Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Elaine Davis


I just love everything Elaine Davis shares! She just radiates positive energy and vibes and I am so excited to introduce you to her today!

Name: Elaine Davis
Location: Central Indiana
Instagram: @mrs.elaine.davis
YouTube: Elaine Davis
Pinterest: Elaine Davis
Facebook: Elaine Davis (personal) & Elaine Davis Bible Journaling & Workshops
Etsy: Craftcake Designs

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: Hiya sweets! I’m Elaine, Director of Digital Merchandise for Illustrated Faith! I’m a paper crafter, mixed media artist, list-maker, graphic designer, wanna-be interior decorator, & professional at making it up as I go. I’m an artsy wife to my nerdy husband Ian. We just left apartment life & moved into our first house with our kitty Phoebe & we love it! I’ve been crafting since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors. My parents subscribed me to a craft kit club (before they were really a thing!), enrolled me in as many art classes as possible, & have always fostered that connection with creativity! I started scrapbooking at age 12 & never looked back. Ever since, I’ve always had more art supplies than clothes. 😉 I’m so blessed that I have managed to make a career out of my art & paper crafting! I wake up every day excited to go to work!

Favorite thing to create: Probably art journal pages & Bible pages!

What do you love about this hobby? I love that I can create works of art while at the same time documenting memories & recording my faith journey! There are so many facets to paper crafting that people don’t see. It’s not really about the end result at all, it’s about the process! It’s about sitting down in my studio & getting paint all over my hands, making a scrappy mess, & just hanging out in the happiness. I also really really really love color, so I love using my art supplies as home decor.

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. I have a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist that says “create.”
2. I could name all the states in alphabetical order before the age of 3.
3. I love making art out of things others would consider trash: junk mail, packaging, paper bags, used gift wrap, etc.
4. I graduated from the Ball State University Honors College with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish & Associate’s degrees in Graphic Design & Digital Publishing.
5. I was a 10-year 4-H member & now I’m a judge in my home county for their Scrapbooking project!

SMALL STEPS by Elaine Davis

Not unlike the collection itself, this page was inspired by our recent move. Paige said in a video that the Turn the Page collection was inspired by her family’s move from Germany. Well my husband & I just bought our first house! This collection was perfect to process some feelings I’ve had while juggling #allthethings during the move & pointed me straight to the Lord! When I’m overwhelmed, I always turn to Him!


I created this scrap layout right when I got back from our Illustrated Faith retreat in Seattle this past spring. These colors just make my heart dance around in my chest! I think my favorite part of creating it was putting the details on with some colors from my Nuvo Drop collection!


These came together in no time flat because I was SO into it! I created myself a little “kit” of supplies in a fun color palette to create these & just had fun building layers on layers on layers! I’ve used these in my Bible, scrap layouts, happy mail, cards, & wherever I needed a little sparkle!


This is a great example of my usual process: not having any expectations when a page starts. I just sat down with a single stamp set I wanted to use & ended with this work of art! Painting, cutting, & pasting with reckless abandon is one of my favorite things. I really worked out some feels in the creative process too. 🙂

LOVE SHOES by Elaine Davis

This layout is centered around the pair of shoes I was wearing when I got engaged 8 years ago. I’m a super sentimental person, but I don’t like to hold on to EVERYTHING. This was a case of preserving the memory of those bejeweled flats even though I passed them on to someone else. I had to add a clip with a little gem to echo the details on the shoes!

All of Elaine’s projects inspire me! They are so colorful and fun! I hope you check out Elaine’s bounty of other projects by visiting her social media sites listed at the top! See you again next week!

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