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Hello, my crafty friends and welcome back to Weekly Scrapper. Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 14th. It is Mom’s special day, so why not celebrate by creating one or two of your handmade treasures? Today’s post is all about honoring those special Moms in your life.

Mothers Day Gift Card Holder and Card

I haven’t met a woman yet that doesn’t appreciate a gift card to her favorite store. I know I do, that way you can pick out exactly what you want or need. My husband of 30 years loves it because it saves him a trip to the mall which he hates. Just yesterday I took a little trip to Marshalls and boy did I score with a gift card I received for my birthday last month.

Now, I know some people think of a gift card as impersonal, but in my opinion, if you know the person well enough to know their favorite places to shop and you make a handmade card and gift card holder, then that makes you a hero! Click here and I will be happy to escort you over to the Pebbles Blog so you can check out the supplies that were used to create this fun gift set.

All About Mom Bunting By U Create

What a wonderful way to make mom feel like the queen she is! Let’s make her a bunting that is all about her. This is a great project to get the kids and grandkids involved in; it can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. On the U Create blog, there is even a free printable that you could use to add a little journaling to your project. Click here and I will take you over.

Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing a beautiful and thoughtful Mother’s Day Craft to celebrate the amazing women in our lives! I can’t think of a single Mom that doesn’t treasure a handmade gift.

Spa In A Jar By Tonia

All moms deserve to be pampered, right? You all know how I love my Mason Jars, big or small I love them all. When using jars for gift giving, I recommend using a wide mouth jar since the opening is wide enough to put your hand in to move things around and it also allows you to fit larger items in the jar. If you’re looking for a nice size mason jar, I recommend stopping by your local Walmart. They have the Heritage Collection Jars in several colors. I’m in love with the vintage-inspired colors like teal, that gorgeous green, and the purple.

The fun part about giving a gift in a jar is customizing the gift to each individual person. You can make your own spa treatments or if you’re running out of time most stores have a large selection of travel sized items that fit nicely in a large mason jar. While writing this article I even found a Mercury Glass inspired design in Gold that would be perfect for a floral arrangement. Walmart even has those Frog Lid Inserts that make flower arranging a snap. Have fun and hugs to all of you amazing moms.

Lasagna Stuffed Shells Recipe

How about cooking Mom a nice dinner? These Lasagna Stuffed Shells are filled with cheese and sausage then smothered in your favorite pasta sauce! I also love the fact that they are quick to make and you can even prepare them ahead and freeze them, which leaves more time to hang out and enjoy your time with Mom.

If you love lasagna but not the time it takes to prepare, then you are gonna love Jesseca’s Lasagna stuffed shells. It can be on the table in half the time it takes to prepare a full-blown lasagna. Add a nice simple salad and you are good to go. Bon appetit, my hungry friends. Hugs to Jesecca for sharing her amazing culinary skills with us.

Garlic Knots

At my house pasta isn’t complete without some nice crusty bread, or how about these yummy garlic knots?  Thanks to Jesseca we can have our stuffed shells and garlic knots on the table in no time.

Click here and I will take you over to Jesseca’s food blog One Sweet Appetite so you can print out the recipe and while you’re on the site, check out her yummy desserts to finish off your perfect meal.

Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy our creative time together.  Hugs to all!

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    It was so great seeing you again this past weekend in Orlando. ..sure wish you all came this way more than once a year 🙂
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