Card Swappin’ in Edison, NJ and Schaumburg, IL

Welcome back! I am excited to share the card making inspiration from our shows in Edison, NJ and Schaumburg, IL.  We had very amazing cards at both these show locations and I enjoyed the way they were created using several different elements.

In Edison, NJ we had several first-time card makers and first-time guests attending a card swap.  It is always great to hear what inspires a newbie to make cards and attend our swaps. We had two sisters that attended together. One of the sisters was a long time card maker and she inspired her sister to begin making cards and join her at the swap. It was wonderful to hear the sister new to card making say at one point during the swap, “I am hooked!”  What a great way for these two sisters to enjoy this beautiful card making and crafting experience.  We had a mother and son who had attended the swap last year and enjoyed it so much they came back to enjoy it together again this year. I love seeing people share their creative experiences with those people dear to them.

Take a look at this very fun shaker card!  It has an Inspiring message and a cute way to make the water drops fall; they are attached to the threads so they move up and down when you shake the card.  This is such a clever idea and really makes the card stand out.

This cute Hello card uses some beautiful flowers from Heartfelt Creations.  The embellishment was created with clay and makes the card so elegant.  It is sure to be cherished as a gift in itself.  Thanks so much to Kevin Devine for creating this card and sharing it at the Edison, NJ card swap.

The Card Swap in Schaumburg was jam-packed full of great cards!  We had approximately 60 card swap guests on Friday and Saturday.  Choosing just 15 special cards was a challenge for all of our guests.  It always amazes me how each card is such a personal statement about the creator.  Take a look at this card created by Kim Walters.  This twist and pop style card was very detailed on the outside with detailed dies cuts and also contained a beautiful surprise on the inside, adding even more elegance.  You could use this card for any special message by simply changing out the sentiment on the outside and inside.

Agatha McCallister pulled out all of the stops with her “Celebrate” themed card.  It has a decorative band to hold in all of the surprises that this card has to offer.  As you take the outside strap off, it reveals several triangles with places to stamp and create different celebratory messages.  As you open the card, it reveals several more triangles for you to create even more messages or to simply add more color to your card.  This card is a gift all by itself as it depicts the shape and look of a gift box.

Have you joined a local Card Swap yet?  It only takes a few friends to get one started and think of all of the fun you will have sharing your card ideas and inspiration with them.  Guess what???  I recently joined a group in New Jersey to swap cards with, and I live in California. You can swap cards if you are next door or on the other side of the country.  Find or create that special card swap group just for you! Keep making those beautiful card creations and I hope to see you and your friends at a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo near you!


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  1. Tamara says:

    I love the folded triangles card – think it would make a great holiday greeting. Please share the directions. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

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