DIY Canvas Wall Grouping



This is a fast, inexpensive, and easy way to create wall art that makes a beautiful grouping for your wall.  Whatever your style is, we will show you how to mix and match your favorite 12” x 12” scrapbook papers to make paper wall art that is simply stunning.  Contemporary scrapbook papers in a striking black & white color scheme make it easy to create dramatic wall art. For more ideas on wall art go to CraftsnCoffee.


  1. Using a ruler and pencil, score foam sheet to create three 12″ x 12″ squares. Wax a serrated knife with an old candle.  Holding the foam sheet firmly on a flat surface, extend one end and cut across score line, using a knife like a saw. Or, try dental floss: stand the sheet on its edge, and hold a 20″length of dental floss along the scored line, positioning one hand at the bottom of the board and the other at the top; draw the dental floss down through the foam sheet along the scored line. Repeat with remaining two foam sheets.
  2. Spread white craft glue on foam square, center the 12″ x 12″paper, and adhere to foam. Repeat, covering all foam squares.
  3. Pin or glue ribbon around edges.
  4. Glue sawtooth picture hanger to back. For additional hold, insert and glue two straight pins through holes in sawtooth picture hanger.


Styrofoam   1″ x 12″ x 36″ sheet, three

Scrapbook paper: 12″ x 12″, nine sheets





Sharp pencil

Serrated knife and old candle; or, dental floss

Thick, white craft glue

Straight pins (optional)

Sawtooth picture hangers, nine

2 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Wall Grouping

  1. Shelly O says:

    I just love this idea. I moved a large print from our master bedroom to the family room and needed a great idea for over the bed – I think this is IT! Thanks, really nice looking and easy.

    • Ildar says:

      Fabulous! *as usual!! Missed seeing you on I beveile the 29th of March at was mostly Martha and was HOPING beyond ALL hope..that you were to be there! I have some extra $ now and am going to buy you’ on HSN!! Cant wait!Oh and this video very cool!! I have done 3 x3 ones a little differently [the cutting part] but I like that you just make 1 cut for the whole thing! Easy Peazy!! Will try it this way next time. They ARE extremely handy Sandi thanks for still dong videos!! Happy Easter to you and your family!! xox

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