Freebie Friday – Keepsake Button Program

Keepsake Button set

Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

Hey, hey, hey, Scrapbook Expo friends!

I am thrilled to be back this week to introduce you to the Keepsake Button Program that is offered at all our Scrapbook Expo events.


This program is all about collecting buttons as you participate in different aspects of the events. The premise is that the more ways you participate in the event, the more buttons you will receive. When you have collected four unique buttons, you can go and hit the big GONG and receive the lovely ‘I Conquered’ medallion as well as the Scrapbook Expo lanyard.

I Conquered button


Can you imagine getting to hit the large GONG to let everyone on the show floor know that you have earned at least four buttons? Once you see this gong, you will want to start collecting your buttons right away!

SBE 2015 Gong

There are eight different buttons included in the Keepsake Button Program. The different buttons are collected or earned by participating in different aspects of the event.

Keepsake Button set

The main buttons include:

  1. I Cropped
  2. I Created
  3. I Learned
  4. I Shopped
  5. I Met ___________
  6. I Returned
  7. I Helped
  8. I Support

We are often asked what you have to do to earn each button.  I thought it would be helpful to give you a few pointers on where and how  you can get each button. Here goes …

SBE I Cropped


The ‘I Cropped’ button is given to people who attend either the MEGA Make N Take Extravaganza or one of the crops. These crop parties are THE place to be! You can spend the day cropping with your friends and then join Dave and Betty for an evening of fun-filled scrapbooking excitement.

Attendee Melanie recently said, “This was the BEST crop I’ve ever been to! Thanks to all the wonderfully creative SBE staff (and volunteers) for making it so much fun.”

SBE I Created

Would you like the ‘I Created’ button? To earn this button, all you need to do is visit the Creativity Center and complete a project. For anyone who has not been to the Creativity Center, you are missing out for sure. At the Creativity Center, you will find the lovely (and oh-so-fun) Lorraine, who will walk you through completing one of 8 different sponsored make ‘n take style projects. In case you get to the show floor and are wondering where the Creativity Center is located, just look for the giant 20 foot blue backdrop with Lorraine dressed in her Scrapbook Expo blue shirt and you will know you have arrived at the correct place! Sit down, relax, and prepare to be inspired!

SBE I Learned

The ‘I Learned’ button is earned by participating in a Workshop. Attending at class at the Scrapbook Expo will allow you to brush up your current skills, learn new ones, and work with fabulous products that you may not have seen or used before. Our teachers are fabulous and aim to inspire you to want to create more and more!

SBE I Shopped

This next button is easier than you would think to earn. To earn the ‘I Shopped’ button, you simply need to spend over $150 in products that you purchased on the show floor and it is yours! Gather up all your receipts before you leave for the day and I bet you will have spent more than you thought. (I know I sure did the first event I attended, and maybe the second as well!)

Button-I Met-Button-Program

The ‘I Met’ button is at specific shows where the Scrapbook Expo is hosting a Guest Artist. An example of a guest where we will be handing out the ‘I Met’ buttons is Becky Higgins.  Becky will be joining the Schaumburg, IL show. If you take a moment to meet her you will receive this button.

SBE I Returned

Are you a die-hard Scrapbook Expo fan and will be attending more than one Scrapbook Expo event in 2015? This button is for you! Bring proof of your attendance at a previous event in 2015 and we will gladly give you this button!

SBE I Helped

At Scrapbook Expo, we LOVE our volunteers! Did you know that while we call you volunteers, you are actually paid $10 per hour to help out at the event? You also will get a free day’s admission for the day once you have completed your shift. Sounds like win-win situation for everyone! You can sign up to be a volunteer using our online shopping cart. Some volunteers have even gone from volunteering to being a regular employee. We can’t wait to work with you!

SBE I Support

As scrapbookers, we all know how important it is to support our local stores. At Scrapbook Expo, we have an amazing bunch of local stores who sell tickets to the events that will be taking place near them. We love it when you show the local stores your support, so if you purchase your admission ticket at one of their stores, you will earn the ‘I Support’ button.

This year, we also have a few buttons that you can purchase. These include the Scrapbook Expo 2015 button as well as the event location button. Here is a sample of the 2015 button and the Akron, OH button that you can buy. These buttons will also count toward the four needed to qualify for the medallion.

SBE 2015 and location buttons

While you are attending the Scrapbook Expo, you may notice that some people have a special button. Hmmmm … I wonder what they did to earn that button? If you take the initiative to learn more about these ‘special’ buttons, you may end up with one or two or lots of these special buttons for yourself.

One attendee in Pleasanton left with her lanyard covered in special buttons. She had a blast collecting them all! You will, too!

Pleasanton Consumer Buttons


All and all, the Keepsake Button program is a lot of fun. When you have collected four different buttons you get to hit the gong. Every time I heard the gong sound when I was walking the show floor, it made me smile for sure. And that ‘I Conquered’ medallion is gorgeous. It is a nice heavy weight metal on your lanyard.

