Freebie Friday – Winners and a Giveaway!

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Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

What a wonderful week this has been! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and manufacturer blogs have all been filled with photos of LOTS of amazing new products. I love this time of year! There are so many great new products to add to my wish list in hopes of buying over the next six months as they are released.

A few of you have asked about where to find the winners from the Freebie Friday giveaways. Every Friday, I post a giveaway with prizes from either Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO or our wonderful partners. Unless otherwise stated, the winners of the giveaways are announced in the blog post the following week. The winner is then asked to email me at so that I can arrange to have the prize shipped out.

The EXPO team is working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for a fabulous 2017 show season. Have you decided which show or shows you will be attending? Once you have chosen the EXPO you want to attend, be sure to visit the website for all the show details including registration dates, the pre-show guide, the workshop guide and so much more!

2017 Show Dates

For each EXPO we host, we also have a group on Facebook. In these groups, you can chat with EXPO team members, vendors, class teachers and fellow attendees. We also run fun contests that are exclusive to these groups. We hope you will join us!

This year, we also have a very special event coming up in the month of February. Stay tuned for more details as you won’t want to miss this exciting giveaway!


With the first show of 2017 a little more than a month away, I feel the need to give away another pair of admission tickets to a 2017 Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. Can you tell I want you all to attend a show in 2017?


To be entered into this giveaway, I need you to help me. I am curious when you attend an event such as the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo whether or not you post photos to social media. If you do, do you post photos and selfies to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter or somewhere else? I would love to know where you share the photos you take. If you don’t share photos, let me know that as well. Thanks and good luck!

Last week’s giveaway was for an apron and two admission passes to the show floor. The winner is Kristina LeCloux. Congratulations Kristina!

winner kristina-lecloux

Please email me at with your mailing address.

If you are looking to be further inspired, join Stamp & Scrapbook Expo here:

Have a wonderful week! See you here next Friday!

~ Jen

271 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Winners and a Giveaway!

    • Donna Moore says:

      Already making plans to attend the Kansas Expo, in July. Usually just share my creations with friends.

  1. Terry Willen says:

    I will take photos and share on Facebook. I do use Pinterest, (it’s so addictive!) but I haven’t shared photos. I guess I really need to start using other forms of communication, as well. I think I made a Twitter account when it first came out, but nobody was interested in it at the time. Now, of course, everyone seems to have all the accounts!

  2. Karen Gilson says:

    So very excited about going to the Expo in Ga!! It will be a fun first time Scrapbook Expo event!! Thanks for an opportunity to win tickets!!

  3. Charlotte A Linsner says:

    I would love tickets to either the KC or Denver Scrapbook EXPO. I take pictures & share on FB.

  4. Monica Rohr says:

    I love going to the expo in Akron Oh, I have been attending for the last 2 years and I like posting pictures to Instagram and sometimes Facebook 🙂

  5. Eva Rafter says:

    I would love to make it to the Washington Show. I am fairly new to scrapbooking and would love to meet people with the same passion.

  6. Lori says:

    I to a picture at the make and take workshop and showed it to friends. My phone is not connected to a provider so no social media that way. I just requested entry to the St Paul face book group. I am looking forward to the big show.

  7. Vicky B says:

    It would be so much fun to attend another Scrapbook Expo. So many things to look at and inspiration for projects.

  8. Randi DuPrey says:

    I would love to take a friend who has never gone to convention before, we would have so much FUN!

  9. Anna Salinas says:

    I usually attend your scrapbook expo in Santa Clara and post my photos to Facebook. I’ll be bringing a new scrapbooker this year so she can experience the show.

  10. Patti Johnson says:

    As I have yet to be able to attend an Expo, I haven’t posted any pics. I use facebook tho, so would love the chance to share some photos! Kansas City in July would be a great time!

  11. Evelyn says:

    I would love to go to the Anaheim one. I will usually post on my public Instagram account. If I didn’t post it then did I even go. LOL

  12. Bibiana H says:

    I would love to go again this year with my mom. I don’t post pictures on social media. I take a lot of pictures though.

