Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks


Here is the practical side of me coming out. Now that Christmas is behind us, we still have tons of leftover goodies. If you are like me I love those soft candy cane sticks. Not only are they tasty, but they look oh so cute in a vintage clear glass jar with a red ribbon.


Candy Cane Sticks1
So, as you have probably guessed,  I have a few left over. When I saw this post on Pinterest,  I knew this was the perfect solution. I’d like to thank Bridget for sharing this idea,  you can visit her blog Bridgeywidgey to see more of her great party ideas and tasty recipes.  I can picture these adorable Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks on the desert table next to the hot chocolate and coffee at my next party.  Or, how cute would a tray of these be as a little hostess gift?


To make these, you will need:

Candy Cane Sticks, Marshmallows, Sprinkles, and White Chocolate!  All of which you probably already have, since you just did your holiday baking 🙂



Dip one end of the candy cane into melted white chocolate. Next, insert that same end into the center of the marshmallow and let dry.
Next, dip the whole marshmallow in melted white chocolate to keep the marshmallow moist (especially if you are going to be making these in advance!)
Add sprinkles!


*** If you are making them right before the party then you can just dip the end of the marshmallow in chocolate and then into the sprinkles.  If you don’t cover the whole marshmallow in chocolate, and wait a couple days before you serve them, your marshmallow will dry out and go stale.


Let me know how they turned out, will you?