Now that I have told you all about the Keepsake Button program, I am going to give away two admission passes to a 2015 Scrapbook Expo event of your choice. Would you like to win them? Leave a comment on this blog post telling me something about the Expo. Have you attended and loved something specific? Did you collect a bunch of buttons and get to hit the GONG?  Did you attend a crop and win an awesome prize? Have you never attended an Expo but want to? Tell us something fun!

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by Holster Brands. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! The giveaway was for a Hobby Holster.

The winner is … Laurie Kearnes!

Hobby Holster winner

Congratulations, Laurie Kearnes! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘Hobby Holster Winner’ in the subject line.

Remember, if you would like to be entered in this week’s giveaway for 2 admission passes to a 2015 Scrapbook Expo event of your choice, leave a comment on this post telling me something about the Expo.

Thanks for joining me this week and I hope you have a fabulous weekend! See you next week! Until then, have fun getting creative!

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~ Jen

165 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Keepsake Button Program

  1. Denise Bryant says:

    I have only attended one Expo, but am so looking forward to getting to go again this year! I’ll be watching for the buttons now that I know where to find them and how to get them!

  2. Beth Hansen says:

    I loved the Orlando, FL Scrapbook Expo last year! Everyone was supportive, understanding, helpful and a lot more adjectives that won’t fit on this page. I was able to collect my 4 buttons, get my lanyard and ring the gong. Is the extended button program new for this year? I hope I didn’t miss anything last year – it’s almost like having to be 2 or 3 people to cover all the things I wanted to see, do and experiment with. I have created a “Catalog” of what I already own (because I was getting 2 or more of the same thing). I have already started a list of things I want to look for – right now my my ‘scrap room’ has taken over the Office….. but I can always find room for more….. LOL. Maybe a class could include suggestions for storage or arrangement of supplies??? Just a thought….

  3. Andrea Johnson says:

    I’ve attended the Anaheim Expo. Loved the time there — so much going on and so much inspiration! Would love to go again and bring my scrappin’ buddy.

  4. Denise Premenko says:

    I have attended the Santa Clara, CA Expo for the past 2+ years!! I am so looking forward to attending again this year. I enjoyed attending a class for the Spectrum Noir pens. This class taught me how to use the pens including how to blend colors…..and in the amount of time for that class I felt that i took away the knowledge of how to color and blend with the Spectrum Noir pens. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of tickets.

  5. Eileen V Hietter says:

    I have been to every scrapbook expo with the exception of one year when I had to be out of town that same week! Believe you me, I really did actually consider not going to the family reunion in Washington DC! We haven’t had a reunion in years and years, and well….I do love my family! Besides, think of all the photo opportunities!!! LOL Can’t wait for this year’s!!!

  6. Suzanne says:

    I’ve been to a couple Expos and i always look forward to seeing new things and meeting new people. These buttons just sound like more fun!

  7. Katherine Buchanan says:

    I won the crop and hotel giveaway for San Diego last month. My Mom joined me and we had a spectacular time at the Mega Make n Take. We are hoping to go to Ontario too.

  8. Sheri says:

    I will attend my first Expo this weekend. My mother and daughter will be with me and we are so excited to see all the creativity!

  9. Barbara Carlson says:

    I have never attended an Expo but think attending one would be fun. I would love to just browse the booths and see what is new and perhaps meet Tiffany Spaulding whose free online organization classes have helped me get my scrap studio presentable. I’d love to thank her in person!

  10. Rhonda bedsaul says:

    So excited to attend ….first time in Kansas City! And I support a local shop and bought my ticket! But happy to give to a friend if I win ;0)
    Is it too late to volunteer?

    • Deana in No CA says:

      Check the Scrapbook website for your city. There should be a link there to volunteer for workshops and other stuff.

  11. Faye Russell says:

    I have never attended an Expo. This sounds like so much fun, oh my, I would hit that gong so hard the first time just out of pure excitement and joy.

  12. Deb M. says:

    I’ve never gone to a scrapbooking expo but am hoping to go to the one in Kansas City in less than a month!!! Would LOVE a couple tickets to it! ;-))

  13. Alma-Marie Graf says:

    I love collecting the buttons and I am o glad Betsy Higgins is coming to Chicago! I’ve been a fan for a long time and I remember watching her scraproom morph into the great space it now is. I collected buttons in WI and will continue to collect in Schaumburg.

  14. Kimberly Wildeman says:

    this is my 1st expo to attend. I told my family over a year ago not to be me anything for the holidays…just add to my expo fund..and they have been saving up for me to go shopping. I am so glad you put an expo in KC, MO…my niece live close by so I wont have to pay for a motel..and will have more money to shop! If I was to win 2 free tickets..I would bring my niece and cousin with me 🙂

  15. Devynne Hauser says:

    I have never been to an event before, but saw that the closest one is coming up next weekend (Akron, OH). I’m making all the plans I can to make sure I go! I LOVE collecting flair for my lanyards and can’t wait to start an Expo one!

  16. Sarah says:

    My mom and I attended our first expo together a few years ago…and have now made it in to our annual thing!! Love it! Thinking about checking out the Schaumburg one too!!

  17. Theresa Brennan says:

    I’ll be going to my first one in Ontario this year. Can’t wait. Was never able to attend before because of back issues…surgery this year resolved this. So excited to go.

