Stamp & Scrapbook Expo May 2020 SHOP @home & Play (crop) @home – Event Schedule


Welcome fellow crafters!! We are SOO excited you are joining us for our very first of many online events!! Here is the schedule for the May 30th, 2020 SHOP @home & Play (crop) @home event. We know a lot of you are ready to support the vendors and shop till you drop!! Don’t worry, if you’ve missed a vendors presentation just check back here throughout the day as we will be adding the links to their videos once they are completed. You can also click here Schedule SHOP for a printable Shop @home schedule and click here Schedule CROP for a printable Play (crop) @home schedule, all times are in EASTERN time zone!! Who’s ready to have some FUN!?!? READY???….Set….SHOP!!! Don’t forget to scroll down below for the Play (crop) times!! HAVE FUN!!! <3  Both events are this Saturday, May 30th, 2020!! If you need you I shopped button like I do, or your I Played (cropped) button go here! & take a look at the new t-shirts including the highly coveted Junkies shirt!!


Shop @Home Saturday Schedule:

9:00am – Stamp & Scrapbook Expo – Welcome to a fun filled day!

9:15am – Faith & Art Shop at Logos Book Store

9:30am – Petticoat Parlor

9:45am – Keep It Simple Paper Crafts

10:00am – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

10:15am – The Paper Cut, Inc

10:30am – Eyelet Outlet

10:45am – Tessler Crafts

11:00am – Art Impressions

11:15am – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

11:30am – Elizabeth Craft Designs

11:45am – Pinecone Press

12:00pm – Clear Scraps

12:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

12:30pm – Heartfelt Creations

12:45pm – Rubbernecker Stamps

1:00pm –

1:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

1:30pm – Stamp Anniething

1:45pm – Tall Mouse Cre8tive Artz

2:00pm – Kreative Kreations

2:15pm – Vintage Scrap & Stitch – Kiwi Lane

2:30pm – Cricut

2:45pm- Divinity Designs LLC.

3:00pm – Riley & Company

3:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

3:30pm – La-La Land Crafts

3:45pm – Dare2bArtzy

4:00pm – Origami Owl

4:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

4:30pm – Close To My Heart – Kelly Hammonds

4:45pm – The Treasure Box

5:00pm – Peddlers Den Inc.

5:15pm – Scraptique

5:30pm – Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

5:45pm – Stamp & Scrapbook Expo – Grand Door Prizes! Thank you soo much for your support!! SEE BELOW FOR THE EVENING EVENTS!!!!



Crop @Home Saturday Schedule:

6:00pm – Stamp & Scrapbook Expo – Welcome to the crop!!

6:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

6:30pm – Club Scrap

6:45pm – Art Impressions

7:00pm – Inspiration Inn Bloom

7:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

7:30pm –

7:45pm – Pinecone Press

8:00pm – Simply Stitched

8:15pm – DOOR PRIZES/Crafter’s Challenge Announcement

8:30pm – La-La Land Crafts

8:45pm – Close To My Heart with Kelly Hammonds

9:00pm – Heartfelt Creations

9:15pm – DOOR PRIZES

9:30pm – Crafter’s Challenge Contest Winners




Don’t forget that even while we are not doing live Stamp & Scrapbook Expo shows, you can always join us online.


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46 thoughts on “Stamp & Scrapbook Expo May 2020 SHOP @home & Play (crop) @home – Event Schedule

  1. Arlene Thomas says:

    How do I join for door prizes? Thank you and for putting this together. Sounds fun!

  2. Tina says:

    Thanks for this, but I’m a little unclear as to what will be happening? Are the vendors doing demos or just showing what they have for sale? Will there be any online workshops? Thanks!

    • Sean Covert says:

      There sure is my dear! I linked them to the top of this post this morning. Just click in my first paragraph that says Shop @home printable schedule and Play (crop) @home printable schedule! Have fun!!!

  3. Allison Anne says:

    Hey Sean, Thanks for sharing a printable version! I’m prepping for a great crop with you all this weekend! 🙂

    • Sean Covert says:

      Saturday! The whole event takes place starting Saturday at 9am Eastern until 10pm eastern, crop starts at 6pm eastern in the same group!

  4. Sandra J Calder says:

    Oh this looks like fun!! I am still confused on the door prize thing. Do we leave a comment on each of the posted prizes and a prize will be drawn from those OR is the prize for those ‘attending’ on FB at that time? Amazing prizes by the way!!!

    • Becki Adams says:

      Hi Sandra, if you comment on each photo of each prize that you’d like to win in the facebook group, you’re entered to win that prize. Make sure you’re commenting on the photo, not the entire album of prizes. There are also instructions pinned at the top of the FB group. Thank you for playing along with our @home events. We’re happy to have you! ~Becki

    • Becki Adams says:

      Hi Jaci, if you comment on the photo of each prize that you’d like to win in the @home facebook group, you’re entered to win that prize. Make sure you’re commenting on the photo, not the entire album of prizes. There are also instructions pinned at the top of the FB group. Thank you for playing along with our @home events. We’re happy to have you! ~Becki

  5. G says:

    Hi, Sean. Will the new designs for TShirts in the @Home Group be available in the SASE online store as well?

  6. Mae Fowler says:

    Sean, what about all of us who are NOT on Facebook? We need a pathway to join in on all the fun.

    • Becki Adams says:

      Hello Mae, we will be making improvements on our future events! Stay tuned 🙂

  7. michele says:

    I am really excited for this. I was flying Florida with my cousins (girls week) for the expo, now we are going to try to do a phone chat while watching. Thank you for having this!

  8. Barbara says:

    Is this accessed by Facebook? I don’t use Facebook is this going to be on YouTube or how do I access it tomorrow??

    • Becki Adams says:

      Hi Barbara, I’m sorry you weren’t able to attend our first event on Facebook. Stay tuned, we have many fun plans for upcoming events. Thank you for your feedback and for stopping by the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo blog. ~Becki

  9. jandra says:

    Really excited…a little confused about the packages? What would we be paying for if the even is free or “attending ” is free. I just want to participate…so I just need to know if I have to pay ???

  10. Diane says:

    What does the free shipping option include? If you purchase from the vendors will each vendor charge shipping?

  11. Mary E Boedeker says:

    It’s been three long years since I last attended. I’m so excited for tomorrow. Wish I was at the show but I will make the best out of it and enjoy myself tomorrow. Thanks for not canceling the event. 🙂

    • David Gordon says:

      Hi Gwen
      We are having continual card swap events. The first 30 sets of cards we will be in the first card swap. the next 0 sets of cards we receive will be part of the 2nd card swap and the 3rd set and on and on. once you sign up you will receive information on where to send your cards and then a timeline of when you will get your cards back and when we will be having the live reveal party of all of the cards in the swap you have participated in. If you have already purchased your card swap kit on line we are in the process of getting the information out to you in the next day or so. thanks

  12. URSULA COX says:

    I hope I am able to figure out where to begin in the morning. I am really technically challenged but really would love to participate and of course shop til I drop.

    • Becki Adams says:

      I’m sorry, Jane. We’re making many improvements for our future online events. Stay tuned for more information. Thank you for stopping by the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo blog.

  13. Mary Sarah Hoole says:

    For as many years as I can remember. My Mom and I have always done the Scrapbook Expo in Illinois. Back when it was in Saint Charles than when it got moved to Schaumburg. We have even attended ones outside of IL like Milwaukee and Irving. So to be able to Zoom with her for our very first Virtual Expo is sort of fitting. Thank you for giving us a great fun filled Saturday afternoon!

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