  13. Ilona Watts says:

    I share my photos on Instagram only. I don’t know how to post anything on Facebook. I need to ask my kids how to do it. I’ve only been on Facebook for the last 18 months. I didn’t get on until I retired. (I taught grades 7 – 12). I love the Expo! Now that I’m retired I can attend one and that has been Anaheim.

  14. Linda Hoffman says:

    A group of five of us go to the expo in sacramento. We take pictures of projects we want to make but do not post them.

  15. Irines says:

    I do post photos on all my social media venues. Specially on FB and Instagram. Last year was my first time and I was so excited. I’m hoping I can make it this year.

  16. Debra Clark says:

    My friends and I always go to the Anaheim show and I go with my sister in law to the Ontario, Calif show. I love going to the expo, I have also taken classes. We are there all day long, it’s hard to decide which booth to go to first. I don’t know how to post my pictures on Facebook yet , just learning.

  17. Joanie Riead says:

    I can’t wait to see to see all the latest and greatest items, I’ve already started saving my money. See you in Kansas City. I mostly post on Facebook but have posted one picture on Instagram.

  18. Barbara D says:

    I attend the Milwaukee, Wisconsin show. As far as social media goes I do not do snapshot, twitter, etc. I follow a few things on Facebook but do not post personal stuff.

  19. Vanessa says:

    I usually take photos so I can remember what a project looks like for my own use, but if I post socially it is usually Facebook.

  20. Diana Young Hall says:

    I would LOVE to win tickets to go to the KC Show. I have never been to one before and now that I am retired I can make time for fun things. I am just getting into scrapbooking and planner decor. I would definitely take pics to post on FB, Instagram and maybe post some to Pinterest for reference. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  21. Jackie P says:

    I do not take any photos because I would rather be shopping and taking classes! I go every year and can’t wait until June!

  22. Lynn Black says:

    I take photos but I don’t post them- I scrap them! Can’t wait for the Schaumburg expo! I get to bring my Aunt-in-law for her first ever expo!

  23. Michele Wilson says:

    I take many photos of myself, my friends and our crop table. I typically post to FB and Instagram. Twitter might be used occasionally, but only if something specific prompts it, such as knowing a vendor is on Twitter or my kids are actively Tweeting at the time.

  24. Shawn says:

    My sister and I will be attending the Milwaukee Expo for the 3rd time. We love it! Such good deals! I take some pictures at the expo to remember ideas. If I really like something I put it on Pinterest to store but that’s the only social media I would post it to.

  25. Vivian C. says:

    I enjoy going to the Expo with my girlfriends. I am not a social media person, so don’t post photos from the Expo. I am intrigued to see what is coming in February.

  26. CHERIE says:

    Last year was my first trip to the Scrapbook Export and I was so overwhelmed I did not take any photos. This year I plan to take some and post to Instagram and Facebook.

  27. Lori Kay says:

    Love going to the Expo in Grapevine. Planning to take a neighbor who is just getting started in scrapbooking so two tickets would be awesome! I’ve taken pictures before of my step daughter and I entering the Expo for the first time and taking a couple of classes. Pictures where posted to Facebook.

  28. Kim Kucharski says:

    I’d love to win tickets to the Schaumburg Expo in August. I don’t do social media but I share photos with my friends. We usually attend 2 of the crops plus the Expo.

  29. Jean says:

    Never thought of sending photos, but I will certainly do so now. I o want to go to the Akron, Ohio Expo.

  30. Janet Ingraham says:

    I want to go to the Orlando event in May. I don’t share pictures anywhere now unless it’s to one person for a specific reason as my sons wedding pics thru email to family that couldn’t come.

  31. Janet Ingraham says:

    P.S. I was stalked on line for years and it took years to put my name or pics anywhere on line.

  32. Carrie Slifka says:

    I would love to attend the Mesa or Denver show. I live between both so either way I have a very long drive to get there. I would share pictures o FB, and possibly Pinterest. I would also send to specific individuals who are in my scrapbook circle!

