Mason Jar Lanterns

Do you have a lot of mason jars hanging around your home?  Do you need a cute neighbor gift, or how about just something fun to add to your decorations at your home?  This is such a fun and inexpensive project that takes very little time.

Mason Jar Latterns

 I want to give you some instructions that will help make this project go smoothly.

  • Start with a very clean jar.  DO NOT TOUCH THE CLEAN JAR WITH YOUR HANDS!  The oil from your hands can prevent the etching spray paint from sticking correctly.  If it is not on there correctly, the vinyl will peel the etching off.  If you need to touch the jar just touch the rim of the jar.
  • Follow the directions step by step on the Frosted Glass Paint can.
  • Let the paint dry before you apply the vinyl.  (You can use a blow dryer and this will speed up the process to go quicker).

Mason Jar Latterns

The first step is to create your lantern handle.   Wrap a piece of wire around the top of the jar.  One side should be longer than the other.  Cross the wire and twist it so it will stay.  You will take the long side and loop the top to make a handle.  Next you will take the wire that just went over the top for the handle and thread it under the wire that went around the jar in the beginning.  Then take the wire and bring it over to meet the other wire that you didn’t touch and twist the wire together to make it stay.

For the etching on the jar you will spray your jar by holding the handle.  Follow the directions on the can.  You can spray your jar two or three times till you get the look you desire.  You touch the jar after the paint has dried.

Add fun embellishments to the handle, and twist the wire with a pen to create cute curls.

Find a cute pattern of vinyl from and apply the vinyl to your jars.

Add a tea-light and you have a darling mason jar lantern.


  • Mason Jars (Pint Size)
  • Wire 2 1/2 feet (heavy-duty)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Frosted Glass Spray Paint
  • Vinyl
  • Tea light candle
  • Embellishments (Ribbon, jingle bells, ect.)

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