Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Keepsake Button Program

I know you have seen them, we’ve all seen them, and in fact, you might just be one!  Are you a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Button Fanatic?  Once you see those shiny little Stamp & Scrapbook Expo buttons something comes over you and you just have to have them!  Have you started your collection of buttons from the show?  Raise your hand if you have no clue what I am talking about and let’s get you up to speed on this whole button thing I’m talking about.

Stamp and Scrapbook Expo (or SSBE as I like to refer to us) has a whole button program that you can participate in.  You can earn buttons for doing simple things like taking a class, cropping, volunteering, making a project in the creativity center, shopping, and so on. But the program doesn’t stop at earning them,  you can purchase a location button and a couple of other specialty buttons to help you get to four buttons.  What is so big about four buttons, you ask?

After you earn four buttons you can go to Jerry in “Will Call” and hit the GONG and receive a lanyard with an “I Conquered” medallion to put them on.  Yes, you now can earn a medal for crafting.

Now the fun begins, let’s say you have a few buttons to spare… you can trade with the employees of Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!  Yes, you have heard that correctly, the employees have designed their own buttons and are ready to trade with you. Find us and have a button ready to trade us and we will trade you one of our specially designed buttons for one of your earned buttons.  This year in the crop Vicky designed her button with a big red heart that read “Keep it Crafty” – Vickyville.  Mine was a camera with the words “Camera Artist” on it.  Each year our specialty employee buttons change.

It becomes addicting to track down these special buttons to trade.  Sometimes its hard to find the employee with the button you want, or sometimes we run out (we only get a certain amount every show).  Whatever the case may be, some of our attendees devote a lot of time to collecting buttons from the show.  So much time they have to figure out how to display them.

One of our croppers, Misty Solis from Texas, proudly displays her lanyards covered in buttons on hooks in her craft room.

Another one of our croppers, Sabrina from New York, sometimes spends her morning earning and trading buttons before she starts shopping!  Look at her impressive collection so far!

Out in California they have gotten creative with displaying their buttons.  Look at the way this Ontario, California mother and daughter duo proudly displayed their buttons at their crop table.

It has truly become something to display proudly!

These gals have taken the buttons to a whole new level.  They have made jean vests to wear them on!

After years and years of coming to the Expo, they fashioned their own attire to wear each year.  How excited were they when we implemented the button program!!!???  Now they have a home for all those buttons they trade for.

They have added to their circle of friends and others have caught on to this trend, and why not?  Look how cute they look!!

Now that you have been introduced to the button program, make sure to join in!  I will be waiting for you with my own specialty button to trade with you. You are going to want to join in on the button trading fun!

See you at the Crop!


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