Aligning Embellishments

Today we are lucky to have one of our very creative Tipsters from the Tip Of The Day Showcase that was filmed in Ontario CA. Maria Quesada is here to share a great tip on how to get those tiny embellishments right where you want them.

Wow what a great tip; a little pre-planning and everything lines up perfectly.

Thanks for visiting & have a very creative day!

2 thoughts on “Aligning Embellishments

  1. bjsilvers7 says:

    What does she mean by temporary tape? Was that a piece of scotch tape? Will running it over clothing take off enough stickyness so that it will not stick to the paper and only the embelishment?

    • Diana Opiela says:

      Removable tape is what she means. If you don’t have removable tape, touching it with your fingers or on clothing will remove enough of the tack. You may have to try it a couple times until you know that the tackiness is “just right”. Thanks for your comment!

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