  18. Cheri Chandler says:

    I have attended your Expo in Mesa, AZ and love to take classes. Heartfelt Creations is my favorite so far. Hoping to attend more next time. Would LOVE free tickets.

  19. JoAnne says:

    I have not attended a scrapbook expo yet but it would be a great way to have a girls weekend with my sister in law!

  20. Cynthia says:

    I’ve already been to two expos this year, Anaheim and San Diego. Earned my lanyard and rang the gong. Love the buttons you can buy for each expo you attend, will be going to Ontario for sure but may have to make the drive to Mesa, AZ to get that special button. I can’t wait to see the classes posted, that is my favorite part of the expos.

  21. Donna Washington says:

    I attended the EXPO in Duluth, Ga in 2013 and 2014 and would love to win free tickets for this year! I collected four EXPO buttons last year in Duluth so I received the “I conquered” medallion. I loved the classes I have taken at the EXPO and the crop I attended the last two years and spent tons of time shopping in the vendor area. The create center in the vendor are last year was a great idea too.

  22. Betsy says:

    And if you stop by the baggage check and support Operation Christmas Child/Shoebox 1K you get one of our buttons 😉

  23. Shanna` says:

    Last year was the first year I volunteered. It was great. I got to interact with a lot of people, got paid-which all went back to the vendors, and I won one of the Golden ticket raffle prizes!

  24. Christine Sherwood says:

    I went to the Grapevine TX Expo and it was sooo much fun. I attended some amazing classes met lots of other scrapbookers and shopping of course was awesome!
    LOVED ringing the gong when I got my buttons…

  25. Ellie says:

    This is the first expo I’ll be going to next Saturday! Scrapbooking is my stress reliever to help me get through nursing school and I can’t wait to go to the Akron expo and meet new people 🙂

  26. Cassandra Harmon says:

    I will be attending the Duluth,Ga expo again this year. I got a lanyard last year and def want one again this year. Do you know if there will be a special guest for the Duluth Ga expo this year?Would love to earn that button for sure.

  27. Candice Harman says:

    I attended an Expo many years ago in Pleasenton. I plan on attending the one in Sacramento this year. I had a great time learning and seeing all of the new gadgets to use. I would love to be able to take someone with me this time because it is more fun with a friend that enjoys creating as much as you do!!!!

  28. Frances says:

    Sacramento Scrapbook Expo will be my second time. I can’t wait to drag someone along for the ride.

  29. Lisa N says:

    Was readily excited I got to attend the Saturday crop at the Ontario Expo last year. Am looking forward to this year. I just can’t decide between the make and take on Thursday or one of the crops… maybe both!

  30. Sophia marx says:

    I didn’t know about the button program last time until it was too late to collect them all. Now I want to get the, all. I hope they are cool buttons!!!

  31. Tara Cummings says:

    What’s not to love about the Expo? Friends who are like family. Stuff that you don’t get to see at home. Workshops to share.

  32. Becky says:

    I will be attending my first Expo in Akron !!!! I have already collected a button by purchasing a ticket at the Scrapbook Super station store !!!! I can’t wait !!!!!!

  33. Irene Grau says:

    I’m lucky enough to live close to two — Anaheim and Ontario. I try to get to each — always find a new manufacture or a new idea. I tend to spend way too much $$, tho’. lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Dawn Swinson says:

    I have not attended a Scrapbook Expo event yet, but would love to! It’s a great time for me, my daughter-in-law and our friends to crop the night away. It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to crop together so this would be the perfect place! And getting to take classes and shop till we drop wouldn’t hurt!

  35. Diana Starn says:

    I try to go to three expos each year…Pleasanton, Santa Clara, and Sacramento. I’ve been going for many years and I truly look forward to every one of them. At this year’s Pleasanton expo I won a cricut leather carrying case on the show floor door prizes and that was super cool!

    • Deana in No CA says:

      I’ve been to Sacramento and Pleasanton. This year I’m going to Santa Clara. I’m wondering, how you would compare Santa Clara to the others?

  36. eunice says:

    LOVE SBE!! Took last year off to have my baby but back this year! It’s ALL great. Realized I took a workshop and helped in Feb but didn’t get buttons. 🙁 Awwww.

  37. Francis Santos says:

    I’ve been to one Expo and loved it. I went with my daughters just to shop. We didn’t do any of the crops or make n takes but we did come home with lots of goodies. I’m a beginner so I think I would like to do the classes next time.

  38. Kelly says:

    I’m .looking forward to the Mesa expo. Would love to be a volunteer also. I have Ben scrap booking since 1993 but this will be my first expo.

  39. Tiffany McGill says:

    I haven’t been to an Expo as of yet. We are a military family and the last 5 years we have been overseas. I can’t wait to attend one!

  40. Christy Smith says:

    I have never been to the scrapbook Expo. But I have been a scrapper for years. I can’t wait to see what all you have in store this July in Kansas City

  41. Kim Klinkovsky-My Kraft Kloset says:

    I’ve attended several Expos and love them. I love meeting the manufacturers, designers, and teachers. The button program wasn’t explained real well last year, so I didn’t get any, even tho I’m sure I spent over $200. I love seeing the new products, getting a deal, and learning new techniques. Thanks so much for all you do and bring them to us customers.

