Freebie Friday – Jillibean Soup

Love card by Jen Walker for the Weekly Scrapper

Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

Welcome to Freebie Friday! I am so lucky to have the privilege of sharing this adventure with you each week. This week I had the pleasure of working with a collection of products from Jillibean Soup. All I can say is that I had a blast! They have such a variety of products that are so easy to work with. From their cork embellishments, to awesome ephemera packs, to alphabeans and mini placemats – there are so many projects I could create! Oh, and their Mix the Media Wood Plank is fabulous. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty with that one!


Thankful Wood Plank by Jen Walker for the Weekly Scrapper

The wood plank was great to work with. I used a photo transfer technique to put one of my favourite pictures on the wood and then used modeling paste with the Thankful stencil to create the raised text. Once the paste was dry, I used blue distress ink to colour the modeling paste and to add a bit of colour to the wood area around the word.

Tip: If you want to colour the modeling paste, after it is dry, slip the stencil back on top of the word and ink away. Once you are done, you can easily wipe the stencil clean with a baby wipe or damp cloth.

Love card by Jen Walker for the Weekly Scrapper

There are so many fun pieces in the Mix the Media Ephemera pack. These pieces are great for cards or to embellish a layout. I also used the Cork embellishments on this card. I adhered them where I wanted them on the card and then used distress ink to colour them red to match the cardstock.

Epic Dude layout by Jen Walker for The Weekly Scrapper

The Cool as a Cucumber Soup collection is full of nice bright colours. As soon as I opened the package, there were so many photos that popped into my mind that I could use with this line. I really like that the collection pack includes both the labels and die cuts. The Bite Size Bits and the words on the Cool Cucumber paper are wonderful as well. There are so many options to use beyond just the patterned paper.

You Make Life Beautiful by Jen Walker for The Weekly Scrapper

I knew that I could create a layout about my daughter using the Cool as a Cucumber Soup collection, but the Soup Staples III also had so wonderful papers as well. On this layout, I combined papers from both collections as well as Enamel Star embellishments and a mini placemat.

I have so many amazing pieces left over after I created these projects that I am sure I will be creating with Jillibean Soup products for weeks.

Friends of Scrapbook Expo

Would you like to win a prize pack from Jillibean Soup?

Jillibean Soup Summer Red Raspberry Soup Collection


Jilliibean Soup Summer Red Raspberry Soup Wood Veneers

For your chance to win the Summer Red Raspberry collection and matching wood veneers, leave a comment on this blog post telling us if you would be interested in participating in a Card Swap at your local Scrapbook Expo event and how many cards you think each person should bring with them for the swap? Feel free to share any additional feedback you may have about the Card Swap concept. The giveaway runs until 6pm EST on Thursday, February 6th.

While you are at it, why not show Jillibean Soup some love and visit their Facebook page, Pinterest page, and Instagram and let them know you saw this blog post!

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by our friends at Paper Smooches Stamps. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! I enjoyed reading all of your responses. It looks like many of you would like to get your hands dirty with some mixed media projects.

The lucky winner of the Paper Smooches giveaway is …

Paper Smooches Stamps winner

Congratulations Janet! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘Paper Smooches winner’ in the subject line.

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#IWannaGoSBE winner

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A number of times a year, there are huge trade shows where manufacturers release their new products. Earlier in January, the CHA Mega Show was held in Anaheim, CA. While on site, the Scrapbook Expo team worked with a number of your favourite manufacturers to film videos of the latest and greatest products being released. Here are the videos sorted by manufacturer. Keep checking back, as we are still adding more videos every day.

Thanks for joining me this week!  See you next week! Until then, have fun getting creative!

~ Jen

65 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Jillibean Soup

  1. marylouh says:

    The colors of the paper are so light and spring-like. Love the wood pieces. Those are so nice on my greeting cards

  2. Kimberly says:

    Cards are something I need to make more of and I wish I had a scrapbook expo close to me. If I was to do a card swap I think 5 or 6 cards would be a good number 🙂

    I love that collection it’s so summery!

  3. Kailash says:

    If there was a scrapbook event nearby me it would be wonderful to swap cards. I think 10 cards could be a nice way to make card making friends through this fabulous hobby!!!

  4. Jen Mc says:

    A card swap would be great! I think 4-6 cards per person would be ideal. Looking forward to Expo this year!

  5. Sandi B says:

    Love this collection. The colors are perfect for those spring/summer layouts and cards. Love the wood veneers too. I have done swaps before and it is so much fun to see new techniques other do. I think that 6 – 10 cards is a good number for the swap.

  6. Cindy C says:

    I love the colors, it’s so happy and cheerful. I would do a swap of 15 cards. I thrive for card swaps.

  7. melita says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Beautiful collection. It would really depend on how many cards you need to make to participate in a card swap to determine if I would be interested. I think if it was a small number (less than 10), I would be interested, but more than that would probably be too much.

  8. Debbie says:

    I love the idea of a card swap but not sure my work is good enough. Maybe a beginner, intermediate and advanced swap. I wouldn’t want to make any more than 10-12 cards.

  9. Patricia Zukowski says:

    I think the card swap would be a great idea with each person bringing 3 to 5 cards. Also bring along an extra card and envelope to donate to a needy local charity.
    Those veneers would be so great to work with and the Summer Red Raspberry Soup Collection looks great — love those bright colours. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Jeff Sheats says:

    Being new to card making I think a card swap sounds fun but very intimidating. I think 5 or 6 cards would be reasonable. I see so many wonderful things people make a card swap would be a good source of inspiration.

