Do you ever feel like you are sitting on the fence and not sure what side to go on when it comes to Digital or Paper Scrapbooking?  Well there is good news you can really have the best of both worlds and do both.  There is no reason to have to choose between paper and digital.  We scrapbook to have records of our families and loved ones, to capture the memories of our life. Many people who do not digitally scrapbook at all use digital scrapbooking products to create their paper layouts. This is called hybrid. They simply purchase the kits and print the papers/embellishments and use those items just like they would use the items they might purchase from a scrapbook store.  With Digital Scrapbooking you have  several options such as the ability to edit your pages, correct typos, change the colors to your liking, and make several copies of your albums so you can share them with family or friends. This is done with no extra work involved.  So however you decide to do your scrapbooking whether it be  paper or digital just keep in mind that the options are there for you and  you can have fun by creating the fun memories of your photos and your pages will be treasured for ever. 

I was inspired by this beautiful digital page layout created by Gloria chocochoco be sure and visit her blog to see more of her beautiful digital layouts:  http://www.theshabbyshoppe.com/blog/index.php/2012/03/28/gallery-girls-chocochoco-gloria/

I  found this link that will show you the page layout done with paper (hybrid) and also done in digital.  My challenge to you: Give both a try and see what you enjoy while you are scrapbooking!

The page on the left was scrapped using papers printed from a digital kit.  The page on the right is created 100% in Adobe Photoshop!  So fun!