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Happy Monday! As I was going through my supplies trying to decide what to create for today’s post (and still in a mood to create a love-themed project), I found this totally adorable paper from Doodlebug Design:

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_inspiration

It is the Sugar, Sugar double-sided cardstock from their Sweetheart collection. As soon as I saw it, I instantly fell in love. Those sweet clouds with the dangling hearts—what’s not to love?! I knew it would make an awesome card.

To start, I gathered my supplies together and cut out some clouds and hearts of assorted shapes and sizes with my die cut machine.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step1 2

I arranged the cuts on my base panel until I found the perfect placement.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step2 2

I marked a point at the center of each heart with a pencil.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step3 2

Then, I marked a line at the center height of my cloud.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step4 2

Using the pencil marks as my guide, I marked holes about every 1/4″ from each heart’s pencil mark to the mark at the center point of the cloud with a paper piercer.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step5 2

I went back and pierced the holes all the way through to make more room for my needle and thread.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step6 2

I erased all of my pencil marks. (You don’t want to see those on your finished card!)

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step7 2

Then, I started stitching. (I prefer to stitch through every other hole, and then work my way back.)

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step8 2

Here is the finished stitching:

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step9 2

I added hearts to the end of each stitched line to complete my dangling hearts.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_step10 2

All that was left was to add the clouds (with a few cross stitches), my sentiment, and a few border strips along the top and bottom of the card.

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_closeup1 2

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card_closeup2 2

A sweet Valentine card inspired by a super cute design!

roree rumph_handstitched_valentine_card 2

Hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday post. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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