Decorative Stitches Card

Hey everyone! It is Monday and time for another Make It! Monday project.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to sew on my projects. Taking up this hobby of paper crafting actually led me to learning how to sew. Since then, I have gotten pretty handy with a sewing machine, along with a needle and thread. I love the look of stitching and think that every once in while it deserves to be spotlighted. Today’s project does just that!

To create my decorative stitches card, I started off with a patterned paper panel and three colors of thread.

roree rumph_decorative stitches_i love you_card_step1
I use a Brother ES-2000 sewing machine which has quite a few stitches to choose from. I chose three of my favorite stitches and started sewing. First was a hand-look quilting stitch in light blue that I ran down the panel in five rows, leaving just enough room for two rows of stitches in between each line.

roree rumph_decorative stitches_i love you_card_step2
Next was a decorative stitch in pink. I used the light blue stitched rows as a guide for spacing the stitches.

roree rumph_decorative stitches_i love you_card_step3
Lastly was a simple zigzag stitch in royal blue to fill in the remaining space.

roree rumph_decorative stitches_i love you_card_step4
Because I wanted the stitching to be the real star of the show, I kept my embellishments simple and down to just a few.

roree rumph_decorative stitches_i love you_card_closeup_2
Here is the final result:

roree rumph_decorative stitches_i love you_card_2
I know not everyone has a sewing machine or may not be handy with one, but don’t let that stop you! Try re-creating a similar card with hand stitching or by using colored inks and border stamps—whatever works best for you.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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