  33. Jess Robin says:

    I would love to go to the Grapevine event! I share photos online … primarily through Facebook but also Instagram and Twitter. I work in online marketing so I am very active on social media.

  34. korina malakie says:

    I will be going to Marlboro no matter what! But if I win tickets that means more money to shop!!!

  35. Phyllis Damon says:

    I’m not good at technology: e-mail, computers, i-phones & etc. But I can take pics from my phone and send them by text to my BFF up in Washington who got me into stamping & going to the Anaheim & Ontario Expos!! She doesn’t get to go to any shows up there & they are far & few in between up there. So looking forward to Anaheim in April to check out all the interesting things & send her more pics!

  36. Mary Holshouser says:

    I don’t take photos. I go for the vendor fair and don’t take any
    classes. I would like to go to the Kansas City, MO, show.
    If I won tickets and since it’s a longer trip than the CKC show
    I usually attend in Collinsville, IL, I would probably sign
    up for classes. thanks.

  37. Diana Rodriguez says:

    Yes!! I always check in on FB and post pictures. I also post on Instagram. Would love to win tickets!! I go to Ontario or Anaheim.

  38. Sukie says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to attend an Expo in a couple of years but really want this to be the year where I can make one of the nearby events. I would definitely share pics on FB and also on my blog! Thanks for the chance to win some tickets!

  39. Marianne Hobbs says:

    I don’t take selfies/pics and post to social media, but I end up all over there anyway, lol, because my friends that I am with take plenty with me in them and they post them all over…FB, Instagram, Pinterest.

  40. Jolene Donaldson says:

    For the last couple of years I’ve attended all 3 northern cali shows. This year I’m going to take a mini vacation to check the Anaheim show. I hear it’s the best! I usually always take photos and post them on Instagram!

  41. Sharon Steele says:

    I take photos of samples, with permission, and share them with my Mum. I do not post on social media because they are not my designs. I cannot wait for Anaheim : )

  42. RAQUEL says:

    I would love to win tickets to the Anaheim scrapbook expo. I do take pictures but I do not share them on social media.

  43. Brenda Leveille says:

    I post photos to Facebook. Don’t really use the other ones. I have a Twitter account. I would try to go to the Mesa, az, one to see my friend that lives out there.

  44. Kim Martin says:

    I plan on going to the Marlboro MA show again this year and would love to win tickets to this event. I take pictures but don’t post them on social media.

  45. Missy Niosi-Obradovic says:

    I’m heading the expo in Orlando this year since my scrapbook buddy moved to Tampa recently. There will be lots of selfies from the show and they will got posted to Facebook.

  46. super stick chick says:

    Love your Expo and can’t wait for your visit to Minnesota! I do not post on social media, too busy creating. Although I may add some photos and an announcement to by blog – as I am a huge Expo fan.

  47. Kristin Jones says:

    Yes, my friends and I take photos and they go on Facebook. We tag each other so ALL our friends can see the fun we are having.

  48. Kim V says:

    Yes please, I would love to win tickets to the show. Already plan on going and this would make it that much better

  49. Cori W says:

    I don’t usually share pictures to social media at expos, mainly because I do not have a smart phone yet and I never remember to upload the pictures until it is much later.

  50. Karen F. says:

    Hoping to go to grapevine expo but will definitely be going to Somerset expo. I only use snapchat to share photos. Cant wait!

  51. Regina says:

    I attended my first expo last year at Orlando Florida. I stayed at the Gaylord and did the whole 3 days! I loved it and took lots of pics and posted them on Facebook. Already making plans for Orlando again this year?

  52. Karen L K says:

    I will be going to the Pleasanton, CA show. I am too busy going to classes & shopping & don’t post photos really.

  53. Tracy Ehli says:

    I take photos of the show floor and the amount of crafty people that attend. I also post them to FB and Instagram. I do, on occasion, take pics of booths, signs, ideas if allowable and definitely my haul afterwards!

