Just Released – Hill Street Stamps by Dave Gordon

Congratulations to Dave Gordon (Expo Dave) on the launch of Hill Street Stamps. Hill Street Stamps is inspired by his childhood memories and growing up in Southern Ohio. His first two stamp sets released today. The stamp sets are available for pre-order and will ship by the first week of April.

This first stamp set, My Childhood Home, features the front of Dave’s childhood home, a swing that he used to spend hours a day in relaxing, the grand trees that used to stand in front along with all of those beautiful flowers.  And of course, they had to include the family dog.

We are all big kids so why not relive some great memories with the Having Fun stamp set featuring some fun-filled toys we all used to have. The wagon in this set reminds Dave of when he used to deliver the Sunday papers, the roller skates he would roll up and down the sidewalk until supper time, and the tricycle, well there is a great story behind it as well.  Create a fun-filled day of outdoor fun with this set of fun-filled childhood toys.

Click HERE to see sample cards created using these stamp sets and purchase one or both of the new Hill Street Stamps!

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