  42. snazzy jj says:

    I could write a novel about how much fun I have at your expos. Can’t wait to see you in July in Minnesota. My favorite part is the staff. Some of the all time greatest people – each and everyone of them I’ve met.
    I have sent out emails to dozens of friends telling them about it. Most of them were unaware of it, so hopefully they’ll and learn that this is more like a family reunion, than a shopping trip (although the shopping is great too).

  43. Heather says:

    I live in Alberta, Canada and we are driving to Ontario to visit family this summer. We are going to be in the St.Paul, MN area the weekend of the expo and my husband has agreed to stay an extra day so my daughter and I can go to the expo. This will be my first time attending the expo or any scrapbooking event in the United States and I am very excited! Sounds like lots of fun!!

  44. Janet Thew says:

    I’ve been to many Expos, but last year was my first time attending a scrap, and I will definitely go again this year.

  45. jennifer Carmichael says:

    I love the expo. The crops are the best. Love spending time with my mom and friends.

  46. Tania says:

    I have only been to one expo (last year in Ontario,CA). It was so much fun! I made new friends, shopped, and did the crop night extravaganza event. I learned a a saw so many cool products that I knew I was hooked for this year!

  47. Karen K says:

    I have attended one Expo in Duluth, GA and can’t wait to return again this year…this time with friends and my daughter. Can’t wait. Didn’t know about the buttons and can’t wait to try and get some!

  48. Donna McMillin says:

    Last year was my first time attending and we my friends and I attended the crop as well. We found out about the button program and we wanted to bang that gong so bad! We started collecting those buttons, by the afternoon on first day we had our buttons and we got to ring the gong and we took each other’s picture doing it! It wS the most fun. Scrapbook Expo really is top notch. The staff and volunteers are amazing. The classes and creativity center was super. The crop I can’t say enough about! We will be there again this year, see you in Denver.

  49. Val says:

    I’m so stoked about going to the Expo for my first time ever! Thanks to all the Gals over on FB, I’ve got my whole plan mapped out! SOOOO EXCITED!

  50. Deb says:

    I am so excited about this Scrapbook Expo! I have never been to one before and I am driving up from Tennessee to go with a friend from Chicago! The button program sounds awesome, I am sure that we will have no problem getting four and a third our next one, yes, we are already planning for 2016, we may get all eight! Can’t wait!

  51. Rachel Robinson says:

    My scrapbooking group look forward to the expo in Atlanta Georgia every year – this year is no different. We always learn lots of new techniques and tricks. Thank you for the fun‼️

  52. Laurie Erlandson says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to go, but I always have fun doing the make ‘n take projects. Also, so many great ideas everywhere!

  53. Marsha Morlock says:

    I have not been to a Scrapbook Expo before, they have never been near where I live. But this year, watch out Mass! Soooooo looking forward to seeing all the vendors and hopefully getting in a class or two.

  54. Karen says:

    I look forward to the expo when it comes to my neck of the woods. Hitting that gong would be so fun, and a great moment to add to my own scrapbooks!

  55. Heike Elder says:

    I’ve never been to an Expo, but it sounds like such a fun (and enabling!!!) event, can’t wait to go to the St. Paul Expo.

  56. Christine Kammel says:

    I attended the 2015 Scrapbook in Milwaukee this year and absolutely loved it. Did lots of classes, mega take and also collected the buttons along with many other special buttons . The vendors very great . Would love to attend the expo in July in Minneapolis with a friend and especially get the I returned button. Scrapbook Expo you Rock!

  57. Heather Vuica says:

    I am super excited for this years Expo, Last year we enjoyed it so much , our mission is to leave with a collection for our lanyard like last years expo with 5 buttons.

  58. Mindy Parke says:

    I had so much fun collecting buttons at the 2014 Scrapbook Expo in Orlando. My 3 friends and I all got our medallions and lanyards! We wear them proudly at crops!

  59. Sheila Paar says:

    I attended the Expo in Milwaukee earlier this year and took a couple classes which were fabulous! Loved them! Considering going to the Expo in Schaumburg, as I have heard it is much bigger than the Milwaukee Expo-winning some free tickets would sure help me to stop considering and just do it!

  60. Barbara says:

    I would love to win 2 tickets. I live in Duluth area and have attended in past years. This year I will attend all 3 crops…so excited and look forward to the buttons!!!

  61. Lenora N says:

    Ii would be great to win tickets. I’ll be going to the Mesa AZ expo.
    I will like to take cards classes. Can’t wait for the event.

  62. Debbie Clever says:

    Love the Expo! I live in Denver and have been to every expo they have had here. I have also been to the Anaheim expo and have worked at the Ontario expo as a teachers pet, and on the show floor helping exhibitors set up. so fun!! HIGHLY recommend the Expo to everyone!! Definitely don’t miss Lorraine at the creativity center. She is amazing! I always make new friends and meet some old friends and have a blast!!

  63. Rachel Vasquez says:

    I took my sister to her first Scrapbook Expo at Anaheim and she just loved it. LOL Now, I have created a scrapbook Monster. Would love to take her to another Expo. Thanks, love to shop for all new items.

