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Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am going to show you how to create a lovely canvas banner for mom this Mother’s Day.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner
A couple of weeks ago, I attended my first Scrapbook Expo event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had an absolute blast! There were so many friendly faces, informative workshops, creative croppers, and vendors selling the latest and greatest in paper crafting supplies. One of the items I picked up while I was there was some darling stitched canvas pennants by Linnie Blooms. I just adore them! I also picked up the super-cute Happy SN@P! Pack by Simple Stories, so I paired the two together to create a banner for my mom for Mother’s Day.

To create this banner, first get your supplies together. You will need: stitched canvas pennants, patterned paper, a hole punch, eyelets, an eyelet setter, ribbon, adhesive, die cuts, stickers, rhinestones, and a brad.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step1
To cut a triangle to fit inside the stitched pennant, cut your patterned paper the size of your widest and longest inner dimensions of the triangle, leaving space for a small border around the edges so you won’t cover the stitching. Place the panel over the triangle and mark the bottom center.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step2
Trim from the bottom center outward to each top corner to create a triangle shape.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step3
Adhere your paper triangles to the center of each of the stitched pennants.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step4
Punch a hole at each of the top corners with a hole punch.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step5
Set eyelets in each of the punched holes to reinforce the holes.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step6
Thread the pennants with ribbon and tie a bow at each end.

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step7

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_step8
All that is left is to decorate your pennants!

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_left

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_center

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner_right

roree rumph_mom_stitched_canvas_pennants_banner
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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