Nutter Butter Bats

 We found these adorable cookies on Pinterest from the Sweet Simple Stuff blog.

How cute are these?  And, oh so easy to make!

Bat Nutter Butter Cookies

This is what you will need … Nutter Butter cookies, M&M’s, dark chocolate (or candy melts), edible confetti, wax paper and a toothpick …

Nutter Butter Bats 2

Here are the easy peasy directions (as shown in the photo above) …

Dip the cookie in melted chocolate to create wings and place on wax paper

Use a toothpick to “drag” chocolate to create points on wings

Place an M&M (head) on the melted chocolate

Use the toothpick with melted chocolate to create ears, attach confetti (eyes) and then add a dot of chocolate on the eyes

P.S. I would plan on using about one pound of chocolate per bag of cookies.

Thanks to Brenda for sharing this wonderful idea!  Please check out more of her creative food recipes on her blog, Sweet Simple Stuff.