  64. Ann in PA says:

    I have been attending the Expo in Somerset NJ for years! Love to see both returning and new vendors each year. All of the classes I have taken over the years have been wonderful. I learn so much, and have met some new “scrappy” friends. Thanks for planning to return again in 2015!

  65. Ava O says:

    Doggoneit! I could have gotten 3 more badges at your Chantilly, VA Expo. I did spend over $150 (amazed my crafty friends with all the goodies I got with the great shopping deals). I met Melissa Francis – such a sweet and down to earth lady with wonderful products too. And I just can’t help but wonder why all those folks were at the Creativity Center. Now I know. Since this was my first year at the Expo, I will be returning next year for more and more activities and maybe a chance to get that lanyard and more pins. Thanks Scrapbook Expo for a wonderful time at your 2015 event in Chantilly, VA!

  66. Debra Gutzmer says:

    I have never been to a Scrapbook Expo Show but I am planning on going to the Expo in Kansas City. I have been to numerous Creating Keepsakes Conventions and loved that. So excited for the shopping and classes. Can’t wait to see Heartfelt Creations booth.

  67. J Sheats says:

    I want to go to the Expo in MN….They sound like a lot of fun and a great learning opportunity!

  68. Carlota says:

    I have not attended in in years due to family circumstances. I am looking forward to going this year. Love to participate in the make & takes. I now live in MA but plan on driving to NJ. My cast will be off by then:)

  69. Laurie says:

    I have not attended an Expo yet, but I’m planning to attend the Ontario, CA Expo in October. I can’t wait to see what new tools, paper, and ideas I can find to bring home and try.

  70. Nancy says:

    My daughter and I attended the Orlando Expo and we each collected 9 buttons! It was so much fun getting them. We really enjoyed the Make and Take session.

  71. Kelly Thomason says:

    Have been to several Expos here and in Denver! My first crop in 1999 was at an Expo crop! I love seeing old friends, learning new techniques and finishing projects at the crops! Have gotten some great deals on product while shopping! This year I am bringing my mom to her first crop ever!

  72. Wendy Stewart says:

    I attended the Expo in Grapevine, TX this year with 2 friends. The classes were great, although crowded sometimes, and we bought lots of new goodies.

  73. Karen Winters says:

    I have attended 2 shows both in Somerset NJ and have met so many wonderful people that I hope to see again this year. I only have one button so I hope to be collecting more. This was extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing

  74. Marisa says:

    Scrapbook Expo at Santa Clara, CA will be my first Scrapbook Expo! I already bought my airfare and am raring to sign up for 4 or maybe 5 workshops, the Mega Make N Take and Saturday crop. I am soooo excited to go, join in the fun, meet new friends and spend quality time with my BFF. I am already planning to go to either the Scrapbook Expo at Sacramento, CA and/or Mesa, AZ. I just hope my boss will let me go. 🙂

    • HawaiianLibrarian says:

      You will have a fabulous time learning, creating, cropping, and $pending as I did in Anaheim and San Diego this year. Enjoy!

  75. Kirsty Elbert says:

    I love the creativity center. I spent one expo learning all of the techniques. So may ideas that I still incorporate today. The ladies teaching are awesome and planning on going to the creativity center this year in Denver.

  76. Cindy says:

    I have been following your page on Facebook for a while and I can not wait to attend a show, this will be my first one. So Excited!!

  77. Jenn. says:

    This will be my 3rd year attending and I can’t wait! Great classes…lots of shopping…so much fun!

  78. Chari says:

    I had so much fun at the 2014 Scrspbook Expo in Duluth, Ga that I can barely wait for the 2015 Scrapbook Expo.

  79. Karen Frost says:

    I went for the first time in Denver, CO a couple of years ago – I think it was the first in Denver! I felt very overwhelmed – a lot going on but no real help in where to go or what to do – but did a lot of looking and some shopping. Peeked into the Crop Area and had some concerns about the safety of my scrapbooking supplies. Plan on going again this year and hope for a better experience! I think because it is pretty new to Denver, there may have been issues with the first event.

  80. Monique McCoy says:

    I’ve never been to a scrapbook expo event before. I’m hoping I can go to either Marlborough, MA or Somerset, NJ, it just depends if my husband has the weekend off. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, it looks like a fun time!

  81. Marie Brishke says:

    How did I miss the gong in Orlando?! Oh, I know, because I only had 3 badges, but, if I win this contest, I can go to the Expo in GA, get my 4th button, and hit the gong!!! Oh yea, I can also take my sister who has never been to an Expo before and could desperately use a trip away 🙂

  82. Joanna Nebeker says:

    I love the button program and am always looking for free scrapbook expo passes. I would love to win. I have most of the buttons pictured above and look forward to seeking out more special buttons in Santa Clara and Ontario.

  83. Pati says:

    My girlfriend & I “gonged” last year & plan on “gonging” again in October in Denver. Love your show! Thank for the opportunity to win.

