Freebie Friday – Little B Paper Flowers

Poppy Flower Gift Box

Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

This week is the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. I am very much looking forward to spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking both a turkey and a spiral ham. My son has even put in his pie requests already just to make sure I make enough of his favourites! I am also looking forward to putting away my laptop and focusing on what is really important in life – my family!

Last weekend,  my daughter bought me a bouquet of flowers. She chose a very colourful bouquet where the blooms had been dyed to create a spectacular rainbow of colour. The flowers are so ‘her’ and make me smile every time I look at them. I am so thankful to have wonderful, thoughtful children.

Rainbow Flowers

While I love to look at flowers, it is not always practical to have fresh flowers in the house, especially in the dead of winter.  Little B has a solution for that with their paper flowers.

These paper flowers are very cool! In the petal strip kits, you receive adhesive based petal strips that you twist around the flower wire to create a bloom. You then customize the flower by pulling, pushing, and curling the flower petals into the directions you want them to go.  It is a wonderfully simple and quick process.

Little B Paper Flowers

Poppy Flower Gift Box

With so many colours and sizes available, the flower possibilities seem endless!


Friends of Scrapbook Expo

Our friends at Little B LLC. would like one lucky Scrapbook Expo friend to win a paper flower prize pack.

Little B Giveaway

* This image is not an exact representation of the prize pack. It is a sample of what could be included in the prize pack.

Learn more about Little B LLC here:

For your chance to win this wonderful prize from our friends at Little B, leave a comment on this blog post. The giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, October 15th.

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by the Scrapbook Expo team. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! The giveaway was for a mystery box of card making goodies.

The winner is Marianne Vakiener!

Marianne V Winner


Congratulations, Marianne! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘Scrapbook Expo Mystery Box’ in the subject line.

Thanks for joining me this week. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Don’t forget … if you want a chance to win a collection of paper flowers from Little B, you need to leave a comment on this post.

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~ Jen

45 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Little B Paper Flowers

  1. barb macaskill says:

    Congratulations Marianne!! Enjoy your goodies! I adore ANYTHING Little B and would love a chance to create a bouquet of flowers that won’t set my allergies off! Thanks for the chance to!!

  2. Carla Hundley says:

    Wow, this looks like a great
    prize pack and the flowers
    look great to make! Thanks
    for the giveaway.
    Carla from Utah

  3. Edwina Brown says:

    Flowers real or faux are something I love. Paper flowers for decorating and creating decorations would be great with Little B’s kits. The video showed how easy they would to be made.

  4. Peggy says:

    I love making paper flowers and if there’s a kit, I will love making them even more. I hope I win but, if not, I will probably order some. Thanks for the chance to win something.


  5. snazzy jj says:

    I love Little B’s products! I have several of their dies and love them!!! Adorable post-it notes too. This flower die looks really fun.

  6. Rebecca Yahrling says:

    I love looking at flowers, too. My hubby does Bonsai and every day he brings me at least one (sometimes 2 or 3!) that have a flower blooming for me to enjoy. (Yep – he’s a keeper).

  7. Sweet April says:

    Flowers such beauty,inspirational and so special for any seems like a interesting kit and very useful. Since,I love flowers,they are nature’s prayer!

  8. marylouh says:

    I enjoy having flowers on display in my house. With winter coming and the darker days, flowers brighten the house.
    I’d love to be able to make my own flowers. thanks for the chance.

  9. Carey Nusbaum says:

    These flowers look lovely! I use flowers on cards or packages whenever I can! Thank you Little B for your generosity!

  10. Lindi says:

    I love making flowers I include on my cards, mixed media pieces, but have not really made the bigger ones, the little B Flower kits look amazing and so life like….. Beautiful

  11. Debbie Fortenberry says:

    These flowers are beautiful! I love to put 3D flowers in shadowbox frames.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  12. Lisaerica says:

    I love flowers, they always complete a room, complete a bride, complete a yard, I could go on and on, lol. Every woman loves to get them wether they’re fresh or paper to place in a vase or inked up on the front of a card. These dies are gorgeous, the possibilities are endless. Thanks for inspiring and the chance to win.

  13. Pat says:

    Love these easy flowers ?. And can’t wait till expo on Friday. ….I’m volunteering and still have time to shop! ?

  14. Sharyn Childs says:

    What a terrific prize!!! I’m already thinking about the projects this would be perfect for. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  15. Karen Waldner says:

    How cute, make paper flowers has become one of my favorite crafts, thanks for the change to win.

  16. Gail says:

    I love flowers. I’ve never used Little B products . I have made a few flowers so would live to try product?

  17. Shilpa says:

    Flowers , real or paper always bring happiness to me . Love them all…….so many colors to choose from , 4 varieties and many sizes , thus making it versatile enough for various projects !!

  18. Lindsay says:

    I’ve never made paper flowers before, but the kit makes it seem less daunting! So pretty as we head into fall and all the summer flowers have faded away!

  19. Donna Simmons says:

    WOW, to be able to set the size of the flower is AWESOME!!!! I love using flowers on my page and yet sometimes they are too high/ bulky or meh not enough!!! This looks like a Great Idea!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

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