  54. Kathleen says:

    I haven’t gotten to attend an Expo. But I would love to attend in Orlando and I would share on Facebook.

  55. Heather C. says:

    BFF and I are excited for Expo in Puyallup, WA. We have shared photos in the past to Facebook and I also sometimes share on Instagram. We would love to give a shoutout to Scrapbook Expo on social media this year too.

  56. Tricia N. says:

    I go to the Kansas City expo. Usually don’t post photos cause I’m too busy shopping and seeing what is new to even think about getting out my phone! ? I love the expos and wish I had time to go to more of them. I wish the one in Kansas City was bigger, or maybe spread out a bit more to give room to walk between booths. But overall I have a great time and always speaks too much money(If that is even possible, lol)

  57. Dawn Wester says:

    I do not drive in the city so it would be great to win tickets so I could have a friend bring me:)

  58. Mollie says:

    Of course I take pictures! ? I usually post them to Facebook. My sister and I go to the Mesa, AZ show. Can’t wait until fall!!

  59. Uda Thibodeau says:

    I’ve been to 2 shows in the past and am looking for ward to attending the Milwaukee event with my niece, her daughter and her daughter’s friend. Free tickets would mean I would have more to purchase card making supplies. Thanks.

  60. Cynthia Rodriguez says:

    I would love to go to Anaheim Expo. I don’t publish online, I share my photos in the albums I create both the normal and digital as well as all the pictures on our walls.

  61. Kathy johns says:

    Ide love ♡ to attend the Orlando scrapbook expo with my 84 yr old mom ,she loves card making , and has never gone .I missed going for the past 2 yrs because we had to move to buffalo ny to be closer to my ill father : ( RIP dad , mom and I are now moved back to largo fl and need some happy time . We hope you pick us .thank you ! Yes I love posting pics to facebbook!

  62. Rita Carter says:

    I would love to post pics to Facebook from my visit to the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo from my first Expo. Hoping to win!

  63. Patsy F says:

    Don’t normally take photos at the EXPO, too busy shopping!!! Such a long wait til Sept show in Marlborough MA, but gives me time to save up!

  64. Nicole Marston says:

    Selfies are always a must, lol. They all get posted when I check in locations on Facebook 🙂

  65. Jessica says:

    I usually post then to Facebook and sometimes Instagram if I remember from the Anaheim or Ontario expo and crop.

  66. Jacklynn Corrales says:

    Love the Expo, my Bestie and I have attended every year for three years in Jersey and now that we’re both moving away we’ll be attending in November in California!

  67. Mary Kay Werry says:

    I haven’t but am considering getting more web social this year with FB, instagram and maybe even a blog. then I would be posting.

  68. Sabrinna says:

    I attend the Schaumburg,IL one. It actually falls on my birthday so it’s the perfect gift to myself!! I do post using my instagram account!

  69. joan feeney says:

    I am going…and I have a friend who just bought a machine…and told her all about the
    expo…So I know she will be going. It would be great to win the tickets!!

  70. Michele Wilson's n says:

    Looking forward to the SchaumBerg expo! I have checked you out on FB and Insta. Now to check out Pinter st….

  71. Laurie B says:

    I would love to win. Planning to attend either the Anaheim or the Ontario Expos, or both, if possible, with me daughter. Looking forwarding to seeing new creative tools and supplies. Will share the experience on Facebook.

  72. Karen C says:

    I went to St Paul Expo and did not even take pics. We were so busy looking and shopping didn’t even think about pics.

  73. Cathy says:

    Wow would love to win two free tickets to the Chantilly VA Expo. Went last year & came home broke but had a ton of fun and a ton of new yummies to play with! Looking forward to this years!

  74. Cindy Adkins says:

    Kansas City is my show preference. And no, I normally don’t share photos on any social media websites.

  75. Karen says:

    I love love love the expo! I always go to the Anaheim show for my birthday!! My friends and I celebrate there
    and then go out to dinner!! It’s sooooo much fun! Then, I take my friend to the Ontario ca for her birthday
    and we do the same thing!! Great way to celebrate!!