  84. Jaime Sunshine says:

    This year will be my very 1st Scrapbooking Expo & I think I need to pre-plan. Thinking about making a checklist &/or itinerary so I don’t miss or forget anything at all. I have been looking forward to this since last year when I heard it was coming some what local. Hoping I can cram every single make & take, meet & greet, lots of gongs & bags full of fun stuff that keeps me so excited about crafting. Winning a ticket would just be the icing on the cake! #ScrapbookExpoFan #Amazement #Fun #Exciting #Can’t ComeFastEnough

  85. Susan Janczewski says:

    I’ve attended the Illinois Scrapbook Expo in St. Charles three times and am excited about the new venue in Schaumburg!

  86. Susan Janczewski says:

    I’ve attended the Scrapbook Expo in St. Charles, IL three times and am excited about the new venue in Schaumburg!

  87. Sharron B says:

    I attended my 1st Scrapbook Expo last week in Chantilly, VA….and I had a blast! After earning 7 buttons by 11am ( Jerry said that was a record! ) I got to ring the gong!! Woohoo! I attended a few classes, all 3 crops-including the Mega Make n Take Event and of course….”shopped til I dropped”!! I met so many wonderful people: Betty, Tina, Dave and Lorraine to name a few…and they really made my 1st Expo experience so memorable! By the end of the event, I had 13 buttons…so I would love to win tickets and go to Sonerset, NJ to earn my ” I returned” button!! Thanks again for a fabulous event!!

  88. marylouh says:

    I would love to go to the Kansas City, MO, expo.
    thanks for the chance to collect some fun buttons.

  89. diana says:

    I just cant wait to attend the next expos, and love to learn something new every time. I love spending time with the make n takes, and all the vendors who really love teaching us how to use their products! and of course the fabulious givaways!

  90. Toni Guchereau says:

    Been going to the Expos for years & look forward to each year. It’s a great opportunity for my daughter & sisters to get together every year . (I’d like to know where she got the “Junkie” button & what it takes to get it! Do you have one for “Scrapbookers Anonymous. a 12×12 program”? )

  91. Yolanda says:

    This will be my first Scrapbook Expo. I am excited about collecting buttons. I will be attending the Expo in Akron, Ohio.

  92. Aurora says:

    Santa Clara 2015 will be my first expo. So excited to attend the workshops and meet new friends. Oh and of course buy new products.

  93. rosemarie c says:

    Hoping to go to Santa Clara this August. Missed the last couple of local ones due health issues. I was talking with a friend when the called a number for the floor number drawing. We all looked down and noticed that I was standing on the winning number! Got an awesome prize. Thanks for a chance to win tickets.

  94. Jessie Wasser says:

    I’ve been to many expos over the years…
    San Diego, Anaheim, Ontario, Mesa and this year I plan to add Denver to my list.
    My goal for next year is to go to every expo in California, I just have to talk my hubby into thinking it’s a great idea. Lol
    I love the crops at the expos, and the classes, and the shopping. Let’s face it I love everything about the expos

  95. SueinMtVernon says:

    Darn it! I wish I had known the event location state button counted toward earning the medallion! I could have banged the gong and gotten that awesome lanyard. Darn it.Darn it.Darn it.

  96. Carol Coleman says:

    I attended Pleasanton and had a wonderful time. Bathe highlight for me was the Cricut booth. I met the CEO of Cricut along with some of the top staff and leadership. I loved the classes that Lorraine guided us through. I met Lorraine at Puyallup last year. I have no idea who the special person(s) are for Santa Clara. Appreciated the Facebook group Scrapbook Expo launched. Via that, my friend Marisa and I will be cropping and doing the Make n Take event with Val and her friend

    • HawaiianLibrarian says:

      Took 9 classes @ my first Expo in Anaheim in March, then just 1 @ San Diego in May so I could do more make-its. Did Thursday nite’s Mega Make-it Crop @ both sites. F.a.b.u.l.o.u.s! Have fun!

  97. Cheri A. says:

    I love attending the Scrapbook Expo each year in Sacramento. It’s also been great fun to introduce some of my crafty friends to the marvel that is the Scrapbook Expo shopping experience. So much merchandise to choose from at such fabulous prices, not to mention the freebies that get handed out to attendees! Plus, I love supporting the local nonprofit working the bag check area – I don’t have to keep making trips to my car with my haul of goodies (paper gets especially heavy!) – and they get some cash for their operation. Kudos to Scrapbook Expo!

  98. Pam Makis says:

    This year the show is moving to Schaumburg, IL. I can’t wait to see the new area and classes. I hope it is bigger and better than last year. Can’t wait to start collecting buttons.

  99. Fran Weinberg says:

    I’ve attended every SBE ever held in South Florida. They are so much fun! Please, please, please come back!!! I miss you. Ca n you tell that I’m begging? I’ve never attended the crops, and I promise I’ll attend the next time you’re here.

  100. Christine J says:

    I’ve been going to the Expo since my teens we little babies. I really like taking classes and doing make and takes from different teachers. They all share their experiences and usually have a smile or a laugh to share as well. I love talking to the business owners and designers and seeing things I wouldn’t normally see in my area. Looking forward to getting some more buttons for my lanyard in a few months!

  101. Paula says:

    I attended my first Expo last year and my sister and I had so much fun collecting the buttons. Looking forward to the Expo in Kansas City this year!

