and mix the best of both worlds for me…wood and crafts. This is an awesome prize. I look forward to seeing more of these projects at the Milwaukee Expo in May.

  29. Tandara Smith says:

    Love Foundations Decor. Made several of last years shadow boxes. Would be a great way to start new year. Thank you for the chance to win.

  30. Wendy says:

    I love this! What a great way to celebrate each month! Thank you for the opportunity to win this. See you in May.

  31. Robinfromfl says:

    What a great idea!!! This is so beautifully done!!! How could anyone just pick 3… I’d have to buy the whole set!!!

  32. fd91354 says:

    Oh, this sign is really neat. I love being able to keep something festive for the month present around the house. What a great idea.

  33. Jeaness Thibodeau says:

    I love this idea. So cute and I love to decorate for the holidays. Looking forward to Expo.

  34. Trudy Bihlmeyer says:

    This is the first I’ve seen your products. I may be starting a new hobby. Will definitely be looking for your booth.

  35. Donna Harper says:

    This is the first time I saw your products, I am very impressed. They are very cute and don’t look hard to do, I am always looking for new projects and I am looking forward to visiting you at Chantilly.

  36. LCJinCheltenhamPA says:

    Love your signs – would be great to make something myself for the peg shelf in our entry, instead of buying something pre-made!

  37. SANDI B. says:

    I love Foundation Decor. Would love to win these to decorate my house with. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  38. Merry Anne Elam says:

    How clever to be able to choose which welcome you want to put on display.. I will see it in Irving!

  39. Vicky Borowski says:

    Oh this is something new. Did I miss this in Orlando and MA ? Hope they will be at one of the Expos I plan on attending this year.

  40. Kirsty Elbert-Armstrong says:

    Love the Foundation products! My favorite is the steampunk pumpkin. So much fun to put together. I saw this on someone’s Facebook page and well in love with the welcome sign.

  41. Cynthia Lewis says:

    This sign is so cute and reminds me of something I had several years ago. It allowed you to change the symbols for the month. I loved it.

  42. Teresa Barncastle says:

    WOW! Very cute. I really like the ‘home’ one and I have a place in my home it would fit.

  43. Cynthia ward says:

    wow they are so cute and gives me a creative idea to create something for each of Teachers at work to add by their doors! can’t wait

  44. Jamie Heise says:

    Adorable signs. Would love to win. I enjoy crafting and woodworking, but haven’t yet put them together in my crafting.

  45. Brenda Rodriguez says:

    OM gosh! Theses signs are works of art! I’m new to your site but would love an opportunity to win this amazing prize! I’ve been a good girl Santa!

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