Our Little Girl

What’s not to love about this adorable baby girl layout? It is obvious there was a lot of love & detail put into this beautiful design by  Joe Shien Shien. I highly recommend visiting her blog Shiens Paper Art, you will truly be inspired to step outside your box.

I love how the banner hosts  all the layering and different embellishments as well as multiple photos.


This is truly one of those  go to sketches. Even though we don’t know the supplies that were used (sorry), this design can very easily be adapted to your own style and occasion.  You  know how I am about making it your own. 🙂 Use what you have on hand in your stash of treasures.

Since I am a paper addict, I was also attracted to the fact that this design is all about the paper. Other than a few pearls and paper clips, the rest is just very creatively placed paper banners & pendants & a few paper embellishment. Since they were all made by hand, think of how much we will save on purchasing premade embellishments and the best part is we can pick our own color scheme.

My hope is to inspire you to be fearless when it comes to your creativity, to try new things and most important to have fun.

Thanks for visiting and have a very creative day.