  11. Gina says:

    I can’t wait for Scrapbook Expo next month and would love to participate in a card swap! I think a minimum of 5 cards and a maximum of 10 cards is a good amount.
    I would absolutely love to win this Summer Red Raspberry collection! Makes me want to fast forward to summer with these pretty colors and paper patterns!

  12. Regina Furman says:

    I would love to go to a SBE event, but there are not any in my area, or even close to me. If I went I would want to have at least 10 cards prepared.

  13. Jenny says:

    It would be fun to do a card swap. I would think that 6 cards would be the right number to do.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Mary-Anne V. says:

    I would be interested in a card swap…I think 5 cards is a good number. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. paula says:

    I have participated in card swaps before and they are a great way to accumulate a bunch of different cards to have on hand. I think a maximum of10 cards would be a good number. I love the new stuff from Jillibean Soup. So cute and colorful.

  16. Nancy says:

    Yes, I’d love to participate in a card swap at a Scrapbook Expo. I think 10 cards to swap would be great. It would be nice to swap one card with 10 different crafters!

  17. kim says:

    Such a cool project! Love it! Hope I can go to the next show, if I could would be so fun to do a swap, especially if it were an ATC swap, small is fun. Then maybe could do 8-10.

  18. Katie says:

    I would like to swap, but I would feel intimidated by others who have more time and experience. I would think 8 to 10 cards would be a good number. I would want there to be some guidelines put in place, so we all exchange the same level of cards, so no one is disappointed or unhappy with the exchange.

  19. karenajo says:

    Card swap would be fun – maybe 6 cards would be a good number !!! Thanks for a chance to win the Jillibean products – very pretty !!!!

  20. Linda Vigil says:

    Ooooh what a lovely collection, those raspberries make me feel the summer in the rays of early February sunshine! 🙂 I think 5 minimum, 15 maximum. Fun fun fun! 🙂

  21. karenladd says:

    Oooh , love Jillibean soup and these projects are wonderful! I like the idea of a card swap and think that 5-6 cards is a good number. Not so many that it would be a burden, but enough to get a nice assortment in return!

  22. Lisa Norstrom says:

    I am excited to say that I am signed up to participate in the card swap (workshop) in Orlando and hope that others are just as excited!! I have never done anything like this before and think it is a super idea!!! I think 15 is a good number – seriously can’t wait!!!

  23. Denise Bryant says:

    I love Jillibean Soup products! Their designs are awesome!
    I think a card swap sounds really fun…. a great way to exchange ideas! I would think a fairly low number would be good though so as not to be overwhelming… maybe 12-15.

  24. Snazzy JJ says:

    Love the projects above and, of course, anything Jillibean. I’m not really into doing card swaps.

  25. Lori A. Geise says:

    I would love to attend and expo, but the closest one is four and one half hours away. I think an even dozen would be a good number.

  26. Debbie Clever says:

    LOVE the idea of a card swap! 5-10 cards that are all the same sounds great!! Love the colors in the collection! Thanks for a chance to win.

  27. Nina Oelke says:

    I am so loving this collection. The colors are so light and airy. Makes me want to make breezy, easy layouts. I enjoy doing layouts more than cards. But I have done some cards as well. I love the layouts above. The one with your daughter (You Make Life Beautiful) is my favorite. You are not only talented but inspiring as well. Off I go to create some pages. 🙂

  28. Rebecca Steele says:

    I’m not much on making cards, I love full layouts when scrapbooking. But if I went I’d bring 5-10 cards. It’s fun to swap when you have plenty to swap.

  29. stampnk says:

    I have never participated in a card swap but I think that under 10 is a good number. More than that and I would be overwhelmed!

  30. Jo Matthews says:

    I think 10 cards would be a good amount for a card swap and I would love to do one if ever in my local area. Absolutely love the wood veneer and could do so many things with them.

  31. Linda Chidster says:

    I’m a Newbie to Scrapbooking & PaperCrafting!!
    So Card Making is something I’m still needing to learn more about…..But a Card Exchange sounds like FUN!!!

  32. Liz Lumsden says:

    It would be a nice idea to swap cards, maybe 10 or 12, too many and it gets tedious. I can’t participate because there is no Scrapbook Expo event near me 🙁

  33. Heather Thompson says:

    I would love to do a card swap, that would be so fun!!! 10-12 not too many it gets to be too hard.

  34. michelle taylor says:

    This collection is stinkin cute! My granddaughter and I would have so much fun creating with it. Super duper.

  35. Janetta Zeimetz says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Cute paper collection by Jillibean Soup. I am not a card maker so if I participated, 3 to 5 cards would be a nice number.

  36. Laura Turcotte says:

    I like to mix it up a bit; cards, scrapbook layout, PL spreads. Loving the new JBS line—pretty!

  37. Michelle says:

    I personally would not participate in a card swap because I don’t make that many cards. But it sounds like a fun idea for those more into card making.

  38. Kim Klinkovsky-My Kraft Kloset says:

    I’d be interested in a card swap at the Dever Scrapbook Expo. I think 6-12 is a good number to swap. Because you can get 6 card fronts from one 12×12 sheet of pattern paper or cardstock. So, double that and you can make 12 card fronts. Easy Peasy!

  39. Carla Keenan says:

    I would definitely participate – sounds like such a fun swap! I just love this paper collection – the colors are so pretty! my favorite page is the cut-apart page – those are so cute!!! just love
    Carla K.

  40. Gail Adams says:

    I would participate! I was thinking 25 so I could meet a LOT of people and get a LOT of ideas….however, it’s looking like that’s too many…so I’m with the 12 to 15 category.

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