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March 2020 Card Swap Blog – Here We Come Card Markers!

Hello and Happy March to all of my fellow Card Markers.  Well we are getting ready to start out our show season in Sunny Orlando Florida next weekend.  I am so excited to be hosting the swaps again this year in Orlando and all of the shows.  It has been great to keep in touch […]


2020 February Crafter’s Play Date Prize Reveal

Happy February and I hope you had a really great love and friendship-filled Valentine’s Day!  It is so very important to share the joys that you have in your life with the ones you love and even someone you may just know a little but needs a nice little pick me up.  I know how […]

Love Filled Card Swaps

Be My Valentine!  I hope that all of you have finished your cards for that special person or special people in your life.  You only have three days left if not!  Valentine’s Day is such a great holiday that we celebrate with cards filled with love and happy thoughts for those you care about the […]

2020 January Card Swap

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you have had a great holiday season and are ready for a great New Year of Card Making!  I am very excited to be back and hosting the card swaps again this year!  Each month we will feature our Most Appreciated Card Swap Winner, and we now feature three […]

Card Swap Recap – Chantilly, VA and Kansas City, MO

Here we are, almost at the end of summer fun.  Well, that does not stop those of us who make cards.  We can have summer, winter, spring, or fall fun all year with whatever cards we choose to create that make us and others around us happy.  With vacations almost over and the kids getting […]

Card Swap Recap for Puyallup, WA and St. Paul, MN Shows

Hello summer!!!  Fun in the sun, swimming, family vacations, and much more – the summer is here and going by fast!  July 4th was filled with red, white and blue, and the rest of summer will be filled with more great memories to cherish in the years to come.  Did you send out all your […]