Felt Pumpkins – Home Craft Inspiration

The weather is starting to turn cool and it’s the time of year I find myself looking for amazing soup recipes and home crafts.  What is it about the cold weather that causes this and am I the only one it happens to?

There is a certain look that always catches my eye, that clean simple look, wonderful colors and inviting textures.  These little home made pumpkins fit the bill.  I found them on a wonderful little blog called Simple Things way back in a post dated in 2008.  I always hesitate posting something from that far back for the fear that the products used will no longer be available.  But with a felt project you can always cut the shapes from scratch and duplicate the original project to your liking.

So have fun creating and I hope you enjoy!


The felt flowers, buttons and rhinestones are from the Creative Imaginations “Creative Cafe” line.  I did a simple Google search for “orange felt flowers creative cafe” and was still able to find people selling the flowers through their Etsy stores.  So if you don’t want to recreate the look using felt of your own, you may still be able to find the original products used.

Simple Things was so very kind and provided a list of supplies and directions.  Here they are:

4″ round Styrofoam balls

medium size green buttons

large orange buttons

orange rhinestones

22 gauge black wire

1/2″ green twill tape

miscellaneous sizes of orange felt flowers (1″ to 2″ in size)

1 medium and 1 large green felt flower

I distressed the edges of the orange & green felt flowers then hot glued the orange flowers onto the 4″ styrofoam ball so that it was entirely covered. Some flowers needed to overlap.

Buttons and rhinestones were glued onto the centers of most of the flowers.

Glue the 2 green buttons to the top of the pumpkin and glue on a bow made from the green twill.

Wire 6 green buttons together then poke the excess wire into the center of the green flowers and glue in place.

make curly cues with about 3″ lengths of black wire then insert into the pumpkin near the stem.

I would like to thank Simple Things for sharing this great project with us.