Emboss Resist Rainbow Tutorial

By Nicole Samuels



If you love stamping, mists, and rainbows…I’ve got a fun tutorial to share with you today!  I used this same technique on my “Happy Day” layout from the Summer of ’69 gallery, using the awesome chevron stamp from the Five and Dime add on.  It’s very easy to do and who doesn’t love pretty colors?  If you take the time to gather your supplies and get everything ready before you start, it’s pretty fast too.  Let’s get started!




1.  Gather your supplies:  stamp (large background stamps work well), Versamark ink padwhite embossing powderwhite card stock, foam brush, and a rainbow of Mister Huey’s mist colorsheat gun, water in a small bowl, some aluminum foil to use as a “tray” (or something else to hold the mist drops).




2.  Using the Versamark ink pad, stamp the image onto the white card stock. (I’m making a card in this tutorial, so I’ll just be stamping my 4×6 background stamp once.  For my layout I stamped repeatedly to get a larger background.)  I’ve used clear embossing powder for this technique also, but really white works the best and gives a crisper resist image on white card stock.  Sprinkle the white embossing powder onto the stamped image, shake off the excess gently, and heat emboss.  You’ll end up with a white on white image that’s hard to see.  But that will soon change!




3.  I like to make a little tray out of some aluminum foil to hold my mist drops.  If you fold up the edges it keeps everything contained and you get to toss it afterwards…less mess!  Open up the mist bottles and drop a few drops of each color onto the foil as shown.  You don’t need much for a smaller project like a card.




4.  Now comes the fun part!  Dip your foam brush in the water to moisten it and then dip it into the first color you want to use (RED!).  Now just brush it across the stamped image.  I decided to make my rainbow go diagonally across the card, so I painted on the mist in that direction.  You want to let the color fade as you move to the next mist color in your line up, so maybe grab a little more water on your brush and swipe it across the red on your image again towards the bottom edge.  Rinse your brush and repeat with the orange, then the yellow, then green, etc until you have all the colors done.  You can go back and add a little more water in places that end up too vivid or add mist to the places that are too washed out.  Just work quickly so that it stays wet and remember to wash off your brush in between colors.




5.  After you have all the colors finished, take a paper towel and carefully (with the towel wrapped around your index finger) wipe the mist off of the embossed image.  Rotate the towel often so that you have a clean area to wipe with.  The embossing powder will act as a resist and the mist will come off when rubbed.  Now your embossed image should show up beautifully!




6.  Trim your card stock to the desired size and embellish.  You’ll notice that the colors do fade a bit as they dry.
(Supplies:  white card stockVersamark ink pad; Zing! white embossing powder; Zap heat gun, Studio Calico Mister Huey’s mists: Overdue, Sunset, Sherbet  Taxi, Pickle, Bluegrass, and Bonney Blue; Heyday Sunburst Background StampHeyday Sentiments StampMore VellumBlack StazonAcrylic BlockStudio Calico Veneer Stars)



And that’s it!  I hope you’ll give this technique a try and share your creations in the member gallery. Have a great day!



Nicole samuels