Merry and Bright Circle Side-Step Card Tutorial

 There is something about a snowman that always brings a smile to my face.  This is a warm, but whimsical card that just warms your heart when looking at it.  I love this card because of its original shape .  It was really fun to make this, and learn a new way to fold a card.    This beautiful card was created by Marja Nijholt.  Be sure and check out this blog for fun creative ideas at, and Marja’s Nijholt blog at:

Can you imagine getting a beautiful card  like this in the mail?




Make a 7-1/2″ circle.  Fold the circle in half.  Measure 5″ from the left, then measuring 1-1/2″ up, 2″ down and cut this line.

Now crease  the right side of the cutting line.

The first crease line is equal to the top side of the cutting line, then fold on the opposite side of paper 1″ folds so you have 4 creases that look like a fan.

Now fold the card twice.  You’ll see some paper that protrudes on the side of the stairs.  This can be cut.

Now you can design the card with paper and embellishments, and create your own whimsical Snowman card!!