Copic Marker Storage Inspiration

One thing stays pretty much the same no matter which location the crop is at… storage.  We can all agree that for some of us organization is definitely not a strong point.  Some struggle with just how to organize all that great stuff, while the other majority seems to have it down to a science.

I’d like you to meet Steven.  Steven has been coming to Stamp & Scrapbook Expos for years, and not just one a year. He makes it to three of four Expos every year! The beautiful cards he creates first caught our eye at the crops, but we soon became mesmerized by his collection of Copic markers and then his organization of all his Copic markers!  A collection this vast is something to be proud of, and it definitely calls for some serious organization.

At home something permeant might be easy to commit to, but Steven likes to attend our crops, meet his friends, and go to craft parties.  He needed something that he would be able to travel with, something portable, something structured that he could have readily available.  Now if this set up doesn’t entail some major systematic planning, I don’t know what would.

When considering purchasing anything for our craft items we tend to ask ourselves a few questions.  First, is it practical?  Second, is it expensive?  Third, is it attractive?  The first and second questions can be overridden by the answer to the third question.  For Steven, this storage solution checked all the boxes he needed to be checked off!

Do you want to see this all packed up and ready to go to the next crop?  Michelle from the Crop Crew modeled it for us.

Did this leave you with enough inspiration to start getting organized? At least I know half of you are going to either get organized or buy some more Copic markers!  Both sound like a win/win for me!!

See you at the Crop!


11 thoughts on “Copic Marker Storage Inspiration

  1. LaRetta Osterkamp says:

    What are the Copic markers in? Looks like a suitcase with some kind of plastic holders in the bottom. Where can you get this?

  2. Amy Wazwaz says:

    So how do the markers stay organized? And does anything happen to the markers staying up? Like does the ink go to one end or leak out of that end ?

    • Dawn Simpson says:

      Amy Wazwaz, that was my question as well. I use the Spectrum Noir markers and I was told that it would be optimal to store them horizontally so the ink would be better distributed instead of going to one end or the other. I guess you could store the case on it’s side when not in use. It is a good idea for travel though.

    • Laurie Helgason says:

      On the bottom of the suit case, made and sold by Copic, are the plastic Copic holders that can be purchased at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to use your coupons! The ink does not leak out either end. Copics can be stored on their side or upright.

  3. Tina Rehs says:

    Omgoodness I wish I could afford all those Copic and of course the skills to use them like all of you. Praying my health allows me to go to the expo in October. Stay blessed and safe everyone.

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