  76. Jennie Tupper says:

    Can’t wait to have some more fun with Betty and her gang. Also, trying out some products with Lorain at The Creativity Center!!!!

    • Jennie Tupper says:

      Absolutely!! I share all my pics of Expo, Classes, and Crop night fun on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat!!! So much fun to see all the years memories pop up from years back.

  77. Beverly says:

    My friend and I attend the expo in Denver every year. We have been going for 5-6 years. It’s a great day and we look forward to it. I don’t take many pictures because I am too busy trying to see everything! Lol, but I might have to start 🙂

  78. Vivian D says:

    I had an awesome experience last year when I attended the Duluth, GA show. I went by myself to check it out. I have to say that it gave me the opportunity to meet other fantastically creative ladies and I had a blast! You don’t have to go in a group– just go!!

  79. Carol H. says:

    I have shared a couple photos with a friend, but not on social media. Can’t wait for the Grapevine show!!

  80. Barbara Maxwell says:

    Love Scrapbook expo, where I can find all those special goodies I can’t find anywhere else. Would LOVE to win free tickets to next show.

  81. Karyn Moralez says:

    Hello. I do not post pictures or selfies when I attend the Expo. I am to busy shopping and taking it all in.

  82. Mary Beth Hayman says:

    I’m too busy shopping to take photos at the Expo. So, no Expo photos posted by me in the past. But, I’d be willing to take and post some – if that will get me into the winners circle!!!

  83. Esther Miranda says:

    Yes I post photos to my Facebook group. We are a group of scrapbooking ladies who go to the expo together and love posting pictures of the ideas we get, cool products, and stuff we all buy. So much fun!!

  84. Ana Lisa says:

    If I win, this will be my First Scrapbook Expo. I will invite my childhood friend to join me.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. Paulette says:

    Hi there! I will be attending the expo in St. Paul. When I went last year I did not post much to social media. I had not started using instagram very much but do much more so now. I am working to grow a YouTube /Facebook / instagram following. I have a fair amount of pinterest followers but those are personal and blogger related. I actually did my very first Haul video on my youtube after attending your event last spring in St. Paul. I do also have a blog but admittedly am not the greatest at sitting down to write posts. My goal this year is to definitely feature my visit more.

  86. Kimberly Intagliata says:

    5 times to Orlando so far! Love it! I usually take 4-5 classes each day so I have never had to pay for admission, but wanted to leave a comment and let you know how much I love and appreciate SSBE!!! If I win, maybe I will make the trek up to Duluth to use it there!! Kimberly

  87. Donna says:

    Going to Anaheim with my sister in law. We go to three shows every year! I take photos and post em to Facebook.

  88. Cassandra Harmon says:

    Yes i post pictures on facebook. Love taking them of all the ideas from each booth and of course of hitting the DONG. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  89. Janice D says:

    I would love 2 tickets. I take my mom with me so we can get ideas for our cards and scrapbooking. I don’t take pictures and post them. Maybe this year I would.

  90. Kathy kuhnau says:

    I would LOVE to win tickets to puyallup!!!!!! I don’t generally take pictures at the expo cuz I’m too busy shopping!!??? if I do I post to facebook!! Don’t do instagram, twitter, etc

  91. Rose Williams says:

    I would love to win two tickets to the Orlando Expo. I will be going no matter what. My daughter-in-law got me hooked on card making. Can’t wait to be able to order my tickets.

  92. Jessica says:

    I have never been to a scrap expo and would love to go! If I did share photos it would be on instagram and facebook

  93. Sarah Jimenez says:

    I typically share on FB and in my scrapbooks! I have a hate-hate relationship with IG since I’ve been locked out of my account and it was hacked and I can’t seem to get back in unless I create a whole new email (and really, who needs ANOTHER email address for junk!) I use pinterest, but not usually to share my own photos. I used to have my own blog, but then had to reprioritize my time so there went that. I plan to be at the sacramento show again this year!!

