Make a Gift Bow from Your Scrapbook Supplies!

Here is a unique way to make a bow and wrap a gift using your scrapbook supplies!


By Cassandra Cyr


  • First, cut three 8x 5/8″ strips.

  • Loop each end and secure with a tiny attacher or stapler. These can then be layered on top of each other with hot glue to form the base of a giftwrap bow.

  • Second, cut two 6.5x 5/8″ strips and loop each end. These can be layered on top of the base.

  • Lastly, cut a strip 4x 5/8″ and roll into a loop. This will be the center of your bow.

  • To finish I sprayed the the bow with some spray mist to add some color to the inside of the loops. I also sewed some garland circles together to make a tie around the package and used a label tag to add my sentiment. Hope you give this bow technique a try!



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2 thoughts on “Make a Gift Bow from Your Scrapbook Supplies!

  1. Patricia Readel says:

    This is a beautiful package and something most of us always have on hand. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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