Stitched Sequin and Bead Border Card

Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am sharing a card I created with a fun sequin and bead border.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card
I gathered together some of my favorite papers and embellishments from BasicGrey’s Urban Luxe collection.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step1
I created a card front by adhering strips of patterned paper (two that were edged with decorative scissors) to a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2″ patterned paper panel, leaving some open space for my sequin and bead border.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step2
In the open space left for the border, I marked a spot every 3/8″ with a pencil down the center of each strip.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step3
I then pierced a hole at each mark with a paper piercer.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step4
I got out the sequin and bead mix from the Eclectic Embellishment kit and a needle and thread.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step5
I added some tape along the back of the card panel over the thread to hold it in place.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step6
I threaded a sequin and a bead and ran the needle back through the sequin, repeating this step for each hole I pierced.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step10
After I finished adding the sequins and beads on both rows, I knotted the thread on the back side of the card and trimmed the ends.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step11
I added tape along the line of thread on the back side of the card to hold the thread in place in case one of the sequins or beads gets pulled accidentally.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step12
I ended up with two beautiful sequin and bead borders on my card.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_step13
I finished the card by adding a sentiment with Watercolor Paper Die Cuts (also from the Urban Luxe collection) and a flower from the Eclectic Embellishment Kit.

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card_detail1

roree rumph_stitched_sequin_bead_border_card
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!




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