  94. Carol K says:

    I usually go with friends and they post on Facebook and tag me:-) Would love to win tickets to go again! Thanks for the chance!

  95. Kristie Woodworth says:

    My friend and I are going to the Grapevine, TX Expo. We can’t wait!! I would love to surprise her with a free ticket! I post lots of pictures to my FB wall, and a few to Pinterest. I’ve been told I really need to get into the Instagram, but I’m just not sure I can keep up with more ‘stuff’ to do online… LOL!

  96. Michelle Thao says:

    As last year was the first time I attended (Sacramento Expo) i didn’t really take any pictures as I was too busy looking around at everything. I did post a picture of all my haul and freebies I received to facebook and instagram. They are my main soical media at this time.

    Thanks for doing another give away!

  97. Stephanie Rodgers says:

    I always take photos (because I have so much fun!), but posting them depends on my mood or memory. Usually, if my friends are posting, that kind of reminds me. When I do post photos, they’re usually on Facebook.

  98. Pam says:

    Loved Marlborough Scrapbook last year. So looking forward to going this and meeting up with my BFF again at the show. Since I live in Pennsylvania and she lives in Maine, seems to be our once a year weekend get together.

  99. Sue says:

    I go to both Milwaukee and Schaumburg. Love to go to the Thursday night Make N Take in Schaumburg and stay overnight but just go to the Expo and take a couple workshops during the day on Friday in Milwaukee. Would love to win a couple of tickets. So much fun and learn a lot!!!! Gives me the inspiration I need to keep me going,

  100. Shirley says:

    I go to two or three expo’s a year, would love to win a pair of tickets. I share pictures with Facebook , instagram, and through individual texts with friends and family.

  101. Sandi says:

    I do not take pictures at Expo. I am too busy shopping. Would love a pair of tickets for my friend Daphne and myself. Thank you.

  102. Vivian D. says:

    I do take a lot of pictures for inspiration but no selfies or posting. My husband and I have gone to th Duluth, GA one for a few years in a row now. It wil be even better if we can win tickets for it this year!

  103. Sarah Peyton says:

    This will be my third year attending Scrapbook Expo in Chantilly VA. It’s the only show I feel is special enough to attend each year. I always go with my mom and sister and 2 other girls. These ladies are my tribe and friends always spread the news to others about this amazing show. We all use Instagram and Facebook to share our good time with others. Beyond excited to attend this year. June can’t come fast enough for us.

  104. Doreene Lorenzen says:

    Love the show. Look forward to going to it in St Paul every year. Photos posted to Facebook when I post. Thanks for coming back each year!!

  105. Jennifer Williams says:

    I don’t share photos on social media. I come to the expo every year and my friend & I take pictures of ourselves and friends from different parts of the area that we communicate with on line and then we scrapbook those pictures and share them with each other.

  106. MCgal says:

    No, I don’t post pictures on social media. I’m too busy shopping the fabulous booths for crafting goodies or making a make-n-take.

  107. Frann Rosenblum says:

    I’m planning to attend the EXPO in both Anaheim and Ontario. I rarely take pictures at the EXPO. I’m too busy looking for ideas and shopping. I usually have a pretty long list of things I hope to find.

  108. Kassiopia Judkins says:

    I’d lover to take my mom to the expo in Pullayup, Wa. I doubt I’d be posting picture. I’d rather be able to spend my time checking out the products and demos, and ooohing & ahhhing at things with my mom. I may take pictures of things that inspire me or products I intend to buy, but I wouldn’t be putting them online. Hope this info helps. Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets.

  109. Katina says:

    I don’t post pics of my “everyday” life like the rest of the world does so my answer is an emphatic no! But I will still enjoy my venture through the Grapevine Scrapbook Expo and spending my time thinking creative thoughts and spending money instead of boring my friends with pics of a place they would not be interested in, as all my “scrapping” friends will be with me!

  110. Barbara Tischler says:

    I take photos but do not share on social media. Plan on being at the Chantilly Expo. Really loved it last year!