  102. Susan S says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I have attended every Expo in Duluth, GA and look forward to collecting buttons this year!

  103. Rhonda Jewell says:

    I was able to attend my first Scrapbook Expo in February this year! I had a wonderful time from the Mega-Crop, classes & the shopping…did I mention SHOPPING??? I was able to hit the gong and was (and still am) happy with the beautiful medallion. I went alone, but next year a few of my friends would like to go with me! Friends and Scrapbooking, sounds good to me!

  104. Joan Morris says:

    I am so lucky to have three Scrapbook Expo shows near my home — Pleasanton, Santa Clara and Sacramento. My crafting buddy and I have been attending for years, but recently we’ve started making a weekend of the shows. We have the best time and this year, I even got to gong the gong, and my friend got one of the special pins. We count the days to the next one. Don’t ever stop, please!

  105. Wanda R. says:

    I have attended the Chantilly Expo the past two years and this year I got to hit the Gong. It was kind of fun collecting all the badges. I volunteered this year and that was really fun too and helped me earn another badge. I would love to be able to work for Scrapbook Expo in Chantilly, VA!!

  106. J. Simon says:

    Last year was my first expo and I no idea about the buttons. Thanks so much for explaining how the program works !!!!

  107. Holly Klingensmith says:

    I have never attended Scrapbook Expo but would love to. NJ is the one closest to me. One of these years I will be able to attend.

  108. Erika says:

    Love going to the Scrapbook Expo two times a year – once in Pleasanton, CA and once in Sacramento, CA. I enjoy the different vendors that attend each show; they’re not all the same. 🙂

  109. Lisa Leitch says:

    I love going to the Expos but I don’t like going alone! I love taking someone new each time that has never been! When you walk in and see their face, like a kid in a candy store! I love the demonstrations of new products! I learn something new everytime!

  110. Karen says:

    I love attending SBE and am looking forward to the GA show in July. I’ll have to work towards earning some buttons and maybe even get to hit the gong! I love seeing all of the new products that come out each year.

  111. April Morris says:

    I attended Anaheim this year and enjoyed the three days of learning. I attended 11 classes in all and shopped between each. I am looking forward to Ontario!

  112. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    Took 9 classes [mostly Pinecone Press] @ my first Expo in Anaheim in March and shopped & created. Then took just 1 class @ San Diego in May so I could do more make-its and shopping. Loved Thursday nite’s Mega Make-it Crop @ both sites where I met very lovely ladies as crop table mates [they enjoyed the macadamia nut candy from Hawaii]. F.a.b.u.l.o.u.s! Earned my lanyard and medallion in San Diego [good thing I purchased the Anaheim button as proof I was returning] but no one informed me about the gong. sigh. Mahalo for this detailed explanation of the button program.

  113. Michele Wilson says:

    I have attended most of the Scrapbook Expo shows in St. Charles and will be attending the Schaumberg event. Its a great event and perfectly times for me, right after the kids go back to school. As they settle in to the school year, I get a chance to escape with girlfriends for a relaxing and fun time spent crafting. The new creativity center is a fantastic way to use some of the newest tools and learn new techniques or rediscover tools and techniques I have forgotten. Schaumberg is just a few months away. Can’t wait!

  114. Olive M says:

    At one Scrapbook Expo a few years ago I got the chance to be a helper for a vendor. I met some great people, got a closeup look at their wonderful products and had an absolute blast. Then when I was finished, I got to go shopping…what more could a girl ask for?!

  115. Linda E says:

    I have been attending the Somerset, NJ, event for many years now and can’t wait to go back. One highlight was taking a class taught by the magnificent Kelly Goree! I also remember the first time finding the fabulous Nicole Peterson at the show. My friend and I spent over an hour in her booth! As for the shopping, I will easily earn a few of those buttons! 😉

  116. Carolyn Carter says:

    I’ve only attended one Scrapbook Expo and I plan to attend the Duluth GA one again Hallelujah! I love shopping for scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies and this year Lord willing, I’ll get to attend several cropping events!!!!!

  117. Sarit says:

    I’ve attended the Scrapbook Expo the last 4 years, and I can’t wait for this year’s! I’ve just registered for the workshops and I’m so excited to start collecting the buttons.
    This year I’m also attending the Mega crop event for the first time, and I have to say this is what I’m most excited about 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

  118. Doris says:

    My sister and I attend the first scrapbook expo 2014. We never knew about it before. We went to the one in orlando, fl. We had a blast. We were in awe at what we had seen. How much people brought into the mega scrap night. The classes were great learned so much. But the expo in orlando was even better. So organized, so many things to buy and so much to learn. Taking the classes really helped learned so much that we did not even know. The only thing is we did not get our badge for the gong, they said they were out what a disappointed, maybe next year. We want to attend every year that we can. I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and my sister has ra really bad and we hope to be able to attend years to come. Thanks for a wonderful extent. See you in 2016

  119. Colleen Flathers says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be able to attend a Scrapbook Expo. I have heard good things about them.

  120. Betty MacMaster says:

    Went to my first Expo this year,my daughter worked in a booth,so I had time to kill. All the vendors and projects were so much fun.

