11 thoughts on “How to Refurbish That Cricut Mat

  1. Rebecca S. says:

    Resticking your mats will void you cricut warranty. Be extra careful not to get the glue where the mat runs under the rollers.

    Wiping your mat once in awhile with a baby wipe will often times make your mat more sticky as it removes all of the stuck on paper fuzz that is left on your mat.

    I love Mess Master (a floral spray cleaner). It takes the stick off from the mats with minimal effort, but it does smell some. I use a Aleene’s tack it over and over to restick my mats, I make a half water half glue solution and paint it on. I can control how much stick the glue has with how much water I add.

      • Rebecca S. says:


        It is fairly common knowledge in most cricut circles that resticking your mats will void your warranty. Which is a one year warranty, from the date of purchase. (Just do a google search.) Resticking mats (for me) falls under clause 3 (in the expression warranty from the provocraft website), misuse and improper maintenance. If you send your machine in for repair and they find any traces of adhesive under the rollers that feed the paper in, they will void the warranty. While the warranty itself can be legally challenged regarding this, provocraft are control freaks, and will take you to the letter on this. I have read enough on various forums where this has happened. Why do they do this? Simple, every mat you restick is money they loose out of their pockets. But by all means, feel free to contact their customer service and ask.

        And BTW… Sizzix Eclips blades and mats will work in the 12×12 cricuts, and Sizzix even sells a restick kit for their machines.

    • Pam says:

      this does not void your warranty. Read the warranty, it doesn’t mention a thing about making your mats sticky again.

    • Lule says:

      ahhhh! How stinkin cute!!! I want one. I don’t have greoge though, boo whoo! What a cute idea. I can see it being the new fad on the cricut MB. TFS!

  2. Trish Manche says:

    Great info but I couldn’t catch the name of the adhesive applied after you have stripped it with the Undo. I’d love to try it, please pass on the info. Thank you!

  3. Cindi Van Ausdal says:

    I just finished the video (6/4/13) on how to refresh the Cricut mats however I was unable to catch the name of the adhesive that you used. Could you post it somewhere? This is the easiest tip on refurbishing these mats that I have seen and I am dying to try it!

      • Michelle Rielly says:

        Do you have any other glue that might work? Would the tombo multipurpose glue work? I am in South Africa and can’t get the glue you mentioned. Would it work on the Silhouette mat?

        • Diana Opiela says:

          Hi Michelle, I think any glue that dries quickly, clear and tacky would work. This technique should work on any die-cutting mat. I know for me, I would try this on an old mat that would be going into the trash unless I could salvage it 🙂 Good luck!

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