  111. Barb O. says:

    My daughter and I usually attend the Schaumburg one on Saturday. Two years ago Cricket had an area set up for selfies with funny cutouts, so we took part in that one. And Daughter will usually check us in on Facebook, but that’s usually the extent of our social media use; we are too busy shopping!!!

  112. Lisa Cattani says:

    Love having a mom and me weekend with my mom and would be awesome to win passes for the Orlando scrapbook expo!!!!

  113. Rosa D says:

    I’ve attended the Schaumburg location with some girlfriends. We love to crop and shop. I usually post pics on Facebook and actually have an album dedicated to crop events I’ve attended.

  114. Connie Ferguson says:

    I always attend the Anaheim and the Ontario shows. I usually send pictures to my friends, which always end up everywhere. Would really love to win tickets!

  115. Tracey says:

    I post photos to Facebook. I have a scrapbook group I would probably also send photos of the expo to as well. Hope I win tickets!

  116. Charlene Luks says:

    My friend and I finally took a class last year in Marlboro, Ma and loved it! Will definitely be taking one or two this year..,so excited!

  117. Karen Gilson says:

    I ran as fast as I could to sign up for those tickets!! Please pick me. I can hear Georgia calling my name!!

  118. Rachel T says:

    I’d love to go to the one in Santa Clara, CA!
    Going to this event I would probably post to Instagram and then that would be posted on my FB & Twitter. I’d consider doing a FB Live or a YouTube Live, maybe even a Periscope.

  119. Debby says:

    I attend the show in Puyallup WA. I take photos, but do not post them on social media. I do however bring one to two people with me who would not have otherwise known about or attended the show

  120. Simone says:

    The expo nearest to me is Puyallup. I’m way too excited not to share selfies and my excitement on Facebook lol

  121. Yvette Fife says:

    I’m going to Grapevine with two dear friends. Girls weekend! We are so excired and we get visit one of the most beautiful hotels in the great state of Texas!!

  122. Karen Myszewski says:

    I attend the Milwaukee and Schaumburg IL shows. Love them. I also abuse social media with pics and purchases.

  123. Julie Winni says:

    I attended my first scrap & stamp expo last year, and I did post pictures on Facebook! Looking forward to seeing what’s new this year.

  124. Lauren says:

    Facebook is my kryptonite… everything gets posted on there. Scrapbook Expo Grapevine would be all over FB, and a little of Instagram!

  125. Ada Bellaflores says:

    Looking to attend the May Expo in Orlando! Hoping to take my sister for her first experience ever, going to a scrapbook event so huge. She is interested in card making and these will boost her to another level-not to mention she will be hanging with her little sis! facebook and Instagram are going to crash-during those days, with so many pics of our adventures in every booth!!!!!

  126. Angela A says:

    Another pair of tickets? Whoo hoo!!! I am not giving up yet! I would really like to go to the one in Denver with my best friend!

  127. Ang says:

    I share photos on Pinterest and Facebook mainly when I go to these type of events. I tend to go back and look at projects more on Pinterest, but like to show my friends where I was on Facebook.

  128. Terri says:

    I did take pictures at the one I attended in Las Vegas years ago, but I did not post them because I was not on social media at the time. I would post them on Facebook now. I would like to attend the show in St. Paul.

  129. Regina says:

    Cant remember if I posted for this week or not so I’m posting again!!!! would love a couple admission tickets!!!!

  130. Gloria L. says:

    I used to take photos of the projects, but am now overwhelmed and just try to take it all in! Duluth is my show of choice.

  131. leslie gilford says:

    Love the EXPO! Ontario for me. I don’t post pictures on-line from theEXPO. I’m always so busy having a great time at the expo!

  132. Tammie Leavitt says:

    I’m trying to go to the Duluth GA show….It will be my first expo! I don’t take photos for social media just scrapbooking!?

  133. Janice Schulz says:

    I attended my first expo last year (Akron) and posted to Facebook. I just joined Pinterest and will definitely be posting to that this year as well.

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