Hot Products on our Show Floor – A to Z Scrapbooking

Hello, my crafty friends, it’s my favorite day of the month because today I have the opportunity to share some fun products that you will find on the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo show floor.  I am excited to share a peek at some of the treasures that you will find in the A to Z Scrapbooking booth.  A to Z Scrapbooking are long-time friends of the Expo.  I have been with Stamp & Scrapbook Expo for the past 18 years and they have always been a staple at the shows!  Many of you know them from the store they had in Torrence, California which has since closed but not to worry, you can still visit Steve, Viv, and Corey at the shows.  You will most likely be greeted by Steve as Viv & Cory are normally busy teaching one of the amazing Quick Quotes classes.

Plus Adhesive

I know adhesive is not the most exciting purchase that you will make at the show, but it is definitely an important one.  Think about how much we put into our paper crafting!  We don’t want anything falling off our scrapbook pages throughout the years, right?  A to Z Scrapbooking is always well stocked with Plus adhesive.  I’ve used their adhesive for many years and I do love it!  My personal favs are the vellum (green case) and the permanent refillable (blue case) which has 72 feet of tape which is more than most.

Powderpuff Inks

For all of you Powderpuff Chalk Ink lovers you will be happy to know that they also carry a large selection of colors.  They are sold individually or by the collection.  They even have a clear storage case that holds up to 24 ink pads to help keep your inks organized.

I love that they have samples showing exactly how the Chalk Ink reacts to cardstock, no guessing necessary!  Quick Quotes PowderPuff Chalking Inks quickly add depth and dimension to any paper crafting project with ease.

Amodex Display

Amodex is a non-toxic, soap-based, formula for on-the-spot cleaning in the craft room or anytime you have an unwanted stain.  Works on everything from oil-based to dye-related stains (including Sharpie) and other inks on all fabrics, leather, carpets, upholstery, flooring, counters, furniture, and more.  I keep a bottle in my craft room and in the laundry room and they even have travel wipes that I throw into my crop bag.

Talk about inspiration!  You will always find lots of display layouts to give you some ideas.

There is always a nice selection of Quick Quote kits for purchase.  If you’ve never experienced one of their kits you are in for a real treat – talk about bang for your buck!  They are full of vellum quotes, titles, laser dies, patterned paper, etc.  They really take the guesswork out of creating perfect scrapbook pages.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a peek at what you will find in the A to Z Scrapbooking booth.  Our shows are coming to a close for 2019  and you know what that means – it’s time to start planning that much needed weekend away with your creative peeps.  Click here and I will be happy to escort you over to our website so you can check out our show schedule.  With this many shows around the nation, the question is not what show you should attend, but rather how many shows you can attend.

I look forward to seeing you soon.  I’ll meet you at the Creativity Center!

Hugs to all, Lorraine

14 thoughts on “Hot Products on our Show Floor – A to Z Scrapbooking

  1. Mary Beth West says:

    I did not shop at this booth at the Denver show and now I’m sorry that I missed it! Everything looks great and their selection of inks is beyond any other booth, I’m sure.


    It was SOOO good to see you at the Denver show!! I am so glad you called out to me as I was leaving! I stopped by the Creativity Center several times, but didn’t see you, so I thought you did not attend our show. Seeing you outside was even better, as I got to chat with you all to myself! Chatting with you is always the highlight of the Expo for me. As I mentioned, I am trying to make it to the Ontario show. You know I will look you up if I am able to make it.

    • Lorraine Ungeheier says:

      Hello Shellee, You are so sweet. It was great running into you. I hope I get to see you next week at the Ontario show.

    • Lorraine Ungeheier says:

      Counting the Days Carol! Ontario is my home show and I always look forward to seeing you guys. Hugs, Lorraine

  3. Sandee Barba says:

    I will be at the Ontario Expo on 10/19 and will definitely stop by to browse and shop at your booth.

    • Lorraine Ungeheier says:

      Looking forward to seeing you at the show. After you stop by the A to Z booth I’ll meet you at the Creativity Center.

  4. Karen L K says:

    I always go in this booth! I like the selection of Quick Quotes kits and all their ink. The ink is great for enhancing layouts.

    • Lorraine Ungeheier says:

      You are so right Karen, I too love Quick Quotes kits and their Chalk Inks are wonderful and last forever.

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