Hand-Stitched Ribbon Card

Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am sharing a card I created with hand-stitched ribbon.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card
I started with some 5/8″ woven ribbon, two colors of embroidery thread, and a sewing needle.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step1
I threaded the needle with the blue embroidery thread and ran a basting stitch along the center of the ribbon.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step2
I did this until the pleated ribbon pretty much covered the needle, then I held the needle in place and pulled the end of the ribbon.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step3

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step4

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step5
I repeated this until I got to the other end of the ribbon.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step6
I could have stopped here, but I decided to take it a step further and add in another color of embroidery thread. I threaded the needle with a lilac embroidery thread and ran it down the center of thread, stitching between the blue thread and alternating the colors.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step7

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_step9
I added some Pink Paislee Cedar Lane Ephemera die cuts along with some Washi Shapes to my card front and then added my hand-stitched ribbon along the left side of the card and tied a bow.

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_closeup1

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card_closeup2

roree rumph_hand_stitched_ribbon_card
I consider white ribbon and embroidery thread staples in my craft room. I may not always have just the perfect color ribbon to match every collection. But with these basic items, I can color customize my ribbon to coordinate with almost any product.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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