Tip of the Day: Doodling with metal stencils from Stampendous


I love to doodle, but I can assure you that my designs would never be considered artwork! Fran Seiford from Stampendous shows how to take doodling to the next level and create your own art by using some very cool metal stencils from Dreamweaver. Create outlines and add patterns with other stencils, or start with an outline and add your own, freehand designs.

Thanks, Fran, for sharing your tip with us! To check out all the Dreamweaver stencils, along with other great products, make sure to visit stampendous.com.





4 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: Doodling with metal stencils from Stampendous

  1. sandy halliburton says:

    thanks, fran…all good ideas. never thought of using my picasso! great! i was lucky to take a “stentangle” class with wayne and lynell harlow recently and had a blast! i’m still not very good but practicing when i can. love using the dreamweaver stencils for this and many other techniques!

  2. Monique Soulard says:

    Hi Fran, i live in Montréal Canada.Can you tell me where to buy Dreamweaver stencils please.
    You make so nice things with stencils and i want to buy some.
    Excuse my bad English!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

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