  121. Julie Reutter says:

    I loved doing friday crop last year so much that I talked 2 friends into. joining me this year and we are doing the Thursday make n takes and the Friday crop.

  122. Cheryl Norton says:

    LOVE attending the Scrapbook Expo every year in Orlando (have been to San Diego too!). With so few dedicated scrapbook stores available, it’s a real treat to be able to see and shop for the latest products and tools. We come early, shop til we drop and LOVE the all day/late night crop . . . great fun.

  123. Susan Broad says:

    Loved this blog! Just discovered Scrapbook Expo today on FB & found out you’re coming to Mass., right next to me! I SO want to go to your Expo & collect my buttons, meet new friends & crop & shop all day! Thank you!

  124. Gayle M says:

    I worked for Archiver’s in Marietta and was lucky enough to attend/work at the Expo in Duluth, GA…I loved every single minute of being there, the excitement, the fun and of course all the gorgeous items. I am hoping to go again this year…I would LOVE to win the tickets so that could/can happen.

  125. Deeann Siler says:

    My first Expo was this past Spring in Pleasanton, CA. Spellbinders had fantastic deals on their dies and embossing plates…so I stocked up. I discovered a new line of fun Peel Off stickers by Krazy Kreations–ice cream cones, telephones, sunflower pots, etc. Another vendor demonstrated how easy it is to cut die cuts out of aluminum cans–a great way to up cycle. So many terrific products and ideas; I could hardly wait to start my next project! Next stop–SBE in Sacramento!

  126. Tracey R says:

    Thanks for the information about the buttons! I just registered yesterday to attend Scrapbook Expo for my first time in Santa Clara. I am so excited and would love to bring a couple friends with me if I won the free admissions.

  127. Cindie says:

    I’ve NEVER been to an EXPO!!! Would LOVE to attend! I think you should create a FIRST TIMER button.

  128. Laura Downey says:

    I attended my first expo in Anaheim earlier this year. I plan to go to Ontario in October with more friends. Can’t wait, they are so much fun!

  129. Nyra says:

    Scrapbook Expo is my NEW ADDICTION. If I could travel to every last SB Expo all over the country, I would. I love the atmosphere and the energy at the expo. I am so happy and excited I have found a planet of crafty friends and I just love it. I am so happy California has the most expos in one state and i dont mind traveling all over California to each one. So pick me, pick me, cause truly i am the biggest fan, plus, i only need 3 more buttons to complete my set: I support, I helped and I Learned. I have atteneded Anaheim, San Diego and will attemd Ontario. This SB Expo is like a Disneyland for us Crafters. Thank you. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  130. Shellee says:

    I was SO excited when I learned that we were getting an Expo back in Denver! I have attended all of them, and cropped every night! Intend to do the same this year. Was lucky enough to be in Sacramento on business one year at the same time as their Expo and was able to attend there also. Great fun to see the different vendors, as well as say Hi to the vendors from Colorado. My favorite part of the Expo is the Creative Center with Lorraine. She is the perfect representative for the show vendors, and makes you want to learn and then go purchase their products!

  131. Jayne Bergeman says:

    My scrappy friends and I always try to make it to at least one expo, usually Somerset. We all took an awesome class there last year and shopped til we dropped! Thanks for the giveaway.

  132. Melanie McColm says:

    I attended the Pleasanton, CA expo earlier this year for my birthday. We cropped all weekend and they had the whole crop sing happy birthday to me. What a special experience.

  133. Mari says:

    My friends and I love the Scrapbook Expo. We go to Ontario, Anaheim, and San Diego. I would love to win 2 free passes.

  134. Beth says:

    My daughter and I love to go to the Expo! We have learned so much from the many artisans! Can’t wait for this year’s Expo!

  135. Debbie Schlacter says:

    Love, love, love these expos!! My scrappy partner and I go EVERY year at the Ontario. Convention Center, and this will be our 8th, maybe 9th!! We hit the door at 7am, wait for the doors to open, then scrap all morning, all day, and all night til Dave shuts us down! If that thing called work gets in the way, we take PTO!! We leave the husbands to fend for the kids, or is it the other way around?? Our husbands think were crazy for scrapin’ 16 hrs, but for us, that is literally a days work so it’s easy for us! ❤️ The make & takes, the classes, the vendors(and it definitely is easy to spend $150, which we save birthday money for), and most of all, the scrap-a-thons! Thanks to everyone who makes it possible! ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️ See you in October!

  136. Liz W says:

    Love going to the expo! I have been going for years. I always find some new items that I never even knew I needed. It’s a great place to shop, spend the day with friends and learn some new techniques.

  137. Lori A. Giese says:

    I want one of these events to come to the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica, New York.

  138. Vicki Morey says:

    I attended this last year at the State Fairgrounds in the Education Building. Went with friends. We had a blast shopping, make n takes, and learning new tricks and some tips from fellow scrappers. Fun day by all. Looking forward to this years event. Thank you for putting this on.

  139. Andrea Valluzzo says:

    I have never been to an Expo but I’m excited to go to the one in New Jersey in September,, The buttons sound like it’ll make it add even more fun!

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