Life Is Beautiful

Can you believe that this card was created with a stamp?  Such a wonderful and different way of using your stamps to create a water-color image!  You don’t have to be an impressionist painter to create a water-color masterpiece. I would like to say thank you to Sanketi for allowing us to share this beautiful card. Her handling of water colors is absolutely amazing! Be sure to see more of her water coloring images on her blog The Storyteller. You are sure to be amazed and inspired!


To begin creating, choose a stamp which has ample of areas to color.


Stamp the image and sketch the scene around it very lightly with a pencil. Sanketi almost always uses water-based inks. Using the water-based inks will achieve a softer outline and will blend into the rest of the scene.


Now the fun begins….color! Remember that with watercolor, your highlights are the white of the paper. Save them if you need them. You can go around them or use masking fluid to protect the whites.


Dampen the sky area with a wet brush and drop in the blue and blend while wet to avoid hard edges. Watercolor dries lighter.


Add the dark colors and look for visual balance. You want your eyes to go directly to the focal point of your card. It helps to keep the edges a shade darker than the center; this prevents the eye from jumping all over the painting. What a beautiful card you can create and have so much fun in doing so.

Creativity involves in breaking out of your traditional style.  Take a look at your project in a different way, and never hesitate to try something new.




Items Used (Not Shown):

  • Water Based Inks
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Blending Pen
  • White Cardstock