Tip of the Day: Looped Threads for Card Making by Art Impressions


The extra touch that looped threads add to handmade cards is so charming. If you ever feel “all thumbs” when adding them to your card, you’ll love this tip from Kate Swanson and Art Impressions. She makes adding threads quick and easy – you’ll want to create a card just to use Kate’s tip!

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4 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: Looped Threads for Card Making by Art Impressions

  1. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    Good idea. Maybe use a dark thread for the demonstration. I’m sure it is a great effect and gives more texture to a sentiment. Thanks.

  2. amy b says:

    Great repeat of the tip!! But yes, the thread truly needs to be darker or the pink cutting mat changed out for a deep dark colored one (or simply cardstock and on the table?), and maybe even use some of the black sticky pop dots to show where exactly is the gold thread sticking.

    The idea and tutorial is great! Please do not think that I am bashing here. It’s just hard to truly “see ” the work in action with gold thread, pretty and soft looking pale hands (jealous here with winter skin! What’s your hand cream and nail polish?), white pop dots, and pink mat. They all consume/compete with each other which makes it rather hard to fully see what is going on.
    Also, a couple static, still frame shots for each step would be great. A before work, still of all materials overview would be a handy. Tell us where the gold thread was found or who made that one. Stop the full on action in the video for a few stills of the work in progress. We can see whats going on then and compare our work to yours if we are working along with the video. Finish up with a few still shots of the final project in all of its glory. Use a few different angles to highlight how cool it looks and that you truly do not see the pop dots. Flaunt that baby!! 🙂

    *sorry if that sounded so critical! I don’t mean for it to be…*

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