The ScrapRack: Organization System for Crafters

Tiffany Spaulding is an organization expert and her company, The ScrapRack is one of the exhibitors at at several Scrapbook Expo events.  Quite frankly, until I took the time to learn more about the company and their organization systems, I thought this system was just for scrapbookers and scrapbook paper.


Wow, was I wrong!  The Triple-T’s and The ScrapRack are really educators, helping crafters to organize all of their stuff – even bulky items like stamps and punches!  Did I mention that they have online classes for . . . wait for it . . . FREE!


Oh, and you don’t have to have a ScrapRack to take their classes.  They truly want crafters to be able to do their artsy thing without getting bogged down by all their stuff.  Their philosophy:  “If you can find it, you can use it.”  It’s that simple, but these gals know that it is not a task to be taken lightly.   Their organization classes run for 8 weeks and have “homework”.


I admit, my craft area definitely needs some help, so I signed up for the next “Overwhelmed to Organized Summer Challenge Series” which starts June 19, 2012.  Anyone want to join me?  The registration page is here:


In the meantime, let’s learn more about Tiffany Spaulding and The ScrapRack.  I had a chance to ask Tiffany some questions in preparation for our #ScrapChat which is at 6:00 PM (Pacific) on June 19th.


Where are you from?

Born and raised in Southern California, Coronado.  I currently live in the Pacific Northwest splitting my time between; Scrapbook Conventions, Tacoma, WA and Bend, OR.


What are your roots?

They are very dark brown but I cover them with a sunny blond. 🙂


How did you get started?

The ScrapRack product line was born out of my personal need to always be organized and in control.  I created this product for myself and then my family and friends encouraged me to produce it for other crafters.


What problem(s) were solved by using your product?

Too many to count….As crafters we all sort of suffer the same dilemmas when it comes to being organized.  Remembering what we have, remembering where we put it, setting up, cleaning up, getting to a crop or class, buying too many, not buying enough…..The ScrapRack addresses and resolves all of these problems.


What obstacles did you need to overcome to get where you are today?

I’m lucky to say that my obstacles have been small, few and far between.  I think the biggest challenge in starting your own business is being willing to risk the secure life you have to chase something that is unknown.


What was your worst mistake?

When we first started we didn’t have a “plan”.  We were just sort of out there playing it day by day.  Our rise to the top could have been much faster and much more efficient if we had a “plan.”


How did you overcome it?

We started taking the advice of the people we were paying to give it. 🙂


What was your proudest moment?

I remember when our first container of product arrived at the warehouse.  It was amazing to think, wow – we’ve got a product.


How did you get there?

I mortgaged my house – 🙂  I think that is the hardest part of starting something, risking something else.

When I was debating the business, I called a friend who is very successful and also knows me well.  I was asking his advice, he asked me “What’s the worst case scenario?  If you go forward with this and it all falls apart and you lose your money, what would happen?”

I said, “I’d have to get a job and pay back the money.”

“In the big picture,” he said “I would say that’s a pretty good Worst Case scenario.”

That was the push that I needed to make the commitment.  The simple realization that nothing horrible was going to happen, that it might be uncomfortable, but it wasn’t going to be lethal.  Whenever things get a little bit tough I go back to that conversation and think to myself, “I might be uncomfortable, but it’s not lethal.”


Who has been most influential in your career and why?

My mom.  She really set the example when it came down to hard work and dedication.


How has your company changed over time?

We’ve become more focused on helping everyone meet their organizational challenges. We’ve embraced and we believe excelled at the education component.  Even people who don’t use our products consider us “the source” for information and education.


What is your focus now?

Our focus is to continue developing products that serve the needs of crafters.  Products that will make it easier for them to do the things they enjoy.  All of our new products are introduced with an educational component which helps our customer maximize the investment they make in our products.


What brings you joy?

Getting emails from people saying things like, “Thanks so much.  I enjoy crafting again.”   I am so happy to know that I’m able to bring joy into the lives of crafters who may have been on the verge of giving up.


What inspires you?

The same thing, I love the idea of being able to help people enjoy being creative.

Blatant product plug?

The ScrapRack Rocks.  You don’t know what you’re missing if you’re not using one.

The ScrapRack takes all of your scrapbooking supplies and puts them right out in front of you, at your fingertips.  Unique to the ScrapRack is our education system. We don’t just provide an empty container and say “fill it up,”  we actually teach you how to get organized – at home, when you go to a crop, when  you shop for new products, when you plan pages….we’re here to help with all facets of crafting organization.


What’s next for your company?

Wow, there is so much on the horizon.  We are currently working to take our product overseas in a big way.  I can’t say much about the details right now, but I’m really thrilled with the recent opportunities that we are evaluating.  Each year we try to introduce new accessories to The ScrapRack that work with the products crafters are currently using.  In late-June we’ll release 5 new storage pages that address organization for everything from Page Planning to Cricut Cartridges.

You’ll have to keep your eyes on our website to see the cool new things that are coming this winter.


What’s next for our industry?

I think as things change over the course of the next year people will feel more and more inspired to be creative and take up this beautiful hobby.  In the last couple of years Scrapbooking, along with most other things, has seen a decline in the number of small business startups.  I believe we’re going to have a resurgence of new and inspired entrepreneurs that bring lots of wonderful new goodies to the Craft World.


Favorite quote?

Each year I pick a “mantra” of sorts to help me stay focused.  This year I was focused on becoming a better goal setter, so I’ve adopted:

“Until you commit your goals to paper, you have intentions that are seeds without soil.” Anonymous

In general, my favorite quote is:

“The real point is that you cannot harbor malice toward others and then cry foul when someone displays intolerance against you. Prejudice tolerated is intolerance encouraged. Rise up in righteousness when you witness the words and deeds of hate, but only if you are willing to rise up against them all,  including your own. Otherwise suffer the slings and arrows of disrespect silently.”  – Harvey Fierstein


Favorite place?

Anywhere I haven’t already been.  I’m an explorer at heart.  I love to travel with my boys – Max 14, London 15, and Park 50something.


Favorite room in your house?  Why?

I’m not really enamored with a room in my home, I prefer to be outside in the hot sun of the High Desert where I can smell dust and pine sap.


Favorite object?  Why?

I have a double chain gold necklace with two charms.  One for each of my children.  I wear it every day.  It’s the one material thing that I truly love.  I was given each of the boy charms on the birth day of each child.


Any summer CHA previews?

We won’t be at CHA with a booth.  I’ll go walk the floor and check out new products so I can see where my customers might need some help getting new products organized.





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  1. louise johnson says:

    I found the scraprack this winter & used it after we moved & I had my own scraproom. Couldn’t believe the difference of having things organized in one spot. Now when I want to make a layout or a specific card….I just go to that section and I can see what I have available to work with! Makes creating so much easier! The online classes ROCK….took them at least2x if not 3 just so I could get my room finished. So glad I found Tiffany online!

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