Ribbon Tree

Who says Christmas needs to be red and green?  I fell in love with this adorable Black and White Christmas Tree that I found on Pinterest and you know how I love to share.

I’d like to thank Jamie as she was the original inspiration for this project. You can see more of her amazing work on her website  http://whipperberry.com/


First spray paint a Paper Mache cones black. Then cut black and white stitched grosgrain ribbon into pieces ranging from 2.5 –4 inches.  I like using the grosgrain ribbon as it adds both texture as well as being a stiffer ribbon, so the tree will have a nice fullness to it. Start with the longer pieces at the bottom and move up to the top of the tree.  After looping the ribbon, secured each piece with hot glue, and finished row by row, shortening the ribbon lengths as you get higher.

Instead of folding the ribbon in half (picture on left),  loop it around (picture on right).

p_100576310_1-              ribbon-no-image

If you are making more than one tree try changing things up a bit. Use the same color ribbon  but maybe vary the pattern, so that they coordinate however they are different.

Finish the top with a bit more ribbon wrapped around the tip or add a little embellishment like a star or small bow.

I hope this project has inspired you as it has me. Have a Warm and Fuzzy Holiday!









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